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December 09

This day belongs to pimientaconcerezas.
"The day I get to order my very own LBD - feels like Christmas to me!"
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Day 238. Thu, December 24 2009

Santa's little helper

Hand knitted icelandic collar made by Bebe. Thrifted blouse from Beacons Closet, vintage suede hat from a brooklyn antique warehouse, tights from Sockdreams and vintage boots from eBay.

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wasabipear tagged this In the Bag

Is that the bag-o-tricks that you usually keep up your sleeve? Or more like a bag full-o-knowledge for the kids. Love.

Mara tagged this Elfalicious.

Awww. Love the red tights and hat. That collar is gorgeous!

DesertNana tagged this Cute

Awwe. The cutest Elf Ever!! Happy Holidays xo

annie tagged this Cute

You look so cute!!

cindi from Tally's Place tagged this Cute

You are stinkin' adorable!

holly tagged this kooky

Sheena, that's another funny outfit; you are very brave to wear that for a whole day. One more sleep till christmas day!

abigail tagged this Cute


scary & colm. tagged this aka brandy & baileys.

tell us, are the boys in the NYPD choir still singing Galway Bay? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eCr30OVMjHA

moon tagged this Cute

awwwww perfect santa's little helper!


From some of the first people to get christmas in the world - Meryy Christmas from Australia! Hope Santa comes your way too!

Irene tagged this Christmas Spirit

you look so adorable. Perfect for a busy Christmas Eve.

Nadege tagged this Batty

thank the heavens you're gorgeous 'cause I don't know what's worse the hat or the haircut.

ammakke tagged this Cute

perfect outfit for"Santa's lil helper".The handknitted collar is gorgeous ..Hope'n pray that Santa that brings U plenty pleasant surprises..

Shems tagged this Santa's little diamond

Sooo cute!! Merry Christmas and lots of Love to all the UP family - thank you for all your hard work and inspiration, may the new year see you more thriving and giving than ever! xxx

Louise tagged this Brave

Sustainable fashion, okay, but actually wearable? Most of us will die rather than looking like a two year old child dressed up for a Christmas play! My heart longs for something chic. You have managed that so well in previous months.

Britwatch tagged this Charming

Now, now Louise! Be nice, it's Xmas! Best of Yuletide from the UK to all at U.P. - Sheena, keep it goin! Eliza, deliver the goods! J n W n L - Merry Christmas and the warmest wishes for 2010! MM n Scary - bring on the blockbusters!

scary. tagged this merriment.

right back at ya britwatch.. hope santy comes! ;)

Dee tagged this Try Harder

All wrong...I knew it couldn't last.

jolly M tagged this Cute

Hi Santa's l'l helper !! You are looking cute in this outfit. Hope Santa has nice surprises in the bag !A Merry X'mas to you Sheena,Eliza,Jessica & all U.P friends. Looking forward to your X'mas outfit.

Britwatch tagged this takesallkinds

How perceptive of you, Dee. She's only managed to cobble outfits together for 200 odd days. Just no stamina, eh. You show her how its done, Dee, yeah? Let us know what your URL is please.

Tina tagged this Nice

Fantastic artistic stunt:-D I am very facinated of all the ideas, and the litle black dress is only just fantastic.-) Wish you all teh luck with your project, and I'llk drop in later to see what accessories you'll choose for the dress:-)


Brtiwatch I would like in my team the day I decide to take on the world; what are your fees? :)


Sorry I meant Britwatch, as you see Christmas is underway :))

Maedbh tagged this Cute

@scary & colm woop woop ! is everyone on this irish ? on the boyos in greeen :D Loving the outfit. Simple yet elegant :)

jeijj tagged this sooo cute!

hey! i´m from Iceland :D love the outfit and the knitted collar ;)

erin tagged this Hot

like a (really hot) christmas elf

Jesse tagged this Brave

she looks like a pilgrim. i like the tights though.