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November 09

This day belongs to nguyenthuyviet.
"I LOVE this color combination. I can't wait to start experimenting with this dress! Thanks UP! <3"
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Day 154. Thu, October 01 2009

Scottish scouting

Blouse donated by mom, vintage military vest and mustard pumps from eBay.

U.P kicks off our 6th month today and we are broaching 15K. How about an anniversary fundraiser bash in NYC at the 6 month mark?


shalini tagged this Cute

this looks almost sailormoon-like (the japanese character). very cute!

Anonymous tagged this keen as

Love that waistcoat, totally changes the dress

ammakke tagged this smart

You are so versatile in combining all sorts of colors, Sheena ..love all the shots today. amazing stuff!!

yobe tagged this Mustard

Hey, the arm socks are back!Cute waistcoat and I like the colour combinations

Nikki tagged this Lovely Lass

How fresh and bright and autumny all at once! I love the punch of color! I want this outfit!

Caryn Schafer tagged this Lovely!

Love this one!

Mariah tagged this Scouting for Autumn

Love the colors!

prutha tagged this Cute


Beth tagged this Cute

Love the vest and shoes!

Betty Anne tagged this Hot

Love it, love it, love it! You cannot imagine how much I danced in my seat when I loaded the blog page today. <3 Fantastic! <3

alicia tagged this Cute

This is unique and different. The dress appears to be fading a bit with months to go. I won't accuse you of cheating if you decide to dye them to freshen their look.

Mara tagged this Cute

Adorable! Love the combination of the orange and the blue tights.

Brian tagged this Cute

Really Lovely. Just found about your whole drive and i love. Blog: http://lifeofbrian08.blogspot.com

Bridget tagged this lovely

love the goldenrod!

kataay tagged this lovelyyy

you look amazinggg! i would wear it any dayyyy. just wonderful! :D


i really love the colors in this outfit.. and the vest is great!

livingasart tagged this Cute

... grrls: this is TOO CUTE =)!

CAG tagged this Fabu!

Loves it!! do they make it in my size? lol

sara m tagged this Brave

i really enjoy the color combos!

Louise tagged this Better than sartorial

Really cute outfit - when you execute looks like this one (blocks of solid colour, unique pieces, still minimalist) I most identify as this is close to how I dress - but better! Way more eco conscious.

Rae tagged this Cute

This one is a winner. Very classy!

Katie tagged this Cute

Great colors!

fibin tagged this Cute

brilliant color combination, i like the accent of giving blue and orange shoes for legs... and yes black is becoming grey?

Stevie tagged this adorable!!!!!

oh my goodness!!!I love it all!! Its soo autumny!i love the way you put different style together!

holly tagged this classic

Clever combo of blouse and vest. I will miss the backdrops in your photos when you go home and back to taking pictures in the studio.

E.J.Starbuck tagged this Willy Wonka Watchout!

Love this combo of Robin Hood sceanary with Charlie and the Chocolate Factory styling. Seen any little people in Scotland lately?

Kay tagged this Faaaanfreakin'tastic!

You're adorable.


@holly, wish I had the luxury of time everyday to take on location shots once I get back. Sadly I have to shoot every morning before I run off to work. Perhaps the occasional weekend shots in NY?

scary. tagged this <3 and other symbols.

omg bff wtf fyi lfw ocd tmi NYC brb.. P.A.R.T.Y.? Y!E!S!!! -luv. een. icsi.. wtkitc WTKITC!!!! LOL LOL. etc., ;) lovin the look BTW!

Marian tagged this Cute

love the shape of the waistcoat...you mentioned going to work. what do you do for a living other than raise awareness about sustainable fashion and donate money to schools in India? that sounds like a lot of work to me.


@Marian, I design websites and things for a living. So now I have 2 full time gigs :-O

Anonymous tagged this Cute

This looks real interesting...


LOVE THIS!! The colors are great.


