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September 09

This day belongs to Annika.
"This project has been such in inspiration to me in many ways. I especially like this outfit because it shows how you can create an unique look with a few simple pieces. "
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Day 144. Mon, September 21 2009


LFW day 4. Red chenille knotted accessory worn as headband donated Michelle Lane. Vintage Gianfranco Ferre vest from Old Hollywood Brooklyn, thrifted brooch, red corduroy pencil skirt from London church charity jumble sale, shoes gifted by mom.

For folks attending the London Design Festival, we will be speaking at the Greenengaged Design for Life panel this morning. More info at greengaged.com


Ava tagged this Cute

You look pretty. From Ava Age 3


Now you're getting silly!

Pen tagged this Classy

Sorry I'm stuck at work and missing your event, umm.. around about now, actually. Love the crochet.



Lightning Heart tagged this Cute

oh i love this outfit, great!

plopper tagged this Batty

keep out of her way clothes

glove girl tagged this brilliant

the red skirt works really well, good job!

Christy tagged this Adorable!

Good job!

Mariah tagged this Knot for the Timid

Great colors, esp. the white vest set off by the black. Pencil skirt under the Uniform is inspired!

czarinakathryn tagged this Hot

the vest is amazing!

Darby tagged this Cute

Love the outfit, hate the make up.

DAO tagged this Try Harder

Something is wrong with red pencil skirt. I think it'd be ok if there's no that red skirt.....

Rachel tagged this Cute

Not keen on the skirt, but LOVE the crochet vest and the shoes!


LOVE that vest!

Laura tagged this Brave

It's incredible you're still truckin in that same black dress, kudos! I'm waiting for the day you tuck it into a longer skirt because so far you've just left the black dress over your skirts. btw I'm a painter and because of this site have been inspired to accept fashion as an avenue towards social commentary, and decided to run with that, so thank you.


Correction: haven't seen it tucked into longer* skirts

JenC tagged this Cute

Love the skirt!

Jo tagged this Affection

Re: Shoes. Love your mom! Maybe a pix of you, Eliza, and your mom one day?


The vest is very chic! But the skirt underneath doesn't fit so well here, maybe is just the shape of it.

Beth tagged this Cute


Katie tagged this Brave

Whoa. That is quite a vest. Nice!

ammakke tagged this Hot

Red & white, ready to fight?? awesome altogether....how did it go at the Design for Life Panel? Wish we were there...


First you do an air trot on Saturday. Now you do an air kiss. Get over yourself. Don't let this go to your head, but I do actually like your vest.


Have you considered folding up (or tuckingin( the dress in some way to shorten it so that you can experiment with more bottom garments? That would give you additional variety as the looks are having similar overtones at the moment. Also wearing it open might be an option.

sweetrw tagged this like it

I love that you are experiementing with different things coming out from under the dress. Skirts, pants, etc. Very cool. that read is nice too

Anonymous tagged this Brave

@ 'air' it's London Fashion Week air kissing is a must!!

Samantha tagged this Amazing

I read about what you are doing in my "Body and Soul" magazing. Looks like your a very creative person. Good luck :)

sarah tagged this Cute

sooooo cute i love it!!!!!!!!!

britt tagged this Hot

I want that vest!


The vest is fabulous!

m tagged this Perfect

once again, love love love love love i love it all because black white and red are the best colors ever

Lindsay tagged this Whimsical

It's an interesting ensamble, I just don't favor the red skirt. But, I do love your little pout :)

scary. tagged this rebelcountycouture.

rockin your rebel county colours again loveens! class.

BethBG tagged this fantastic

love love love!!!

mm tagged this A: New York Times

(silly joke in the tag, sorry)BUT, how could someone say the skirt doesn't fit?! it's there as an accent (and the "fit" is impossible to see), no? maybe it's just semantics. if they're saying they don't like it, it doesn't "fit" with the rest of the ensemble, that's fine. diff strokes. mind you, they're wrong. because it's an incredible creation, one of your best.


That is so cool:) So cute ans creative:)

Mariah tagged this Knot for the Timid

While not usually inclined to 2nd comments in a day, props to previous post that "air kisses" are de rigueur. Fashion Week is the best of culture and performance -- be dramatic! It's art! It's theatre! Even when/if we don't like it . . . And, most of all, it's FUN!

Anneka tagged this In love!


Anonymous tagged this Cute

crazy cool vest. could do without the red skirt.

Sammy tagged this Fantastic

everyday you hit the nail on the head perfectly!

SammyQ tagged this Fantastically brilliant!



love how the textures are all coordinated (headband, vest)!

holly tagged this cool

bet you put the fashionistas to shame

Esther tagged this Hot

My favourite one yet! well done :)

Louise tagged this Like Snow White

Comes off as a bit of cosplay or something but workable. Cute.

Payal tagged this Wow!

The bright red peeking out from under the black dress is simply stunning! The white stockings and black shoes give it that touch of innocence. Love it! Love the headband.

Irene tagged this Whimsical loveee

So cute, interesting and really coordinated. The vest is really cool.

Irene tagged this Whimsical loveee

So cute, interesting and really coordinated. The vest is really cool.

elisabeth tagged this Batty

you like you got tangled up in the rigging of a sailing boat. (Still love your form though! :-))

Nina- Braids and Bows tagged this Cute

This vest is gorgeous... http://braids-and-bows.blogspot.com/

what the tagged this


pixelated tagged this awesome

I love it!!!

Jill in Maryland tagged this Shriekin' on the Street

Smashing, the skirt & headband really pop. Love your project--it's inspiring!

sarahJ tagged this Cute

i like the hair thingy, is it a curtain tie ?

Mariam tagged this Cute

my favorite color combination

Tojo & Sibi tagged this Hot

You have that funny pose in that fashionable dress.The knitwear is very nice.The colour-combination is hot.


Best example of Narcissistic personality disorder!

rainbow dash tagged this adorable

I love it! So adorable!

Adriana tagged this Cute

Ótima idéia!!!! Adorei os look's!


Love the Vest. Not such a fan of the red skirt. Maybe if it didnt have the side slits it would look more like a garment than a loin cloth! Plus the eye make-up's a little too much with the rest of the boldness going on in the outfit. Can't believe i'm critisising! I think yourfab for your mission!