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December 09

This day belongs to yoginimaria.
"I heart this project and you are really a piece of magic Sheena! Love from Yoginimaria in bliss with my brand new dress!!"
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Day 242. Mon, December 28 2009

Return of the Ragamuffin

Vintage hat and suede boots from eBay, thrifted skirt, printed knee highs from Sockman, and braided yarn neckwear donated by Abigail and Lesley of Urban Knitfits. See more from Urban Knitfits at urbanknitfits.etsy.com.

4 days to the New Year, when eBay's offer to match your dollar ends. Have you donated yet?


myriam tagged this Cute

I love your outfit. Keep up the great work!


Very cute.

pop. tagged this Cute

I really like this! Good job :)

Irene tagged this Hot

I love this outfit, it looks so fun.

Mara tagged this Cute

Those socks/tights are adorable. This whole look is just plain cute.


I don't think I could walk around with all that hanging around my neck - but it looks cute on you. Love the boots and socks.

Bryn. tagged this Cute

Interesting, but I like :)

holly tagged this mighty necklace!

The two-tiered "hem" of this outfit is very appealing, as is the bleeding of colour from black to beige on your legs. I always love the arm warmers, are they also from sockdreams?


Thanks Holly. I don't remember where I got the arm warmers from to be honest. Have owned them for years!

moon tagged this Cute

awww love the outfit...perfect with some reggae music.

Jezz tagged this Hot

amé las calcetas!!! i luv it... cute outfit

abigail tagged this balanced

love your act of balance......balancing a conservative silhouette achieved through the addition of a more lenghthy black skirt.......then, combined w/ a funky/artsy/non-conformist style.....love this look!!!

Anonymous tagged this Cute

girly but you shouldn't have included the brown and blue braided yarn and maybe a little more pink

Dee tagged this AWESOME

Beautifully done...wouldn't change a thing!

md tagged this hmn

I like it, including the braided yarn, but if you look at it sideways it does look disturbingly like a decommissioned noose.....!

Nana Soma tagged this Cute

The look is all about the colors of the neckwear and the knee highs.

Linda from SA tagged this Cute

Snap! The socks and braided neckpiece seem to have been made for each other! Perfect match.

DubDub tagged this Cute

Ooh! How cute! Very 'sleepy' look, in a sense. Comfortable to look at, and I'm sure it's very comfy to wear, right? The braided scarf is the clincher for me, though I'd fashion it probably a bit differently. Overall, kawaii!

Nadege tagged this gallery opening outfit

most excellent.

ammakke tagged this brave

Cute outfit..totally agree with Josie,only U could blend these together so well.Love those kneehighs.BTW the answer to ur question..."yes".

piang tagged this Cute

good idea !

safali tagged this Cute

glad to see such a nice combination! love the colours and it looks worm - you can even wear it here today. Hi from snowy Belarus!


Ilove the nonchalance you exude! You can be in my movie any day! @md go eassy on the caffeine!!!

Oré tagged this Hot

Very fun!

anastasia tagged this i don't have a tag

why is it always you?

Chanique tagged this Cute

Love the pink in the braided neckwear. Actually, I love the whole look!!!


@ Anastasia Have you stopped taking your tablets again?

Gina tagged this Cute

You look like a model in these pictures! Love the outfit.

Aceof Hearts tagged this Beautifully put

I also wondered where you got your armwarmers... following your example I am putting together a one trick outfit - a black and blue dress I own with different accessories - I checked sockdreams but they have got nothing plain that would do the job. thank you for being such an inspiration!

Ginah tagged this One of MY top 10s

OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is definetly one of my top 10s. I LLLLLLLOOOOOOOVVVVVVEEEEEE it so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Canadian cheryl tagged this Cute

I absolutely love this outfit. The shots of colour around the neck and in the tights pulls it all together and you look so cute, and yet taller (??). Just when you think, can you get any better, you go ahead and do it! Don't know if I could pull off the neckwear but you make it look so natural!

Michelle tagged this Cute

Very cool!

Linda tagged this Cute

Very colorful! I love how the sox mirror the colors of the yarn neckwear. I'm also happy to see a bit of a longer length! When I purchase this dress, I hope it will be available in knee length! :-D


i love love love those necklaces and boots

Austen tagged this Unique

ahaha :) i love it!!!

Abigail tagged this Hot

Love the Outfit! But of course I'm biased, since we made the necklaces! thanks for showing them off, so cool! and visit our etsy shop for your very own!

Sarah O'Toole tagged this Cute

Quirky - I like it! The neckwear is neat but you'd have to be so careful not to hang yourself with it!