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January 10

This day belongs to Mistina.
"Fun, fantastic project for an excellent cause. Thanks so much for inspiring us on multiple levels."
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Day 276. Sun, January 31 2010

Sally Mander

Vintage blouse from eBay, thrifted leg warmers, and ankle boots donated by Bows & Bandits. Handmade salamander tie donated by Hartefactos. See more funky ties at hartefactos.com.ar.

Where did the weekend go? grrrrrr.


Payal tagged this high tie!

Looovvvee the tie! I've always wanted to wear a tie, but never found the guts or the right tie - and that one around your neck is the one! Love it! The tights + leg warmer, I like. The top, not so much. It's Monday morning here in Melbourne. Where did my weekend go?!

Pear Picker tagged this darling, Darling

I cirtenly have never spied upon a red, white, and black plaid salamander on a promenade throught the wood (or a park, or an airport, or anyplace else for that matter) but it sure looks dandy upon your neck. I dig the floral blouse as well.

hollt tagged this Cute

Neat pattern on pattern!

Betty Anne

Love how well this tie and top work together - from a distance it looks as though they're cut from the same material! Great tights and leg warmers to go with them. This is totally an outfit I'd wear to class. <3

Charlotte tagged this super cute!

possibly my all time favourite! love the colours, and the outfit works really well together! that salamander is so cute! X

Britgirl tagged this Hot

In all my time in following what you wear, I have never seen you wear jeans; and I'm loving it!

Paula tagged this Overbalanced

The necklace is too much

Irene tagged this two tails of salamander

Nice and fun loving today. Love everything about it and would love to wear it to class. I agree, where had the weekend gone?

Anneka tagged this Brave

Pretty Swish! Not sure about your neck tie and the shirt because they are both very loud - But you are quietly confidence and frankly confidence always makes an outfit!

christine tagged this bland is boring

flowers, plaid and legwarmers gone askew. a throwback to one of my most favourite outfits from the 80s! you pull it off with style.

Kate tagged this Tres chic

Love this scarlett red and the blue compliments it so well.

annie tagged this give, give, give

It's winter and the numbers are understandably slower after the holidays.....but fellow U.P. admirers, let's give give give! Can we push to 55K by Valentine's Day? That's just a little less than $100/day. Come on!!!

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Lesley Sawyer

Do you have a pattern for the dress? I would like to make one ...

Sass tagged this scaling to new heights

Wow Sheena, where do you get your ideas?? It's like my kindergarten art smock meets Flashdance. Oh and just in case that doesn't stand out from the crowd, throw on a tartan lizard necktie! Love it!

Tally's Place tagged this delicious

Love these colors together...it reminds me of cranberry and blueberry pie. Yum!!!

Tina tagged this what a feeling....

Little House on the Prairie meets Annie Hall meets Flashdance...

bb tagged this Cute

Funky and cozy at the same time. There isn't a single part of this outfit I don't love.

ammakke tagged this weekend special

U dont have to ask that unanimous question"where did the weekend go?" because , we can read it on your face Sheena.One positive way of giving an answer is:"we had a good weekend"(?!!)BTW U look adorable& smart tonite..Can I have that blouse please??love the combo. as well with that exclusive stylish tie.Oh, forgot to ask U something:"where did the weekend go"?

wasabipear tagged this Mudhoney

Hartefactos! Twisted ties, little black rain cloud thought bubbles, and other such novelties. Grungy patterns and colors rock my world.

Sarah tagged this Cute

i love the colours in this outfit!

abigail tagged this :)

funky, comfy, sweet....

aj tagged this Brave

tired you are looking, shinnajoy. take it easy.

SarahDear tagged this Salamander Sweet

I love this title. It draws you into the intriguing neckpiece.

hartefactos tagged this :0)

thank you very much!

Linda tagged this Try Harder

The tie and leg warmers are cute, but the top reminds me of boys' pajamas!

Alicia tagged this Cute

Awesome! Like a modern-day girl from Laugh-In!

mm tagged this perfect

...and boys' pajamas never looked better.

Anonymous tagged this Try Harder

Overall too dark.

Bat tagged this AWFUL!!!

ew, i hate! It's just plain gross. theleg warmers? the jhideous blouse? wtc! and gosh! A TIE???? what were you thinking? seriously, get a haircut. it's like a bowl head. use extensions or somehting. anything to fix that awful cut you hace! (plus the pose? you can do better. and the smile is like someone just poisned you.) Basically over all-HORRIBLE!

a British fan tagged this Batty

Sheena, although a massive fan, I have to admit this look is not good. As cabin crew for British Airways I used to wear a blouse that was so similar to that one, its uncanny. (Although as crew, we would have looked great in those leg warmers!)

Anonymous tagged this Cute

Looking fabulous again today. I am loving the ties - they are so cute!

Tina tagged this Not so wow....

I'm used to seeing the popping colors. This outfit is so subdued. Great color coordination obviously, but miss your sense of pop!

moon tagged this Cute

love the tights and leg warmer!! so cozy!

Sammy tagged this Pre-Valentines' Love

I love the colors on this one. The blues and reds just go perfectly together! And the tights with the legwarmers are to die for. One of my favorite outfits so far. (:

Lakshmi tagged this Cute

Same blouse from May??


@Lakshmi, nice catch. yes it is.

Bronwyn tagged this Brave

Sheena, I love everything abpot this outfit but, I don't like the tie at all.!!.!!.!!.!!