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December 09

This day belongs to FashionBlender.
"I pick this special day for a special cause. This is my wedding anniversary, a day I not only married my husband but joined his family. Love this day and love the Doc Marten's and the defiant pose."
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Day 219. Sat, December 05 2009

Saturday school

Vintage sweater top donated by Cat, black vest donated by Element Eden. See more from vests from Element >
Yellow tights from Sockdreams and vintage patent blue Doc Martens from eBay.

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Louise tagged this Chill

I love this. THOSE SHOES! and mustard tights are the shit.

sophie B tagged this Batty

Cute, cute, cute. I always wondered what Doc Martens were.

Mara tagged this very eighties.

The vest is a bit slouchy for me, but I like the shirt and the tights.

ammakke tagged this unique

That is a perfect picture of a classy uniform ,every bit counts. Great to see the fund growing higher & higher..Well done!!

Mariah tagged this Attitude (in a good way)

It ALL works. Mustard tights & shoe-strings. Slouchy sleeves, vest, and socks. It's just the PERFECT outfit for featuring the Serious Attitude, You-Lookiin'-at-ME?! Doc Martens.

Cynthia tagged this Cute

adorable, except the vest is the wrong size.

Irene tagged this uniform upon uniform

Fantastic outfit. I wish the vest would be a better fit though.

holly tagged this Hot

you look ready to pick a fight! Watch out in the school yard!

abigail tagged this Brave


scary. tagged this yella.

where dja get them legwarmers? class. - now shout out to me ma, cos i know she be readin these... ;) happy birthday from NYC! x

Kim tagged this Cute

This is so good! i wouldn't change a thing about this outfit

Tara tagged this Hot

I LOVE those boots, awesome colours in this outfit!

Linda from SA tagged this Cute

Purrrrrrrrrfect! Love the look...I'm smiling from ear to ear! When is Sheena's birthday?

wasabipear tagged this Puddle-Stomp

Nothin better than a pair of vintage patent Docs & some slouchy (somethings?) what are those, socks, leg warmers or another one of your super snazzy reinterpretations?

bb tagged this spunky

I love the mustard yellow against black. I wonder what it would look like without the vest though. I think maybe a shorter vest would have looked more neat.


@scary, @wasabipear – oops, forgot to credit those fabulous victorian socks I picked up at a Pennsylvania auction.

Anonymous tagged this Lovely

I LOVE this look....sweater...boots...socks so cute...even the vest's lovely...

Dee tagged this Try Harder

wrong, wrong...and wrong

Kay tagged this Cute

Breakfast. Club. btw, I'm stealing those tights and shoes. :)

Anonymous tagged this annie yi

I'm Chinese.I'm couraged by your creation!Go for it!

moon tagged this Cute

aww haha you look like a little girl wanting to go to school!

Anonymous tagged this Try Harder

I don't understand how these self-obsessed photos make money for poor kids.

mm tagged this rebuttal

@anonymous hating under the cover of anonymity, that's really cool. where'd you learn that from? your momma? so check it out, maybe read through the other comments and they'll give you an idea of how this project inspires people to live a little more creatively and dress a little bit more originally, and how that is creating a fan base that is also interested in supporting the UP's cause. if that still goes over your head, don't worry, Old Navy is staying open late for the holidays and there is no one forcing you to come back to this site.

kendal croix

totally in love with this look.

Anonymous tagged this Batty

does she ever where anything NORMAL? jeans?


@ anonymous (last one listed).......what is NORMAL?????? if it means what one sees day in day out......on reality TV etc etc........thank goodness for sheena!!! this website is about expressing your own individuality, not about emulating britney, rihanna, and i really don't know their names, but thank goodness they are not named sheena.....

charles tagged this Cute

love this whole look! very put together

monica tagged this Cute

very interesting :)