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November 09

This day belongs to Aimee.
"Ahoy! Best uniform ever!"
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Day 160. Wed, October 07 2009

Setting sail for the eBay

Starting today, the eBay Green Team has launched a 2 week 're+purpose' campaign supporting The Uniform Project. For each new member joining the community, eBay will donate $1 to our cause.
Learn more > and Join the eBay Green Team >

20s black dutch tricorn from eBay seller Komputerkat, vintage red velvet dress from eBay seller Bleubirdvintage and beaded Deco disco belt from eBay seller Harajukuvintage. Wool tights donated by Cat and pumps from eBay.


Isa tagged this Cute

very cute

Helena tagged this Perfect for fall

Love it! Any chance that at the end of the year you open it up to a vote and let your readers pick their favorite outfit? Could be fun...

Mariah tagged this Forget Blue Velvet

Jaw-dropping stunning!

Rachael tagged this Hot

One of my favourites :)

yobe tagged this hello sailor

lovely texture with the red velvet

Alice tagged this Adorable

I would love to work in your office for the fun of seeing you come in each day. What fun for your coworkers! This ensemble looks great.

barbara tagged this Cute

Cannot distinguish the red dress at all, sorry. Any chance of using a flash on a regular basis?

chris tagged this stellar

amazing on the green team campaign, congrats! signed up and designed my own look ;)

Jasie VanGesen - bytheseatofourpants.com tagged this Brave

Love this! This is so great that Ebay is teaming up to help!


I love it! You are amazing I have a blog too! www.nosoytanrara.blogspot.com


you're missing a beautifully decorated, velvet eye patch to complete the outfit. :)

wasabipear tagged this Sheen-ahh

The sheen of textures is simply divine.

.cris. tagged this cris


holly tagged this a winner

elegant, simple, saucy. love the flash of stripes at the ankle

Darby tagged this Yarrrrrr!

This is awesome!

la tagged this delightful

that collar really WORKS! love it!

Payal tagged this Congrats!

Hey Sheena, congrats on the eBay Green Team collaboration. I've joined, designed and facebooked it! It feels great to be a part of a community like the one we've created here. I even recognise most of the names! Great job UP! Nice look today.

abigail tagged this rich

pure class.....rich, interesting, beautiful....

h tagged this awesomely angular

I think October is turning out to be your best month so far. Every outfit of the last week has been stellar.

Anneka tagged this Brave

Not my favourite, but still new and great. You have me addicted! I am checking in here every day! AND you have almost readched $15,000 = YAY

Kay tagged this Cute

I actually really love this. And you can tell how much you love wearing it. It's written all over your face! :) And "YAY!" for the Ebay deal! I already signed up and designed my own outfit :)

Jube tagged this Cute

Cute, sexy & edgy all in one! And we nearly got a smile from Sheena! All aboard UP!

Joel Patrick tagged this Cute

nice outfit

Scully tagged this Go Green in Red Velvet!

Congratulations on the Green Team, You look great!

Anonymous tagged this adorable

i love everything about it!

Meghan tagged this adorable!

I just love this outfit! It is too cute.

Irene tagged this Cute

cute belt.

SarahJ tagged this Cute

Hey Sheena your namechecked in british ELLW this month, editors letter no less. ( she tried to wear the same dress for a week and couldn't cut it hah !!)

imnotonly tagged this Cute

Hi! I love your project, it's original and cute! Could I publish your idea (some outfits, the aim...) in my own blog? To explain the project! imnotonly.blogspot.com

Julie tagged this Aye Aye Captain~!

Love the look. Stylish, elegant and simple.

Julie F.

Hello, I really like your blog and what you manage to do each day with one dress. I wrote an article on my magazine. Check this out even if it's written in french ;-) http://bandit-magazine.com/

Sam tagged this Huh?

Why is your skin blank under the bones of your neck?

Joy tagged this Very Che Guevera

Now all you need is ammunition on your belt. You're already revolutionary! Very chic!


love the red dress! and I joined the eBay Green Team - CONGRATS on getting them to partner with you!!

YUGIO tagged this good-good

love it!!! maybe not the hat...

Beth tagged this Cute

love the belt

Laura Daly tagged this Ahoy, Sheena!

My pick for last week is "Setting sail for the eBay". Love the hat and red velvet. And, the winning attitude!Arrrrrr!


you're an attractive girl. can you not make that i-just-ate-a-whole-lemon smirk all the time? it makes it really hard to look at you

Kiwiken tagged this elegant

Not so fond of the hat, too militaristic for me. But the burgundy colour is very elegant with the black dress - and I bet that velvet dress would have looked quite bland on its own.

Justi tagged this Try Harder

I don't like it...

joseph tagged this Hot

really nice

luomo tagged this Brave

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nomas tagged this Hot

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