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April 10

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"spring begins beautifully"
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Day 316. Fri, March 12 2010

Purple on the prairie

Vintage bonnet, lace-up boots and suede belt from eBay, sock combo from Sockdreams and copper necklace with pendant made out of discarded library books from Pretty Silly Things.

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rosalafae tagged this Mixed

The bonnet is ridiculous and far too costume. Other than that, I love the whole layering thing going on.

Kay tagged this Adorable.

Are you sure you're not Mother Nature's human representative sent to tell us that it's finally Spring? Adorable.

Daisy tagged this Cute

I love this. The dress over that skirt is beautiful, and I like the way the blue kinda matches the skirt. The belt is weird, but it looks great. The socks are great, and I adore those boots. The necklace is simple, and perfect with the outfit. The bonnet is a little freaky, but it gives it that special Uniform Project touch.


somedays your outfits, when the page first opens, make me involuntarily say something out loud, in a good way. today was one of those day. Love the look.


very beautiful. Yep, something i would love to wear.


Love this combo & the fuschia colors!! and the hat with the peeking flowers!


can't get the link above for Auction to work....

Anneka tagged this aubergine perfect

Love that idea for the necklace - reusing at its best!!! and also loving the colour palette. it is aubergine perfect

babz tagged this Cute

looks like someone has a bee in their Easter bonnet.

Anonymous tagged this Cute

I LOVE !!!

Tally's Place tagged this lovely

That bonnet is NOT ridiculous nor costumey. I love this outfit and the colors. And it's entirely appropriate since Merlin Olsen (Jonathan Garvy on "Little House on the Prairie" passed yesterday.) Keep up the good work, Sheena.

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Pfft to the "too costume" comments... this is adorable, and true street style.

gruvee tagged this Cute

Adorable! Love the mix of colours and textures. Springy and sweet. My only critique = the bonnet doesn't sit well with me.

Noa tagged this Cute

wow! it is so pretty

LR tagged this Cute

My favourite, for sure. I didn't think I could ever pick a fav, but here it is!



Regina tagged this Cute

Curious and curiouser...


Wow, so cute! I love that style.

elisabeth tagged this Cute

pretty girl! loved this picture when it popped up today. the colours are sweet.

ammakke tagged this nostalgia

Oh, Sheena, You remind me so much of " The Little house on the Prairie "which was one of my favourites!!!And the perfection in the color combo!!The look is absolutely adorable!!Without diminishing the uniqueness of the LBD You accessorised everything so well...Have a peaceful wk.end..The pink socks & the cute skirt are my favourites today..

elisabeth tagged this sock factor

1 dress. BUT how many pair socks/ stockings/ tights/ leggings ?! At the end of the project you MUST let us know. And when you do, I promise to up my donations by the 'sock factor'!!!!

Irene tagged this bleh

The layering is nice, but the bonnet is not really doing it for me.

Mia tagged this Wonderful

Gorgeous mix of colours in this one. Am definitely taking note! I absolutely love your boot collection. These and the ones from the 9th are my favourites. I haven't been able to get online for a while since being in Kenya but I loved catching up with the last 10 days of outfits. All look fabulous. The link for the auction isn't working for me but you'll probably find me in an internet cafe bidding on accessories once I find out when it is. Hope I don't miss it!


oh...this class...:)

tlr tagged this argyle awesome

I love everything about this! Most of all I love the double skirt created perfectly by the shape of that belt


LOVE IT! Something about the colors and layers put together. Great job!

Eithne tagged this Bravo

I'm so overjoyed with this combo today that I insist it finds a way into world politics. Like, now. And i know it says 'Little House on the Prairie' to most, but to me it's a very European city gypsy number - like you've done everything from photographing the rooftops to writing a poem and feeding the sparrows amidst the kind architecture of the Austro-Hungarian empire.

christine tagged this smartly dressed

love the colours in this, especially the skirt. and anything to do with library books makes my heart skip a beat 'cause i'm nerdy like that.

ANONYMOUS tagged this pretty!

OH yes! I love the socks! And the purple in the skirt is beautiful

tina tagged this 4

It's great! The only thing I would change would be the shoes and hat

RogueTess tagged this Hot

Delightful! I love every piece.

Linda tagged this Hot

How cute! Love the plums and mulberrys - it looks rich and vintage!

Anonymous tagged this Cute

I really like this outfit.


Sorry about the broken link to the auction details! its fixed now, click away.

Anonymous tagged this Cute

It gives me some inspiration for tomorrow morning!

Sarah tagged this Try Harder

Remove had and weird pink socks over your awesome leggings, and this one is awesome. The pink socks are hideous.


Fantastic multi layer socks. Love the colors over and under!

ruby tagged this Cute

love love love this outfit!

Jett tagged this Batty

Where does live woman live? I wouldn't be caught dead in these outfits.

moon tagged this Cute

for some reason this reminds me of a russian/turkish doll. adorable.


love all the layers - cute!!


i have a love-hate relationship with this piece...i hate it, yet i love it!! hmmm


why do some not allow others to have their own opinions? Not everybody has to like each ensemble

Rashod tagged this Try Harder

make me involuntarily say something out loud, in a good way. today was one of those day. Love the look. online degree | prior learning degree | honorary degrees


The bonnet is a little freaky, but it gives it that special Uniform Project touch. education degree | online diploma