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February 10

This day belongs to Scully.
"It has been a wonderful journey to see you grow this project into something that was beyond what you might have thought it to be in the beginning. Congratulations in wonderful effort, tireless fashion, and sustainable humanity! Much love, Scully"
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Day 291. Mon, February 15 2010

Scully cap

Featuring SCULLY. A mobius strip scarf made out of various fabric scraps from Koos van den Akker's workroom paired with a vintage Scully skirt. Platforms borrowed from Scully's shoe closet.

Who is Scully?
Another long standing supporter of U.P, Scully is no stranger to us. You've seen her Maxi hoop skirt and the electric Mobius strip scarf I wore to Ars Electronica in September. So who's behind all this talent? Read more >


Sass tagged this Batty

Not sure this is working for me, looks a little bit like a lamp shade with the uniform thrown on top. But I do have to give you points for originality this week!

moon tagged this Batty

alice in wonderland!!! stunning!

scarlett tagged this wacky

hey, though i'm not into it, the collar seems so elizabethean, which i think is kind of cool. and the bottom is so light and blue and flouncy. it's an elizabethean jellyfish!!

Payal tagged this Alice in Scullyland!

There's something very interesting about this look. Love the scarf as I did the one in Sept! Everything is just gorgeous, but maybe if the skirt was shorter...or longer, I dunno...! Good job Scully & U.P!

Pro-Portional Designs tagged this Hot

I love it. I really do. I love you managed to get an Edwardian meets recycled Kimono thing going on here

Payal tagged this @moon

Hey we thought of the exact same thing from 2 different parts of the world!

gemma tagged this Hot

this is inspiring!


Always a fan of skirts of that style. And LOVE the shoes!

christine tagged this waste not...want!

so happy to see that 1/2 pound of "waste" saved...a perfect example that one person's trash is another person's treasure!

LR tagged this Inspiring!

I love all the different ways you've worn the scarf today! Very inspiring!

Mara tagged this Hot

So cute. LOVE the shoes.

holly tagged this FW beauty

You are really coming out with some winners this week. Lovely! Great collaborations with those designers.

Annika tagged this inspiring

I used to think that some pieces just don't work together, but you prove that you can combine almost everything. It's just a matter of self-confidence! Wearing the uniform dress and this white skirt is a good example for that. I think it looks great on you.

Pear Picker tagged this wicked nifty

Grecian goddess goes arab grannie on acid.

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Tara tagged this Hot

I LOVE this scarf! It looks great on you, and it's fabulous on your head!

Luke tagged this be more practical please

Huh. It's not like you're going to wear this outside.


Wonderful outfit today. Not everyone looks good in a turban, but it's really you!

Noelle tagged this Hot

I love this look, especially with the scarf draped as a shawl!!!

Adelheid tagged this LBD

This is the best outfit so far this week, cause it actually feels like it's designed around the LBD, rather than having to share the canvas with it.

Lorelei tagged this Adora-babble!

The colours in the scarf are so beautiful and it's versatility is wonderful. And I think pairing that lovely skirt with that incredible shoe/tights combo is one of my favourite things you've done. So cute and fun!

Irene tagged this Batty

the high collared look created by the scarf and the pleated skirt reminds me of a blue queen of hearts. I especially love the scarf.

karenh1 tagged this stunning

I love it all - so balanced and so stylish

ammakke tagged this Calculative creativity

Yes,Mobis stripe scarf reminded me of the great Ars Electronics in September.& hats off to the great genius Scully, so calculative & creative...The 3rd picture is a beauty!

abigail tagged this Brave

beautiful.....esp. the delicate, ephemeral, almost not there skirt and the fascinating mobius strip scarf....of course, sheena, u could put a torn, filthy brown paper sack over your head and look smashing!

Beth tagged this Go Lorax

It's a thneed! Remember, from the Lorax? It can be anything! Only instead of it being the thing that depletes the world of resources, it's working toward sustainability. A Sustainable Thneed.

Linda tagged this Cute

I love the blue tones of the shoes and tights - nice offset to the Scully skirt! :-D

anonymous tagged this fluttery

who is this? a fancy victorian fairy, i think.

wasabipear tagged this 1 Pill makes you Larger

The kind of fashion that stops time.

jolly M tagged this Hot

Beautiful scarf & skirt !!& sheena I love the different looks u have given with Scully's scarf. I am impressed by Scully's choice of the thesis topic for her Masters & very best with her thesis. BTW, as I type i am waching The Brit Awards 2010 - not surprisingly Lady Gaga ,in her fabulous outfit, has already scooped 3 awards !!

Bronwyn tagged this Cute

Hey Sheena! I like the way you have the Scully in the 3rd pic. BTW, love the blue shoes!


@abigail - she came close to this yesterday! LOL


Wow those platforms are to die for! The colour and the three straps. So fun and sexy.

Katy tagged this Cute

I love those shoes! They are like a puddle of water, spashing cooling color on your ankles! My absoulte favorite color!


I like it!

em tagged this Hot

That skirt is AMAZING. It's sort of like ice princess fairy meets lingerie meets angel choir. I also love the shoes. They look somewhat comfortable. And teh scarf is totally something I would wear.

em tagged this Brave

That skirt is WEIRD. It's sort of like ice bitch princess fairy meets horrible lingerie meets angel choir shit. I also hate the shoes. They look somewhat uncomfortable. And teh scarf is totally not something I would wear.

Luise tagged this cool

I like it-very romantical