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March 10

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Day 318. Sun, March 14 2010

Rip Rig & Panic

Upcycled t-shirt turned into a tunic wrap from the Etsy Labs session we did in December with Generation T. Vintage floral Doc Martens from eBay. Hand-painted bangles made and donated by the children of Akanksha which will be up for bid at our upcoming auction.
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Just checking it out and today pops up - sweet. Love the scarf/tights colors, love the shoes, love it.


love all the blues! cute bangles!


that t-shirt looks way better as a tunic wrap. love the bangles, love the bright colours. happy sunday


colors are beautiful on u.......

Payal tagged this What's up Doc?

Love the Doc Martens! They're like an instant cool-kid shoes! Can't believe you wore that tunic as a t-shirt once! That should be the theme of the next LBD Friday - do something radical! Attention-grabbing, mind-blowing, norm-breaking spectacular style! Once that's done, who won't be inspired to up our bidding for the auction!

Kat Marsay tagged this Only you

Today I celebrated the Saint Patrick's day parade and I was wondering whether you would be wearing green this Wednesday, (the actual Saint Paddy's Day). Looking forward to finding out. Also love the bangles, will be keeping an eye out for them on ebay x

Adelheid tagged this you're my kind of climate

Way cute and colorful bangles from the kids! And what a perfect way to integrate them into this combo of blue-sky-flower-meadow, aquamarine water tights and neon-squid necklace. Pretty sure Andrea Oliver would have worn the latter on her head though :)

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Anonymous tagged this Hot

This is totally awesome - ultra-violet meets aqua-MARINE!

zoe tagged this electric

love these doc martens and tights!

Christian tagged this tunic-less

Now I'm loving what you've done with the t-shirt, but ... "tunic wrap"? How is that a tunic? And what is it wrapping? I'd go with "pleasantly confused scarf", or perhaps just "y'know, some crazy UP shit". xx

Nick tagged this Hot

Today's outfit is artfully basic, but absolutely jaw-dropping




I cannot decide if the bracelets or the shoes are my favorite part of this one. :)

Daisy tagged this Cute

Love it. Brightens up the rotten-weather day.

Sass tagged this funky

This is kinda funky! Looking forward to the upcoming auction and you know we need photos of auction winners once they receive their new get up!

christine tagged this spring is in the wear

ah, the etsy lab session - the exact time that i saw you live and was convinced that this was an amazing idea that i just had to do myself. thanks for your amazing inspiration. love today's combo, esp. the bracelets - it definitely says "spring forward"!

Jessica tagged this Hot

Love it!

claire tagged this awesome

awesome wrap, might have to upcycle my old tees :)

Irene tagged this cool.

I can only see the former t-shirt as a scarf, but it looks good! Love those docs.

bb tagged this ultra cool

Nice Docs. Your outfit totally emotes my feelings for this Spring. Everything's just so exciting! Btw, can I have those bracelets? Pretty Please... ;)

elisabeth tagged this love the boots!


ammakke tagged this flowers for spring?

you make me feel "It is spring again"...Love the Akanksha kids's Floral Bangles & those boots are gorgeous!

ruby tagged this Cute

want the bangles... must have them!

Sarah tagged this Spring



OH MY GOODNESS, I WANT THOSE DOCS SO VERY VERY BADLY. Definitely a great, cheerful outfit.

Isabelle tagged this Cute

You're a genius Sheena! Thank you for your smile,for the colours,for the ideas and for the kids!

Icky* tagged this Hot

ah! gorgeous. love the shoes n necklace!

Walt Whitman tagged this The glory of expression!

You are so much sunshine to the square inch!

Eithne tagged this Cute

Don't know if that's what you were going for, but the t-shirt thingie looks like splashes of paint someone threw on you! Yes, it looks that carefree!

Davy tagged this Astute

i like the colors, maybe i borrow sometime.

peppercherry tagged this Cute

For the past 10 years or so I had this passing desire to own a pair of Doc Martens every now and again...but always shrugged it off as an extravagant expense...when I saw your totally cute ornamental ones today, I logged into ebay and taaadaaa - I am now the owner of a bright red pair vintage pair with lightblue dots on it...yeah :)

wasabipear tagged this Meow Mix

The return of Intergalactic Space Kitten! Doc Marten would be proud.

Leni tagged this Artsy

My favorite outfit this month! I love the bright colors and patterns :) The blue in this is gorgeous!!!

carissa tagged this punk rock

could use diff boots good outfit

Nana Soma tagged this Performing blue

Coming directly from Avatar's blue and those sea creatutes of McQueen's last perfoming show, this look shines and brights someone's day!

Cynthia tagged this A slice of sky~

Love the colors, the scarf and the bracelets, the sneak-boots are hot.

Rae! tagged this Hot

<3 it!

Anonymous tagged this Batty

WOW amazinggg bangles. i would love to be tangled in that tunic wrap!


love the docs


Hihi Your idea seemed incredible, yet I am wondering whether you do notice that you have made lots of wastes because of your conservative project?! In order to give a fresh image, you need to add more accessories to decorate your dress...Is it worth to our environment?? So curious!!

rachel tagged this Fresh

so funky and adorable! aahh i love it!


Looking forward to finding out. Also love the bangles, will be keeping an eye out for them on ebay x online degrees | online high school diploma | college degree

ollison tagged this Brave

Pretty sure Andrea Oliver would have worn the latter on her head though :) honorary degree | accredited degree

Yearson tagged this Cute

The blue brings this outfit to life. The bangles really add something special, like printplace discount coupon usually does for design.