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February 10

This day belongs to Rebekah Nordstrom.
"Even though this was mourning attire, I was so inspired by this look, I reproduced it with a pink plaid vintage dress. I have never been so complimented on my style. Love it!"
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Day 287. Thu, February 11 2010

R.I.P McQueen

A creative giant is no longer among us. With respect to his legacy and a nod to all the inspiration he offered us over the years, we'd like to thank him. He will not be forgotten.
Alexander McQueen 1969 - 2010 >


Payal tagged this Goodbye McQueen.

What a sad end to such a classy designer. What a classy look to respect it.

holly tagged this respect

I would be wearing black too, but just about to head off to 10 hr shoot in the sun, and it's 30+ Celsius degrees here in Sydney. Such a huge loss to the world of design and inspiration.

Michelle tagged this Classy

You look fabulous, as usual, and what a way to honor a great man... the plaid dress is perfect. Fan or not, in the fashion world, there is not one heart that isn't mourning. Long live McQueen.

Tina tagged this the sads

He was a creative genius. It's so sad to hear that he took his own life.

Heidi tagged this Spot On

RIP Mr McQueen - a sad day for fashion and your family and friends. xx

judith tagged this classy


Scully tagged this oh, my.

His loss has made me numb, but not really. I have looked up to him always. He was such a kind, shy, gentle creature with a set of you know what that I wish more people had. Intense loss.

anonymous tagged this Cute

so sad...but still stylish


I'm sorry for the loss to the fashion world - always very interesting shows! Plaid dress is perfectly understated.

moon tagged this Cute

a very classy outfit to show respect for McQueen; he would be honored.

Francesca tagged this Cute

Sorry about Alexander McQueen but i love the checked dress. You should wear more of them.

Britgirl tagged this Sad, but classy

Oh, how sad.What a tragic loss when he had some much to offer. But 1 more kid is in school!

Pear Picker tagged this Respectable

Dude, I cryed.


Forever an Inspiration. I'll be forever in adoration. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V_HHa8T6xQo&feature=related

new yorker tagged this RIP. MCQ.

@Pear Picker. moi aussi.

Morgane tagged this Gorggeous Life

my wardobe had ure labels everywhere....the clothes just arent gonna be the same without...you

Anonymous tagged this Try Harder

Great outfit!!! why just one pic? the dude after all took his own life..it's not like he died of an incurable disease trying to save little children in Peru!!!?



Lulu tagged this Perfect

What a tragic end to such a creative mind. RIP, your inspiration lives on.

Irene tagged this solem

the perfect outfit to respect an amazing designer.

Chicago tagged this Perfect

Tartan, of course...


just :o(

ammakke tagged this "sorrow shared"

Sad to hear about the tragic end of such a talented personality.....Wonder Y??

Viv tagged this He'd be proud

Very appropriate. He was so talented, and to think he used to be a cab driver. Wherever he is I hope he's happy :'(

Linda tagged this Brave

So very sad about Alexander. He will be greatly missed. You look wonderful today, Sheena.

peggy tagged this Cute

I love it.


One of my faves- I love it when you wear the dress as a long "jacket."

B tagged this very fitting

beautiful tribute

christine tagged this a solemn nod

another legend gone too soon...hopefully he's found peace now. his masterpieces will live forever through the soul he put into them while he was here on this earth.

Sai tagged this And Peace be With you.

A fitting tribute to a genius.

Pro-Portional Designs tagged this RIP McQueen

An excellent hommage

Cynthia tagged this sophisticated lady

oh my gosh - luv!

Manon tagged this <3

='( I love this outfit. You look amazing.

Bronwyn tagged this Sad and Adorable

Hey Sheena! Sorry about the loss. But on the bright side, your outfit is extremely adorable.

Laura tagged this Appropriate

Love the singular image tribute. This image sums it up all by itself.

Kylie tagged this tidy!

I like this, tidy and classic

Peggy F. tagged this Sad

It's sad, but I love your outfit. Great job!