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January 10

This day belongs to Briana.
"Who knew that saving the world could be so many different kinds of fabulous? A truly inspiring project; I'll be wearing my UP dress with love and pride X"
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Day 259. Thu, January 14 2010

Sari Soiree in South Bombay

In front of Bungalow 8, an 1857 building converted to an antiques and vintage store with a contemporary twist. This evening Bungalow 8 in collaboration with Vogue India is throwing the U.P a Sari Soiree, where select designers will feature their reinterpretations of a vintage sari. The proceeds from the sale of these items will go to Akanksha. Featured in the daily is a reincarnation of an organza sari with vintage silk piping designed by James Ferrierra, and a pair of flats quilted out of various vintage sari fabrics designed by Sanchita.

Photos and write up on the evening to follow.


yangchang tagged this Brave

I think it's so cool

wasabipear tagged this Haute in Hiding

At first glance I wondered where your vintage sari was. Then upon reading the description I was delighted to discover that the sari has been completely reinterpreted and sculpted into the pseudo boat-neck/ yoked/ peplumeque haute creation. Brava!


Lovely use of recycled fashion! Can't wait to see photos of the evening! Love the shoes!


The shoes! I love them!

moon tagged this Hot

WOW so elegant...looks like you could go to a modern ball!


Love the shoes!!

ammakke tagged this "reincarnation""

What a unique transfomation of the elegant Saree into a modern Top !! Those colorful flats are gorgeous...have some rest ..U look tired with the eventful early mornings &all the &excitement..Looking forward to see your outfit tomorrow & hope you will surprise us with some Kerala traditional styles when U are in your home town.

MJC tagged this WOW!

The shoes are perfection.

abigail tagged this fabulous

fabulous!!! chic......wowwww.....this design is interesting, looks amazing on you.....my fav shot is #2.....black leggings look great with this.....the shoes are gorgeous.....have a lovely time tonight....sounds awesome....

Dee tagged this Cute

This is nice. Not too flashy, but just right.

KT tagged this scotch gasoline

Gorgeous! Love the repurposing ideas shared today. "Quilted flats." Who would have thought of such a thing? And, as another poster indicated, the top is so elegant! I'd love to see that with a floor-length skirt! Enjoy your visit and don't work too hard. ;-)


Oh, dear! I wondered why my post didn't go through the first time. Now I see that I'd typed the security words in the rating tag box! Sorry.....

holly tagged this recycle magic!

WOW Sheena, I keep wondering where to next, and it's never down! James Ferrierra's top is exquisite, as aer the shoes. Have a superb evening; looking forward to the photos. Another team triumph.

Eleanor tagged this Hot

Tres chic!

kc tagged this beautiful

The close up of those flats made my heart skip a beat!

Jessica tagged this Impeccable...

...as always...LOVE the shoes...and VOGUE INDIA?!?! Fantastic!

Sass tagged this beautiful

Sheena this is beautiful and really captures the message of sustainable fashion. If we all reused and recycled and instead of buying the latest trends, we'd all be in a better place! Great work but make sure you take some time out for yourself too!

amelie tagged this beautiful!

very chic!

Eithne tagged this Cool

wow... i'll bet a lot of crafsters out there would love to get their hands on this sari-to-top thingie recon tutorial. :-)

Sai tagged this Simply Sita-licious!

Ah! That is so exciting about your partnership with Vogue India! I have been on the hunt for Vintage Saris so it'll be great to see what you get!

Jo tagged this Hot

Wow!!! That looks amazing. Love the shoes - I want some!!!

Linda tagged this Cute

Its a bit girly, but I totally love what this woman is up to

gruvee tagged this bloody gorgeous

I absolutely love love love this one!

scary. tagged this dressy/cas.

this time last year i was sitting in the sun collaborating with a cup a chai and page 37 of vogue india.. where did it all go wrong!!? anyway yeah, so for now i'll take one of those reinvented saris.. if you have it in gold i'll take one of those as well and two pairs of the flats, thanks.. and have ya anything else the back there i should see? ;)

Cecily Young tagged this Fabulous

The shoes especially are so beautiful! What an awesome way to use old saris.

Tally's Place tagged this gorgeous

Are you sure those shoes aren't mine? Love them!


I Love this... your always suprising me

bb tagged this stunning

Where can I get a pair of these flats? They're so pretty. Have fun at the soiree!

Carole tagged this Brave

Adore the shoes. Tatterdemalion ballerina wear!

Irene tagged this rebirth

I love love love those flats. I want a pair. I always though sari were beautiful, I'm so glad they are being reused.

miriam tagged this chic!

chic transformation of the sari...and the pumps are sooo lovely!! hope ur painting mumbai city red...

elisabeth tagged this Hot

hot hot hot - hope the soiree goes ace.

Linda tagged this Hot

This is one of the best pieces I've seen since you began! I love the reincarnated sari!

Linda from SA tagged this Hot

Hi to all the Lindas! From where are my namesakes? I love the collar of today's top. Dramatic and different.

Pro-Portional Designs tagged this Hot

I meant to comment on this. I really like this - it's a very "dramatic" look


So awesomely beautiful!

Tamara tagged this Hot

Magnifiques chaussures !

Scully tagged this Wonderful!

Love that you are spreading the cheer! I'm am trying to as well! xo, Scully http://colormaven.wordpress.com/2010/01/15/scholarly-color/

kaity tagged this Cute

beautiful shoes!

Bronwyn tagged this Cute

Hey Sheena! How are you? I love this outfit sooooo much! I wish I had it!

Domino tagged this lovelovelove

just perfect.

jsaenaen tagged this Hot

your blouse is great!!

diya tagged this Hot

any ideas where I can buy vintage and 2nd hand clothing in mumbai? I'm a big fan of anything from the 40s to the 70s.