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June 09

This day belongs to Pamela Goldsteen.
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Day 81. Mon, July 20 2009


Rubber necklace cut by waterjet created by Nervous System bought at the '09 Renegade craft fair, Brooklyn. Visit Nervous System's Etsy store at nervoussystem.etsy.com. Vintage purple denim skirt from Old Hollywood and pumps from eBay.


Cort tagged this Cute

I ADORE this necklace! A+ Have a happy Monday!

Britgirl tagged this Brave

Wow, love the rubber necklace. A bit plain, but good.

Connie Wilen tagged this Cute

What a very clever idea...and one could change the look of it in so many clever ways...

ammakke tagged this Try Harder

love the necklace, not sure about the denim skirt though. don't look so sad... u r lovey!God bless!

Mariah (was "Juneau") tagged this Modern 50s

Lukewarm about the necklace, but LOVE the purple skirt and shoes with the dress. Creative!

Camilla tagged this Cute

Love the skirt and shoes together. You need a purple scarf or something at the neck to tie it together. Even a purple brooch.

lizzny tagged this Brave

The necklace is adorable and the skirt is so creative!

Natacha C. tagged this Nice!

I like the necklace!

Irene tagged this Cute

Nice necklace.

annie tagged this Hot

this is such a sophisticated outfit...definitely one of my top five so far!

Beth tagged this Okay

Ummm . . . it's alright. Like the skirt and pumps, though.

A Follower tagged this Kawaii!

The necklace is awesome~ The entire outfit goes together really well, actually. Keep it up! ^.^

dinky tagged this Brave

Love the necklace

Katrina tagged this Cute

I like a lot this Uniform project of yours. It`s such an great idea! Nice to see someone really cares : ))

Cynthia tagged this classy lady

oh, quite the lady, eh? rubber necklace is too awesome, looks so delicate.

Sara tagged this Classy

You always make such a statement with the shoes! :)

barbara tagged this Wow!


frieda406 tagged this Cute

like the entire look.

Lauren tagged this professional

I absolutly adore the dress, this is a wonderful and unique fundraiser your doing. How lovely!

Martha Bergin tagged this Brave

Kudos to you, girl! I'm spreading the word: http://communitybuilder.gaia.com/blog/2009/7/the-uniform-project#comment_426656

Donna Bolliger tagged this Cute

Great idea!! Just Love It!!!

X tagged this Hot

Fabulous outfit!! Wonderful necklace!! :)

Anonymous tagged this SImply Stunning!

Sheena, your creativity knows no bounds! You are becoming a zen master of "simplicity that makes a statement." Let's call it "Statement Simplicity". Love today's choices!

Lily tagged this Lovely

One of my favorites so far. The way the skirt and shoes tie together is perfection, and the necklace just pops!

bmax tagged this Cute

This is a wonderful project. Don't love the necklace, but it does pop out and catches the eye.

RogueTess tagged this Cute

Cute! I love the skirt under the skirt variation.

Inspired by The Project tagged this What a Dame!

Glamorous from head to toe!

Elizabeth Jones tagged this Elegant

Hey - you look elegant! We love your necklace. My sister and I just realized you could be changing into jeans and a T shirt after youve taken the photo! Only joking. Keep up your amazing work. X


I just found your blog, and MY GOD I'm so impressed! You're doing it for such a great cause, and you're looking amazing while doing it!

helee tagged this Cute

very unique, love the necklace march to your own drummer go girl

Millie tagged this Hot

I love your blog. That necklace is really pretty.

Mayan tagged this Hot

Hi lovely lady, you are unquestionably one of those beings who didnt forget what you were sent here for. When new borns pass me in the hallways I always say to them..."DON'T FORGET WHAT YOU CAME HERE FOR!" IM SO HAPPY TO HAVE DISCOVERED U. MICHAEL JACKSON LEFT BUT YOU'RE HERE... YOU ARE AN AWESOME ANGEL KEEP GOING ON YOUR END AND I IN MINE..


Oh!!! Forgot to say that you are a true creator in many ways...Taking that one dress to many styles is a great thing... Only few can do that.


sheena..also forgot to mention that I would like to buy that dress from your friend.. Wow that would be another way to donations!! Anyway.. if it is possible to have this dress..which I love...I would like to know how... thanks

Mayan tagged this Hot

Oh email... maycame7@aol.com is where I can be reached. You're great

LV Girl

Love the necklace, love the shoes, don't like the denim skirt.

Carly from NZ tagged this Mahhhvelous

Love all of it...but I can imagine this outfit becoming truly transcendent with some kind of pouffy knee-length crinoline underskirt instead of the relatively plain denim? The necklace kind of suggests old-skool 50's glam in a stylised way...love it.


What are you holding in your hand? You are such a cute model!!

Laura Daly tagged this Miss Sophisticate

Great necklace. Overall, very elegant.


Anonymous – thats the wireless remote with which I take the daily photos.

Anonymous tagged this Cute

This whole thing is SO fabulous! it is insperational fundraising wise and fashion wise... I REALLY want one of those dresses! can you please sell them? xoxo

Nikki tagged this Pretty damn coooool

Awesome necklace. Spider-webness. I like the colour of the skirt and shoes. Pretty.

tacy tagged this yauck


Bri tagged this classy

I just stumbled upon your site via another. What a brilliant way to raise awareness! Today's outfit is particularly classy. :)

Carmen tagged this Hot

yup, that's it!!! looove it.


love the necklace, but I would have saved it for your white-diamond cut-out cropped tights and lacy additions. The denim skirt/shoes/belt would have been perfect on their own.

V! tagged this Cute

Lovely necklace!

Kendall tagged this Hot

I love this outfit! Its so simple and cute!

Maria tagged this Cute

Very creative necklace piece. Love the length with the cobalt hounds tooth underskirt. (is the black dress length becoming shorter due to shrinkage?)

hhh tagged this Hot

wow that necklace is gorgeous. I've never seen anything like that!

Addie tagged this Hot

I like this look. The necklace is really cool/

Nikki tagged this Try Harder

Meh not digging this one


elegant because of the skirt and shoes

LoBeLa tagged this Love the Belt

No one mentioned the belt? That's because it looks like it just belongs with the outfit.

Ady Cavalcante -Brasil tagged this Cute


Anonymous tagged this Cute


Greenday tagged this Cute

Love the necklace, not so much the shoes. Ganar dinero

Mandy tagged this Cute

You look great in that dress. I saw a similar dress http://www.rapidsloth.com/Nero.html but your one is much nicer.

Mandy tagged this Hot

You look great in that dress. I saw a similar dress Nero rapidshare but your one is much nicer.