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July 09

This day belongs to Sarah.
"Simple... yet so elegant! Love the tights."
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Day 73. Sun, July 12 2009

Russian doll situation

Custom designed Uniform necklace made and donated by Suzy Nelson. Visit her Etsy store at TwoToeDesign.Etsy.com. Tights from Celeste Stein and vintage pumps from eBay.


barbara tagged this Cute

Very nice indeed. I am really enjoying my daily dose of the Uniform Project - thank you Sheena! I bought myself the perfect black dress yesterday, but alas can't afford 7 copies. Happy Sunday.

janiey tagged this Uniform

The uniform necklace is really the perfect touch! Love it (:


this young woman need to be sponsored. the designer who hires her first is the winner. splendid..

jane tagged this pretty

my sister likes russian things!

annie tagged this awesome

Wow...I would have never guessed that floral tights would look right with the dress...but you make it look fabulous! The necklace is perfect too :).

Anonymous tagged this Brave

wonderful idea...just what I'm looking for in the millennial/broke age

Stephanie N tagged this Brave

What a statement-making necklace!

Camilla tagged this Cute

LOVE the tights and shoes!

Anne Kinney

Love the clean "Mod" sixties lines of the dress and the matchhing angular faux Sassoon hair that only black-haired women can really pull off


not really feeling the new hair...


Read about you in the NYT this morning. You have inspired me to take a new look at my clothes. You are adorable. Keep up the good work.

graham, Saint John, NB tagged this Hot

terrific! love the necklace with the mini dress.

Juneau tagged this Cute

Terrific tribute necklace! Very balanced outfit.

Anonymous tagged this beautiful

It's so pretty. :)

TheSockBoutique tagged this Wonderful

OMG! I absolutely love love love those tights!! You look great! Lovely hair too!

brett and jermaine

our children's children's children like this project.

Beth tagged this Cute

Cool necklace! Love the tights and shoes.

britgirl tagged this Cute

Very cute. I love the tights!

Anonymous tagged this Putin-aska

WOuld the Russian government approve?

Mary tagged this Cute

I just discovered this because of the NY Times piece. This is great. I would love love love if this catches on and we can just have uniforms, for simplicity sake and so I no longer need a closet full of clothes because convention dictates that we must wear a new outfit every day.

Edith tagged this Cute

I love that necklace. You should sell it! I would buy it.

noodle princess tagged this Batty

Meh. I think you had it right on the money but those tights look like they're from some old lady motel room. Sorry...If you 86'd the tights, I'd have given it a Cute!

Omega tagged this Cute

i love the tights and shoes combo... also the necklace is adorable! i'm gonna get right on replicating my own one ;)

nini tagged this wonderful!

So charming! I love your site - being Malayali in origin and fascinated by sustainable fashion, your project is a joy to behold. Keep it up!

RogueTess tagged this Cute

I adore those tights! Great accessories concept, too.

julie Garner tagged this Cute

I love this project. Just read about you today in NYT. I didn't see a mention in there about one of the great "uniform wearers" of all times-Ray Eames, the great designer. She wore the same black dress every day too.

sdh tagged this dont like the tights

i love this project!

maggie tagged this adorable

love the necklace and tights!

susan Cohen tagged this Cute

great tights-where from?


so, where can I buy this dress???

carley tagged this Cute

i think what your doing is really great and fun!


Ok, ok, I've got to know: How many pairs of shoes do you own??

Cynthia tagged this Cute

oh yes, so love - quite sublime.

mare tagged this Cute

i love the tights and the shoes! they look awesome!

Tracey tagged this Cute

You are amazing! A girl with lots of style but even better heart! Will pass this on to all my high school classes and get everyone to watch! Well done!

diana Epstein tagged this very flattering

very interesting

roman clemence anna tagged this Cute

i really like this idea!! i am a young french fashion designer and i would love to donate something to wear with the dress.. how can i do that? i live in hoboken NJ, so i can maybe come someplace?? thanks a lot!! here is my email roman_clemenceanna@yahoo.fr


Please --where can we buy the dress -- a slightly longer version for work? Selling this dress would make a lot of money for your cause. And of course, a book and calendar could follow. I love the concept! Great haircut!

Anonymous tagged this Brave

the dress is cute, the leggings are wallpapery, the shoes are hot

jarsika tagged this Cute

omg OMG!! I saw that line of tights in California, but just couldn't buy them. I SO want them badly. Possible the COOLEST tights EVER!

yang jing tagged this Cute

Dear Sir or Madam: I am Jing Yang, the photo editor of Marie Claire China. We are doing a feature about your uniform project; could you please send me the hi-res files of the these images? please email me:yangjingmc@hfm.com.cn Our deadline is 16th July. Best wishes, Jing

Julie tagged this Inspiring

Ooohhhh, love Elle's idea. I, too, would be quite interested in purchasing a just-above-the-knee version of this dress. You've inspired us all -- we know how versatile this piece is and we'd love to find an excuse to add to our wardrobes and contribute to your fundraising efforts simultaneously!

ines tagged this Cute

great project! hope you tell us soon how you feel wearing the same dress...and what you do with the accessories after wearing them once ...how many such dresses do you have by now..and do you long for a pair of jeans sometimes?

