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February 10

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"Buckets of love today!"
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Day 290. Sun, February 14 2010

Sans Sac

Featuring SANS. A bag dress and hole socks from the NYC based Baltic talent, Lika Volkova. In her own words, "we are bags and we carry a bags. We put things, knowledge and pleasure into our selves. We are compartments and we create compartments: bags buildings, books." Want to know why we love SANS? Get the full story >

This eve the U.P gang is off to see the Gary Harvey show at GreenShows. Will report back soon.


jenny tagged this Hot

those socks remind me of cheese. (i'm from wisconsin, and that's a very good thing). the dress is GORGEOUS!

urbanknitfits tagged this Hot

wow, very cool! and I love the shoes and socks! fun color combo. AND I love how the toe turns up!

holly tagged this another FW winner

Another brilliant outfit to love. Those shoes are back, the holey socks and the play on silhouette with the black on black dress/bag. Lots of creativity coming out of NYC/UP/FW.

Pro-Portional Designs tagged this Brave

I love the roaring twenties meets mod look

christine tagged this goody bag

love the 3-D avant-garde bag dress...it looks like you're a shadow following yourself!

moon tagged this Hot

eternal sunshine of a spot(ted) mind

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Sophie B

Craziest thing I've ever seen

miniscooper tagged this Hole-y style!

Sheena, it's just fondue fabulous!

patts tagged this baggy

me ? socks!


ok...it was supposed to be me heart socks!

scarlett tagged this bag lady

i was tempted to tag this, "super strong creative sheer brilliance." it wouldn't fit :P. this is probably my favorite, because it thinks outside the box and, erm...in the bag? okay, i can't be poetic: it's COOL.

Sarah O tagged this Bag it!

Okay - artistic expressions aside . . .it looks like you've just beat Hansel at his own game and removed your bathing suit without taking off your clothes . . .or a Snugli-sans bebe. The socks are amazing but the dress is unwearable.

Eithne tagged this Just this side of scary

I have to admit that i'm not sure if i understand the dress visually (read: i can't make out where the LBD is), but it's very Mad Max, so I'm sure you'd rock the open road in it ;-) Because apocalypse has nothing on bags.

scary. tagged this dans la sac.

this is my favourite designer in the world. and that is my favourite outfit of the project. but you knew that already.

new yorker. tagged this just that side of scary.

too fabulous for words really...

dayglozoo tagged this ummm...I don't get it

Love you. Love the project. Love the cause. Love ninety-nine percent of the outfits. Love the socks. Love your smile. But the bag thing...not so much love.

Sass tagged this wacky

This is completely wacky, I don't think I'd ever wear the cheese socks or a bag dress but hey, this is all about having fun and looks like you are doing that!

Daisy tagged this Great!!!

I love it!!!!

NO! tagged this NO!


melanie tagged this Brave


Syn tagged this bag?

Sarah O & dayglozoo: ditto

Julie Dawn Salvi tagged this alternative

This is without a doubt my favourite outfit yet. There's enough going on with just the black and little bit of yellow. It all works except for the shoes that are kind of cool but don't go colour-wise - sorry.

Payal tagged this Socksy!

In the spirit of UPFW, the bag dress is awesome! I loved Lika's thoughts on us as bags. We really are bags! The socks are just so mind-blowingly hot! P.S.: loving the UPFW backdrops!

Sue tagged this Brave

The LBD is intrusive in this ensemble.

elisabeth tagged this ummmmm....

... nah. ...though the turtles might like it, - if it stops those pesky plastic bags getting into their intestines, ... not sure if turtles like cheese....

Irene tagged this intriguing

odd-ball and somewhat animated. amazingly unique.

ammakke tagged this "baggy"

Well, I don't really know whether this is wearable at all, looks wacky to me(My age is to be blamed).. Those holey yellow socks are hot.Love Lika's thoughts on us AS BAGS!UPFW backdrops are sensational.

Anonymous tagged this Brave

This is too weird for me but I like the holey socks on the black panties!

adelheid tagged this Brave

looks like you are a walking ad for holland with those pointed wooden clogs and cheese socks

Linda tagged this Brave

I don't really get the dress, it looks like you forgot to put it on! But I love the sox and shoes! :-D

wasabipear tagged this Sans Logic

A true fashion revolutionary and she eats cigarettes, thus making her my insta-heroine.

Meha tagged this What the what?

Love everything except the bag dress. I'm not even sure what I'm looking at. Definitely unwearable.

Hannah tagged this Try Harder

I don't get it. I get the artistic statement, so I really wish it made sense visually, but just..I can't imagine a practical or aesthetic reason for wearing this one.

TWLOHA tagged this Best Shoes Ever

Hmmm...I love the socks, and I LOVVVE the shoes. The bag is very unique, and I like it...yet I don't see it catching on. Which makes it 10x better! =D


I know I'm not a visionary, so I agree with those who say it looks like you forgot to put your arms through the dress.... What are the socks made of? They look plastic, but that may be how the seams are sewn, to make them look thicker than the rest. Love the shoes!

whatsmyname!!? tagged this a design for life...

God, people are boring! This outfit, however, is anything but.

j tagged this brick

beautiful. I love love love when you have backgrounds!

mm tagged this Scroobius meet Joan

scary should get extra credit for the dan le sac reference. and why didn't anyone mention that the bag looks like a heart, albeit a blackheart, thus implying sheena's sly cultural commentary on consumer culture holidays?? hmm.

scary. tagged this back to the hip-hop..

@mm, very wide to the double reference rating- but of course. ;) also thanks for the le not la. there should be an 'edit your comment' button on this thing to fix on spelling mistakes and my french. and as for your rating i'm sorry to say i think ya got ya j's mixed up.. wide to it tho. too much :)

myra winter

looking at these pictures and the original outfit I am realising tha I am so going to miss you when you will reach the 365th day!


I was glad to see that you didn't have a Valentine's Day theme; so cliche. :-)

gemma tagged this a a a amazing

the socks and shoes are amazing yet again inspirational effortlessly awsome


I lovelovelove this. The drapeyness makes you look ridonkulously tall and elegant.

Anonymous tagged this Bizarre


Simone tagged this makes my insides go funny

oh yes yes yes! this is gorgeous!

Carissa tagged this Try Harder

That looks like an ill fitted dress with a baby holder attached to it.

ivygail tagged this A Bag????

Really? A bag?

cheetah tagged this Kengish

photo 2: Sheena is looking at little Roo in her bag-dress

em tagged this Hot

I want those tights. I they look cozy for cold weather, when layered with the black ones.

fabs tagged this Cute

great socks!