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November 09

This day belongs to Tracyb.
"Black, white and grey - so cute!"
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Day 213. Sun, November 29 2009

Putumayo department

Batwing jumper donated by Scary, headband donated by Stephanie Kao, tights from Sockdreams and pumps from eBay.


Mariah tagged this Photo Op Day

Great photo!, re composition with the colors/stripes.


love these 'on location' shots! ace outfit, as ever. x

abigail tagged this :)))))

3rd photo's the charm....love the geometric patterns.....very cool look.....happy thanksgiving sheena!!!

moon tagged this Batty

so many patterns that are complimentary!

Adddddie tagged this Hot

Omg, How Cool!

amal tagged this Brave

le fond fait un super effet

holly tagged this '80s all over again

hmmm... a bit '80s, the decade fashion forgot. Still, it all seems to work in this picture. Just hope to never see that batwing jumper again, it is indeed Scary.

Tara tagged this Hot

Awesome! I love it! Do I see a little Islandic influence?

Sam tagged this Right!

Ace! Love the tights and the shoes meshing together especially!


Like it : )

Payal tagged this Funky!

Haha loving the headband! Hot background! But that jumper looks so cool! And by cool I mean you look like you could break into the running man any sec!

iLsEoRt tagged this stripes

Love all the pics outdoors!

wasabipear tagged this Bust a Move

(in the Putamayo department of course)

Taiwan people

I am a Taiwan people, saw your method, I admire.


love the tights & shoes!

Irene tagged this Geometric hotness.

i like the third picture the best. While I love the outfit, I think I would had preferred it without the headband, or at least have it worn a different way.

bb tagged this runway worthy

only you can make such combinations work. i admire you.

ammakke tagged this artistic geometry

Not a breat fan of theBatwin jumper, but you make a possible with the right background, the stripes'n colors working together so beautifully.Love those tights & you look "cozy".

elisabeth tagged this Batty

80s bad batwings open them up and fly away


Loooooooove this! Hair looks great like that and love the batwing jumper.

Dee tagged this Batty

I think this would be less funny without the headband. But the background makes up for it. Good try.

Joel Patrick


Linda from SA

$31 331! And today (tomorrow for you in the USA) is the 30th of the 11th month! Quite a lot of 3's and 1's in there!


@Mariah - do you ever dislike anything Sheena wears? Or do you just really enjoy kissing her ass? She has some nice outfits, but this one is pretty atrocious. I applaud the cause, however.


@Lloyd. First, don't be rude. This is not the appropriate forum. Second, my comments are my opinion -- not yours. I usually focus on the positive aspects of The Uniform Project, particularly as it is primarily about raising money to help education, NOT self-promotion by people who comment. Whether I like the outfits is not the point . . . Third, I didn't comment on her outfit today -- I commented on the photo op. Any other questions that I can help you with?

scary. tagged this la moda pronta.

@tara.. no ísland, milano si..


i'm liking the poncho and change of background:)i am actually in love with the jumper poncho thing you got going on! keep up your amazing work, and feel very proud of these outfits and achievements. you must be an amazing person for doing this.

Bronwyn tagged this street style

This is a very interesting outfit. I love it though!That white sweater thing is very cute.

lau-ra tagged this Cute

i know this isn't the point but i love the background setting!

Sabrina tagged this -^_^-

Lol i like yer face in picture 3 :"]