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January 10

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"I'm happy to support this project on this day, my 40th birthday."
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Day 257. Tue, January 12 2010

Sea Link

Silk scarf converted to a wraparound donated by miriam, ripped tights, vintage gold flats donated by Jessica Carroll.

U.P visits Akanksha, Day 2
Another action packed day field tripping all over Bombay with Akanksha.
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babz tagged this Cute

the little girl in the backgound has a blue dress just like yours?? love these location shots.


I am loving the Indian photos. Don't let LiLo see those tights, or she'll want a pair too!

Mara tagged this Hot

Love the colorful wraparound! So cute.

Katie tagged this Cute

Love the scarf, very creative =)

wasabipear tagged this Color Theory

The English language makes a distinction between blue and green, but some languages do not. Of these, quite a number, mostly in Africa, do not distinguish blue from black either, whilst there are a handful of languages that do not distinguish blue from black but have a separate term for green.[1] Also, some languages treat light (often greenish) blue and dark blue as separate colors, rather than different variations of blue, while English does not. (via wiki)

meag tagged this Cute

so cute! love the leggings

ammakke tagged this sea blues

You must be worn out & exhausted at 3 a.m. now,putting up the "daily" now.Surely the tiredness does not show up on your face as the shots would have been taken early during the day, I guess..Today's outfit is nice & simple, great transformation of the scarf into a wraparound.Wish we could pay a visit to those "incredible" kids,sound so exciting going through your write up..More Luck'n excitement on Day 3!!.

Pro-Portional Designs tagged this On the fence

I kinda would have liked to see the stole tied in a big cute bow. LOVING the leggings. Gold shoes are always a win.

Bronwyn tagged this amazingly stylish!

Hey Sheena! Love this outfit sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!!!! My favourite part is the vintage gold flats! Third picture is my fav.

jezz tagged this Try Harder


scary. tagged this blue skies and sea sides.

@ammakke, this stuff is amazing-thanks a million for the recipe! got a serious kick in it, love it, thanks again i feel like i'm cured already! :) // @wasabipear, you're a scream!! haha! and then there's some that say blue and green should never be seen unless they're on an irish cailín.. ;)

Dee tagged this Cute

The Scarf is really cute! Can you post something on how to do that? I wish I was in India!

okaylau tagged this Try Harder

You look, backwards. Are you double jointed? :S

Synefarah tagged this Cute

Cute! Except....is this just me or do u have this exorcist backwards-head thing going on? It looks almost like your head is on backwards! But still I love the outfit.

abigail tagged this lovely

love these shots on the water ~ and your harmonizing water colours ~ blogs on akanksha warm my heart ~ take care sheena ~ try to get a lot of shut eye tonite ~ that will help your throat i think ~~~

Joel Patrick tagged this Cute

hi there!! sorry i was busy, now i have all time for the project

Cynthia tagged this Hot

Loving you in Bombay. An understated sexiness.

Irene tagged this Shining Colours

Beautiful wraparound scarf. But it looks awkward having it top part in front, perhaps start behind you neck? Or make it into a wrap belt?

Sass tagged this backwards

The scarf makes it look like you have this outfit on back to front. The tights are cool though, did you cut them yourself?


unique! Come on people, let's donate while Sheena is there so the Akanksha kids can see the numbers grow daily!


@scary - what is this recipe?

wasabipear tagged this Ps.

Just noticed the pun-y title ... love it.

elisabeth tagged this Cute

tied up - love colours, concept, but the scarf over the neck just looks a bit uncomfortable like...

ammakke tagged this Cute

@Scary: Glad that granny's good old recipe worked wonders for U ..poor Sheena, wish some one could prepare it for her there but she is enjoying every minute of it..sheena hope u got a decent period of "shut eye" session.take care!!mm, what do u think of those shadows??

Anonymous tagged this Cute

the scarf is such a great idea!

scary. tagged this in response ...

@lulu, check yesterdays comments and ya'll find it. // @ammakke, yep on the road to recovery! // @the rest a yiz - send aid and say a prayer for the people of haiti :(


love the green scarf!!

Abigail tagged this Ripping!

you look like a piece of he sea and the sky

Linda tagged this Cute

I like it ~ looks great for a busy day and yet you look relaxed and enjoying yourself!

Rajiv Mishra tagged this Cute

Great creative thinking,the thoughtfulness behind the dresses,is really so sweet that everything is looking so beautiful on you.

moon tagged this Batty

wow i love how the silk scarf was converted...i used to do that as a kid. reminds me of my childhood, but looks so pretty with the whole outfit.

Dee tagged this AWESOME

Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elizabeth tagged this Cute

Excellent colors :)

gruvee tagged this Cute

I love the wraparound! the pop of colour is fabulous!

vintage girl

love the tights & gold flats! You look so happy. Keep up the good work.

Radhaa tagged this Try Harder

Who is this funny looking chic

Natalya tagged this Hot

gorgeous! i love love love this!

Wengé tagged this Hot

Wow. I really love this one. Simple but special. x.

Amanda tagged this SUPER OBER RAD

LOVE IT! I<3 everything! And the way you wrapped the scarf! PERFECT!

Kaitlyn tagged this Cute

This is my favorite of all time. Simple but so cute.


It's so colorful!!