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August 09

This day belongs to Han.
"I love how bright and sunny this looks."
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Day 115. Sun, August 23 2009

Russian doll situation, part deux

Yellow summer skirt worn as a tube dress donated by Eliza. Custom designed uniform dress necklace made and donated by Suzy Nelson. Shoes donated by Tara St.James.


Austen tagged this Cute

tres cute!!!

Thalita tagged this Cute

O conjuto todo esta lindo! Tem um charme, uma luz toda especia na roupa..

Tina B. tagged this Creative and Cute

Awesome! Love the necklaces! You are SOO creative, talented, and inspirational! Keep up the fantabulous work, dahling!

Anonymous tagged this tres chic!

i don't know.. there is something about this i absolutely Love!

Mariah tagged this Cute

This shouldn't work at all -- but it does! Good balance of colors and lines (ties of necklace repeated in the shoes), and the Uniform necklace is always fun.

Katrina tagged this Cute

it`s really nice.

Mia tagged this So Cute!

I want that outfit- now. I'd love to see you on LookBook! C;

Cris V. tagged this Cute

Sometimes I do this, wear a skirt as a top or dress. I'm dying to see the winter outfits. Too bad it will be summer here. Good luck.

Loi Becker tagged this Cute

Gosh what a cute necklace!!!! You look adorable. ;)

ammakke tagged this pretty

another great combo.of colors!! Love the cute look...the uniform dress neclace is absolutely adorable..

Caitlin tagged this Scrumcious

I love that neclace!!!! So cute!!!

Jannie tagged this Cute

It works wonderfully!

Constance tagged this lovely

This is one of your best outfits. Completely different, and I love it.

Rachel tagged this Cute

So cute! The colors are fabulous!

izzi's bella tagged this Cute

have only just discovered you and think you are wonderful! very creative

Payal tagged this Brilliant!

Ever since I read about the Uniform Project in the local Australian paper, your site has been one of my fav Bookmarks! Love it, love it, love it! This skirt-dress gives me a 100 ideas to refresh my wardrobe!

Anonymous tagged this Cute

Just gorgeous! Keep it up!

@marycray tagged this Cute


Fourth Daughter tagged this ultra gorgeous!

Great mix of colours and balance!

Lindsay tagged this Whimsical

Well aren't you just an adorable ray of sunshine! :)

Nora tagged this Cute

I love the skirt-turned-dress, I'm gonna try it some time!

Rebekah tagged this Cute

Too cute! And I love the possible sly reference to Flight of the Conchords... :)

annie tagged this Gorgeous

Oh wow....this is my new favorite! You look especially lovely today Sheena!

anyssa tagged this Try Harder

i dont like it

KC tagged this Cute

love the whole get up =D the shoes are especially cute!

Desiree tagged this Cute

Love the combo, so "summer" even with a black dress.

bree tagged this only you

deary this is perfect! you looks so cute ! and only you can pull this off so well :) ! theartcupboard.blogspot.com/

Kay tagged this Cute

This is the most adorable thing ever.

Krystyna tagged this Cute

Interesting site! inspirational ideas for my high school textiles class. I'd love a copy of the pattern

Kim tagged this Darling!

This is so fresh and fun ... lovin' it!

patts tagged this Cute

love it!

BellaG. tagged this Try Harder

hmm.... this yellow tube doesn't fit so nicely....

nausicaa88 tagged this fabulous, dah-ling!

the shoes are HOT!

r7u657 tagged this 456es5t6f6t ct yb


miss luli tagged this dollytastic

I blinking love this!

nemo tagged this Cute

LOVE IT! One of my faves so far!!

ruxi tagged this not convinced

Very creative, but did you not end up spending a lot of money on shoes and accessories though?

nicola tagged this cheating?

Agree with the comment above (Ruxi). Surely 'jazzing up' the dress with accesories is the task here, not wearing whole new outfits that somehow feature the dress - cheating for sure on July 19th !

sarah tagged this only for twiggies

great if you're pregnant (or want to look as if you are)

eek! tagged this Cute

love it!

maybs tagged this Cute

always wondered if i could wear a skirt as a tube dress...you've done it really well!

Tara tagged this Cute

I love it, so cute!

Carina tagged this sooooooooo cute

one of the cutest ever. you look like a little doll!

last year's girl tagged this Cute

ADORE this!

Petra tagged this Cute

I would wear this in a heartbeat!


Really cute

Anonymous tagged this lovely

very nice outfit!

Allyson tagged this Cute

Skirt as tube dress?! Love it.

Jean tagged this Hot

Another winner! Love the outfit, especially the shoes.

Beth tagged this Cute

I love everything about this outfit.


love love love this!

Sam tagged this SuperawesomespecialCUTE

The colours, the layers: perfect!

Zara K tagged this Cute

One of my favs so far!! cute, flirty and fun! the necklace is quirky too! keep up the good work!!

Beth tagged this Cute

All time favorite! I love it!



Amber tagged this Cute

I love those shoes - where can I get them?

vinamarata tagged this baby-doll

could have cinched the waist witha nice belt..

Yobe tagged this Brilliant

Such a fun outfit! Love that yellow. Personally, I would have ditched the necklace but I'm just picky:)

Anonymous tagged this Cute

I LOVE IT!! Cutest outfit to date! Bright and summery!

Therese tagged this Cute

I love, love, love the necklace! And I love the shoes, was supposed to get something like it in a flea market!

deedle tagged this great as usual

so cute, and love the shoes

Marie tagged this amazing!

Love the necklace - how inventive! I am inspired to make one similar! I love all your outfits - they are so creative! xx

Gabrielle P. tagged this Love IT

I absolutely adore the yellow on you! and i LOVE those shoes!

Jessa tagged this amazing!

Yellow is my favorite color (: Love the layers!

Irene tagged this Cute

I don't know how it works, but I love it! It's so cute.

Pitza tagged this Cute

I love this outfit!

Haydee tagged this Hot

you look lovely in yellow!!!

likalikulika tagged this Cute

very cuuuuuteee!!! keep doing it, you're very inspiring :)

Daniella tagged this Cute

So Stylish! Love it

Anonymous tagged this Try Harder

very cool


wish i could see a closer picture of that necklace, it looks so cool. http://twitter.com/VintiqueLA