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January 10

This day belongs to lagola.
"Simple, elegant, stylish. Like the best education."
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Day 247. Sat, January 02 2010

Rorschach stocking Saturday

Thrifted blouse, vintage belt worn as choker, tie-dyed tights donated by Eliza and vintage pumps from eBay.


wasabipear tagged this A Thundercloud

On your right foot.

Grace tagged this Awesome

Love this one, esp. the sleees : )

Meash tagged this tie-dye tres chic!

love it!

abigail tagged this lovely

elegant, beautiful.....i love how u have created a fresh new arm silhouette....and those tights are to die for.....i've been recently craving similar ones for myself.....synchronicity, i think this might be!!

mommie tagged this Cute

Thank goodness! A different pair if shoes today. Cute look too!

GeeC tagged this Bland

Eh. You've been awfully black lately. I'd like to see more color.

che tagged this inky

i can see twiggy winking

Gabriella tagged this Cute

Love the shoes <3

holly tagged this dalmation darling

great silhouette. Gosh you're 2/3 of the way there. What on earth will we all do for our daily inspiration come April?

ammakke tagged this smart style

Black & white what a pleasant sight!!Eliza's tie-dyed tights & the choker do rock tonite.. @Holly I have the same problem as U but I do believe Sheena needs a "break"...

Bryn. tagged this Hot


Dee tagged this Cute

absolutely adorable

Bronwyn tagged this Cute

Hey Sheena! Loving this outfit! I especially like the pink shoes...... FABULOUS!!!!! BTW, picture 3 my fav.

mm tagged this Eye c...

the negative space between your arms in pic two looks like two chickens. headstrong, proud chickens. the positive space looks positively perfect.

elisabeth tagged this hot and cute

love it when you do this - just when I start to wonder, you come out with smashingly brilliant elegance and quirkiness, simple but fun. HNY - may it be the best ever.

sarah tagged this awesome!

I love this one! its one of my favorites!

bb tagged this Cute

LOVE all the pink in here. The tights and pumps are so cute. The sleeves are intriguing and chic. Why don't you ever wear headbands? I think they would suit you nicely. :)


I just checked yesterday's outfit and noticed you're wearing a headband! You looked adorable in it. Ignore my comment above then. But I do hope to see you wearing them more often.

Lydia Smith tagged this Fabulous

Love the tights :) Very sophisticated! Also <3 the shoes

Irene tagged this Cute

Love the tights, the shoes and the shape the sleeves add. I am constantly amazed by your creativity. A belt as a choker?

kimi tagged this watchmen-tastic

love the rorschach stockings!!

Lightning Heart tagged this Hot

love the tights and shoes!


you are so great .I believe the chirdren who you helped will thank you

Lisa tagged this Hot

I've seen every outfit, and it's just amazing how you do it! Keep up the good work!

diva2 UP tagged this Cute

Love this outfit and love what you are doing. Very inspiring

ammakke tagged this Cute

@ mm I think U are a genius,Yes when U told us we too see two chickens ......All the best!!

Chanique tagged this Inky candyfloss

In a certain sense,although different pieces of clothing are used, the look of January 1 and 2 is quite similar. I love pink,so today's version is definitely my favourite!

RogueTess tagged this Cute

Cuuuute tights!

moon tagged this Cute

awww the bottom half reminds me of a strawberrycowspots. love it.so simple and elegant!

mm tagged this from dunce to doctorate

@ammakke, thank you for the kind compliment. if only I had some of my grade school teachers' email addresses to forward your accolade along, showing them that perhaps I have not turned out merely 'useless', contrary to their oft-noted elementary era predictions. ;D

Patricia tagged this Amazing!

Wow, you're so creative with your outfits! I love how you accessorize so well.

safali tagged this pink panther

love the shoes and tights. tenderness - what is needed after partying.

Laura tagged this WOW!


cha tagged this fa