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November 09

This day belongs to Sass.
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Day 214. Mon, November 30 2009

Red and white dynamite

Sporting native Cork colors in a traditional irish knit donated by Scary, headband worn as neck scarf donated by Stephanie Kao, thrifted leg warmers, weathered boots from eBay and hand knit wool beret donated by Ten Thousand Villages.
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Lexy. tagged this Brave

Love it!

Laura tagged this Cute

Love the socks, so cute! Are they from Sockdreams as usual?

Windsor tagged this Hot

Very cute, one of my favs

ammakke tagged this fighter

Red & White, Ready To Fight?? Yes,another five months to go. right? well done!!Keep fighting U.P....Love today's color combo.Smart...

iLsEoRt tagged this Fant-rustic!

Love red, ivory and browns!

Mara tagged this adorable

This is adorable! You remind me of a mushroom from Mario. So cute. Love the tights/socks combo, and the hat, and the neck scarf.

Anonymous tagged this Cozy

So cozy!! Love the red tights with the leg-warmers and boots. :)

Janice tagged this Cute

So wearable. Love the hat and the pop of red. Great!

Mariah tagged this Cute

Hurrah for the red tights again! Like the multiples textures (subtle) and balance of browns (hat & boots).

kc tagged this pretty dang cute

Ah, those boots are back!

holly tagged this global groove

go go girl!


Love how the patterns on the leg warmers & "scarf" seem to tie together. Also love the vest!!

bb tagged this Try Harder

i don't like anything from the neck down. the pieces are great individually, but together it's all a hot mess. sorry.

Dee tagged this Cute

Like the houndstooth

abigail tagged this :)))))

awesome.....u r an inspiration for everyone.......i want to meet u one day.....

Anonymous tagged this Try Harder

No likey

anna banana tagged this Cute

adorably stylish. Can't wait for the dress to be on sale so I can add my spin on it :)

SmileeMum tagged this Cute

Love it...: )

Linda from SA tagged this Cute

Yes! Outfits definitely work better for me when there is a bit of repetition in colour schemes or patterns within the ensemble. A surprise within the combination, like the red stockings, work here because the colour contrasts well with the other colours used. This makes for a well put together outfit, without it becoming dull or predictable.

Marina tagged this fuzzy knits

houndstooth leg warmers.. love!

psycho fan tagged this red and white alright.

loves it.

Kio tagged this Hot

Yes,Do it

Payal tagged this Cute

Awesome leg warmers+tights+boots combo. I just bought my first 2 pairs of coloured tights...very excited!

elisabeth tagged this groovy!

bazonkers crazy cat

Kat Solo tagged this Claudia (from the BSC)

Which means i love it =).

Hilary tagged this Try Harder

Honestly Sheena, I don't really like this outfit too much! The cream sweater vest just makes it look ugly.

Sarah tagged this Cute

i love the leg warmers with red tights!

Anonymous tagged this Brave

Love those red tights!


It seems some of the buttons of the top are missing!? I like the houndstooth leg warmers in combinati0n with the red tights. Not so thrilled about the beret though.

kc tagged this On second thought...

...are those the same boots as Nov. 16?? Anyone? If not, both are fantastic and I want them.

sarah tagged this okay

i <3 this outfit with out the shoes!

scared tagged this likes like

Is this now the Scary project?

moon tagged this interesting

it's very different...brave for sure

Karen tagged this Cute

You're late! I can't finish my day until I see what you've done with yours!

Karen tagged this Cute

I bought the beret!

maedbh tagged this Hot

woo ! i was going to say i love your sweater vest and then i saw it was irish. on the irish ! :) love your warderobe.

Anonymous tagged this Hot

always and forever a fan! love the ensemble.

Sabrina tagged this Giddy-up horsey!

Yeehaw Sheena! Howdy partner! -just kidding, lol. I'm not meaning to be rude or anything.