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May 09

This day belongs to Michele.
"Finally ethical fashion is no longer an oxymoron!"
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Day 22. Fri, May 22 2009

Ready for the long weekend.

Thrifted choker from Junk! and belt from Etsy. Platforms found 2 summers ago at a boutique in brooklyn, the name of which fails me at the mo.


__ tagged this Hot

Sassy lassie!

Shuchi tagged this Classy

Soho Chic ;)

Anna tagged this Chanel Perfume


Elena tagged this Brave

My favorite!

Jeanne B. tagged this Hot

Love the big belt!

Jenny tagged this Hot

I love this one! what cute lacy socks!

Brandy tagged this Sharp

Love the necklace and belt together. The dress really looks different belted.

eldub tagged this Hot

damn, i love what you do with leggings!!

Skeeter tagged this Straw hat!

Something about this makes me think of Summer trips. Would be great stepping off a plane in the Carribean. I love the way the browns play with the black and white.


pardon my spelling....

RogueTess tagged this Cute

Great accessories. Shoes, not so much.

Amy C.

This is adorable. When I happened upon your site, I was so skeptical, but these outfits all look really different. Cool idea! Good luck with the project.

Lynn tagged this Hot

Awesome grown up look.

Kathy tagged this Hot

L O V E Love it!

Julia tagged this Hot

i love it! the big buckle on the belt is my favourite. it's good because it can go from dressy to cass perfect outfit ensemble well done


Love it!

RDL tagged this Hot


Caterina tagged this Brilliant

In my top five. I found out about your blog from mental floss and i am addicted!

Anonymous tagged this arty

Lacy sockettes? I WANT them! :)

Anonymous tagged this Hot

this one i could get into!

Carly tagged this Hot

Super classy

Rhonda tagged this Cute

I want this dress!

Anonymous tagged this classy

love the leggings.

barbara tagged this Top Three - LOVE THIS!

It's day 71 today and I am looking back at the "View by Month" page. This one is on Top 3 list for sure. Absolutely love this look.



Jennifer Rose

Sheena - where did you get those socks and leggings?? (And the donation link is broken...)

Addie tagged this Hot

Gasp! This outfit is to DIE for!

Hillary Heydle tagged this Hot

simply beautiful!

Anonymous tagged this Sexy, gotta look twice

Yesterday's purple look was perfect.. but you've outdone yourself. Props!!

Anonymous tagged this Hot

So fresh.

lily tagged this Try Harder

like the shoes and choker everything else blaaa

laney tagged this Cute

you look very anna wintour in this pic.

Jannie tagged this Chic

Just elegant! Wonderful textures!

Rachel tagged this Chic

The shoes! Oh the shoes! :)

Ulumuri tagged this Hot

Oooh, I love this.

annonymous tagged this Cute

love it! This stlye is so much more flattering and attractive on you.

Maya tagged this Very cool :D

Love it!

Daniella tagged this Beautiful

Amazing belt

SINACALL0624 tagged this Hot

luv luv luv the leggings...Viva la leggings!!

Manon tagged this Wonderful.

Very simple and classy. LOVE IT. Love the socks :D

Elspeth tagged this perfect

oh wow! Love everything about it

ken tagged this smokin'