I just can't beleieve how great this outfit looks! Never would have thought those colours and items go together! You've done it again! :)

b. whitaker tagged this Hot

i am in love with this ensemble!!! cuteness personified!

pixelated tagged this adorable

so cute!

pixelated tagged this adorable

so cute, i love how you can pull off everything with such confidence!

RogueTess tagged this Cute

Loves the mustard colors with the blue!

Anonymous tagged this Cute

cute!! my favorite one in a while

Kelli tagged this Hot

FIERCE!!! Lovin' it:)

Anonymous tagged this Cute

oh like-a-lot! looks london-ish.

Kaitlin tagged this Cute

I love that mustard military vest!

BethBG tagged this Cute

I am in love with that vest!! XX's

i&i tokyo tagged this so kawaii!! from Tokyo.

First time to see your project. You made my third-eye opened. Namaste!

MrMister tagged this Awesome

So cute. I probably would have gone with different color tights... but that's why I'm not super fashionable.

flashbulb100w tagged this Cute

The colors match well.

Irene tagged this Hot

reminds me somewhat of a flight attendant. I really love the colours here and how that vest completely transforms the uniform.

kitesurfing kites tagged this better

There is obviously a lot to know about this. I think you made some good points in Features also. http://www.powerkitesdirect.com

Payal tagged this Wow!

At the risk of sounding like a high schooler - OMG! That's amazzziinngg! I've always thought mustard is such an icky colour - but wow - put that with that blue and grey - brilliant! Another classic for me!

Ali tagged this Gorgeous

I love mustard! Lovely :)

wall tagged this Try Harder

everything for a good cause keep rocking!!!

katie.s tagged this mustard-tastic

love this! I am wearing turquoise tights in your honour today... PS - when when when are you releasing the dress your could at least sell the pattern!!!

Jillien tagged this extroidinary

I love your idea. I think this daily ourfit is really cute. I hope all goes well. I love the vest and the sleeves on your arms. You have changed this dress so much. I cant wait to see todays! Jillien

Elissa tagged this Cheery

This brightened up my day :) Let's hope it clears those cloudy Scottish skies

vintage girl

love the vest & pumps-very creative & fun!

Marc-Anthony tagged this Hot

I really like this ensemble. Part jap anime part flight attendant

claire tagged this Cute

jave just found this website via "what katie wore" dont know if you have seen it? its like ur website but in reverse! ANYWAY this is FAB what a brilliant idea. love the colours today and those shoes!

Uhu tagged this Wow

I really love the vest and the combination blue-orange

AMM tagged this 6 Month Fundraiser!

A 6-Month Fundraiser--now this is something I can help with Sheena! November 1st is the Marathon--would that be too cumbersome? I will send an email note and happy to drag all my friends with their checkbooks!

Laura Daly tagged this AT EASE!

This is my pick for last week. Love the military vest softened by the bow and the way the shoes bring it all into balance. Welcome home!!! PS - when do I start helping with the midpoint bash!

Joel Patrick tagged this Brave


Silvinha tagged this Cute



I love it!

Shmooligan tagged this dogeball

Madame eggplant thought trolls with vince vaughn. cry mama a river malcom! a meatball sandwich please?

Henriikka tagged this Lovely!

I really love that blog, thank's for it!

orange crush tagged this Brave


Sarah tagged this Super cute!

Love it!!!

Livvy tagged this Cute

That's such an adorable outfit :)

Kiwiken tagged this tin soldier

I guess the outfit works, it's just again too militaristic for me. And that tie makes me think "stewardess". I wonder about those stripes on the sleeves - they can't be part of the vest? They're not part of the dress either, so are you wearing a shirt under it that you didn't mention?

Maskedmannequin tagged this Cute

what a brilliant idea...i just came across your idea via facebook and donated something. Looks like it's going really well so far :) a great cause!



James tagged this Hot

Very cute, i like the shoes. GTA 4 rapidshare

andrienclark tagged this Cute

Let's hope it clears those cloudy Scottish skies. digital camera memory cards