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June 09

This day belongs to tdschlapp.
"Devlin: Birthday wishes and hopes that you hold onto your fearless sense of style and adventure. I love you! Mama"
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Day 38. Sun, June 07 2009

Preacher's daughter

For Lucy. Vintage velvet brim straw hat and Edwardian era shoes from eBay. Cropped blouse made from an altered cocktail dress from Beacons Closet paired with a vintage bracelet from Old Hollywood.


julie tagged this Cute

How cure! Wish I could pull an outfit together like you do! Looks so effortless.


that was supposed to be cute not cure...

Anonymous tagged this Hot


Lucy Woodward tagged this Hot

Incredible look. I am honored, Sheena.

Anonymous tagged this Try Harder

spider man meets Mrs Simpson, still face close up looks fetching!!!


I love the sexy red tights!


love this


rrrred! sexy/savvy

Anonymous tagged this Hot

BEST outfit yet

charla tagged this Hot

You should've worn this to the Prince's polo match--Chloe ain't got nothin' on you!

Wucy Luudward

Ha! the hat is a bomb! How cool is that!

Anonymous tagged this Hot


Joevakro tagged this Red pepper cute

The Changeling meets cloud city.

cruz tagged this Hot

very sassy!

PeaceBang tagged this Utterly Fabulous

I was just in Paris and this reminds me of the energy and artistic genius of that city.

Sacha tagged this Brave

Love the POP with the red tights!

Anonymous tagged this righteous vintage!



Love the red tights.

Anonymous tagged this Cute

super cute

Jenny tagged this Hot

I love this! Very sassy and fun!

Em tagged this Cute

So cute!!! I love it!

RogueTess tagged this Cute

The cropped blouse is my favorite element.

Kati tagged this Hot


Kati tagged this Hot

PS- Love the hat soooo much.

Olivia tagged this Brave

Where┬┤s the cocktail?! Utterly fabulous

hhh tagged this classy!

love this one. the tights give it color, the jacket gives it texture. adorable. you also worked the hat very well.

Beth tagged this Cute

Like it!

Faira tagged this Brave


Ellie tagged this Beyond Retro

That hat it just a dream. Lovely work.

Anonymous tagged this Brave

i love the cropped blouse! works completely with the hat.

V!V!@N tagged this Cute

Fab color. Fab shoes.

Edward Brodsky tagged this Hot

very cool indeed!!

bibi tagged this Brave

i would prefer black tights and bright red pumps but this works on you. well done.

erina tagged this Cute

love love love the red stockings and straw hat!

Erin tagged this Hot

Love the hat!

Vitaliy tagged this Brave

Love the red

Amanda tagged this Cute

I love this look! Rock on :)

maggie thunder tagged this Batty

one of your best! simply amazing


Looove this. The hat, the shoes, the red...

Anonymous tagged this Hot

love the name of this outfit :)

Mosley tagged this Hot


Sara tagged this Delightful

Classy, classy :)

Chelsea tagged this Hot

That's very HOT!

Nicole tagged this Inspired

This is fabulous. The accessories are all unique yet complementary...and I especially love the blouse

Anonymous tagged this Hot

love the hat and the shoes, with the red and shiny blouse it looks so sexy.

Anonymous tagged this Cute


Addie tagged this Hot

This is sooooooooooooo Hot! I love the hat and the sweater but the tights give it a modern feel so it's not to old fashioned.

Fourth Daughter tagged this Cute

looks like you are off to the horse races in the 1920s or something.. very cute!


very ellegant.

Nameless tagged this Perfection <3

Beautiful. Now if only my feet were small enough to fit into vintage shoes...

arrine tagged this Brave

absolutely wonderful! i wish i had your creativity

Alice tagged this Hot

What a beautiful hat, many beautiful hats in fact

Freya tagged this Hot


G tagged this Hat Rocker

I must say, you rock those hats!


I love all of your different leggings. You must just have thousands and thousands of pairs! They're awesome!

Anonymous tagged this Hot

Very sheek!

Manon tagged this WONDERFUUUL !


RedSkittleLover tagged this Hot

I LOVE the red leggings!