Carmen tagged this Cute

all I can say is "WOW".

Nina from NL tagged this Brave

I love your idea to raise money this way! Keep up the good work!

Maistar tagged this Cute

How adorable is that necklace?! It's too cute.



hannah tagged this delightful.

Ah, this is beautiful. you know, i really would love to get my hands on one of these dresses and i'm sure i'm not the only one!

Jennifer Rose tagged this lovely

Haircut fits the uniform perfectly. (I may be biased - I have a similar pixie cut myself.) I've donated via the web site but I'm going to echo the thousands saying "sell the dress," or at least a pattern. But if I were you, I may not want legions of fans wearing MY uniform around...I'm eagerly awaiting the blog of how it was made, so people can get inspired to take their own "perfect" pieces and adapt them. We are not all shaped the same, after all!

Artivist tagged this Cute

Love the necklace and the shoes.

Saffron tagged this Great

I love the tights and pumps

mathieu perreault

Hi, I'm a Canadian journalist. I'd like to interview you for an article. Can you contact me at mathieu.perreault@lapresse.ca Thanks, Mathieu Perreault La Presse Montreal, Canada

mathieu perreault tagged this nice

Hi, I'm a Canadian journalist. I'd like to interview you for an article. Can you contact me at mathieu.perreault@lapresse.ca Thanks, Mathieu Perreault La Presse Montreal, Canada

Encee tagged this Hot

I really appreciate your `brave' new idea!! You've combined creativity with a relevant message. Well done girl!!

Imelda Vreugd tagged this extraordinary

Hi, I work for a Dutch magazine and we would like to publish an short item about you... Is it possible to send me 7 different dressen (high resolution) which we can publish in our magazine? And can you send also your adress to send you one when it's issued? Kind regards

Jenny tagged this Cute

Love the stockings; reminds me of 6th grade!

RJ tagged this tea pot

wash your dress sheena.. :)

Naomi tagged this Boring

The dress,shoes,and tights are all very pretty together but i dislike the necklace. Overall the outfit does not scream "SPICED UP"

Joannef tagged this Cute

Chanel-esque. Sweet and cutting edge. AH, AUDREY HEPBURN!!! YES!!

hhh tagged this Cute

this is beyond adorable. the shoes and tights together look great!

Alexa tagged this Cute

Hee, Chonchords reference. The necklace is sweet sweet sweet. Just found out about the Project through NYT, hopped online and spent the past 20 or 30 minutes going through the photo archives so far. Smashing, and more than a little inspiring! Will be following with interest from this point on.

dinky tagged this too cute for words

I adore the accessories

Tracy tagged this Cute

Great look! Love the floral stockings.

Katharine Tapley tagged this Try Harder

I like the jewelry with the dress, and the shoes. I like the tights by themselves, but I'm not enthused about them all together. I think a solid color, textured stocking would work well.


forget the necklace and wear some earings.


love the stokings and shoes not the necklace

A Follower tagged this Like a China Doll!

I'm not a huge fan of the leggings, but the outfit as a whole is lovely. :)

awer tagged this Try Harder

i think u should have used silver necklaces to match the stockings better... other than that, quaintly interesting

stefanie tagged this Cute

the tights are lovely :)


Wonderful initiative! amazing

sidney tagged this Cute

love love LOVE the tights.

Addie tagged this Try Harder

Love the jewelry, hate the tights.

Nikki tagged this Brave

Love the necklace! Like the shoes. The tights... meh. Definitely brave to try it though!

Holly tagged this Cute

I absolutely adore those tights, great job!!

Jannie tagged this Cute

This outfit is fun! I really love the tights and the shoes. Well done!

tortuga tagged this Hot

absolutely adorable!


love it!!

Aricia tagged this Cute

ohhhh!!! cute necklace.....


Hello, I found your inniciative great but I when i saw the daily picture i was a bit disappointed because I saw that you were wearing other pieces of clothes to enhance its look and not only accessories as the proposed idea. Why is that? In some of the pictures it looks like the dress is the accessory even...:(

Amy tagged this Unique and Different

love ur tights with those shoes!!!! cute necklace 2!


Love the necklace. It really makes the whole outfit so much better than it already is :D

Pear Picker tagged this NIFTY

That neak peice is absolutly darling.