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August 09

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Day 121. Sat, August 29 2009

Power to the Polka

Vintage summer dress donated by Eliza. Suede belt from Etsy.

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Kim tagged this Inspiring

Absolutely stunning! I would never have thought to use a belt this way, but it really works.

Loi Becker tagged this Hot

Gosh! That's my favorite look ever! Congrats! :) I'm from Brazil and I have a fashion blog. I posted about you and the blog there. It's in Portuguese, but please, take a look! www.bhhunter.blogspot.com Thanks!

ettagirl tagged this Fabulous

so fresh. feminine. understated. gold buckle great as sole accent. might have preferred with a different shoe, but simply love the look overall

Kayleigh tagged this extraordinary!

This is extraordinary! Nice new twist you gave it. I would like to wear it!

prutha Raithatha

this is super creative...me likes

Mariah tagged this Stunning!

Another amazing transformation of The Uniform! Love the belt. Love the lines. Might have gone with a different color of shoe . . . Could this be the outfit that pushes donations to $12K today?

RogueTess tagged this Hot

Bold yet romantic!

ammakke tagged this bold& beautiful!

absolutely adorable, looking like an angel.All the best to Sheena & Eliza !

Lindsay tagged this Hot

I love how flirty yet bold this is! Congrats.

Deb tagged this beautiful

in love with the way the belt is positioned.

beinzstalk (NZ) tagged this Stunning

Love the belt reinvention. Agree perhaps another shoe - probably black or navy. Who would ever know the jacket was the uniform. Beautiful spring feel which for us coming out of Winter is fantastic.

heather knight tagged this Gorgeous

ooh, adore the length! makes me want to invite you to my victorian summer picnic and cocktail party

vinamarata tagged this love

oohh i especially like how you've worn your belt!

m tagged this Lovely

Love the dress! also the belt is a great addition

Scully tagged this STUNNING

Hope you are going somewhere super special tonight!---Eliza has some amazing threads! LOVE THIS!

melia tagged this Cute

Very pretty!Lovely combination! Great idea using the belt like this.

Kay tagged this Cute

Fantastic -- perfect for a breezy day!

Cecília tagged this Brave

Gostei. Ficou bastante criativo.

holly tagged this Hot

Love this one, glad the site is back in action; I missed Friday completely

Beth tagged this Cute


Fiona tagged this Hot

I have been checking in on your project for about a week now and this is the first outfit I have been floored by- beautiful.

tara tagged this Hot

I LOVE this! It works so well! I voted for you, I hope everyone else does too!

Jolly M tagged this beautiful

absolutely beauful & stunningly creative.Am I right U can assemble items and produce fantastic outfits in no time like ablink of an eyelid....Congrats to Sheena & Eliza on your new Blog

Lorelei tagged this Hot

Amazing! I love the long flowing dress on you and the creative placement of the belt!

Mi tagged this fabulous

i love this!

G Habib tagged this Cute

Have been following this project for sometime and its not often one can say 'i wish i had thought of that!' Good luck!

Katherine tagged this Cute


joel tagged this Hot


siju augustine tagged this Batty


Petra tagged this Hot


Austen tagged this Vintage

wow! this looks great!

Katharine Tapley tagged this Cute

I never would have thought of putting it with a long dress. You're so clever!

gruvee tagged this Brave

brave and cute. wow... you really have a knack

Le Journal de Chrys


steph tagged this Perfect

Love this one!! Gorgeous!

Anonymous tagged this Cute

I like this look :)

che tagged this for the runway

that is fantastic, perhaps my new favourite.

Anonymous tagged this adorable

loooooooooooooooooove it!

katie tagged this Cute

so loving this, esp. the shoe so cute and retro...

Christy tagged this Beautiful!

Love this combination!


that my style,wow.Very elegant.

Anne tagged this Hot

Very elegant and fun, this is beautiful ! Not too sure about the belt though.

bobbie tagged this Fabulous

Wow I love the polka dot dress! The whole thing is creative!

Dani tagged this Rockin' and Rollin'

Preciosa! One of my favorites so far! Flowing and free yet classy and simple!

Kelly tagged this Hot

LOVE this one! Perhaps my new favorite!

rosalafae tagged this Brilliant


Payal tagged this Beeeaautiiful!

Gorgeous. Stunning. Spectacular.

Oscurotrophic tagged this Fantastically fabulous!

LOVE this!

Cam tagged this Pretty!

This is very nice!


Loved this one!!

Laura Daly tagged this Dot Matrix

My pick of the week...and one of the best so far. You know how I love flutter and swish!

Eleanor tagged this Amazing

FABULOUS! Are you keeping the summer dress? I am willing to consider buying it!

Josey tagged this Cute

Just terrific!

Domino tagged this Hot

love love love love love!!!!!

Irene tagged this Hot

I never would have thought up this combo. Especially the thing with the belt.


Isn't it romantic

Anonymous tagged this Awesome

This one is very original and explosive. It's also very girlie but not too much.

Therese tagged this Hot

I love it!

yobe tagged this Brilliant

Wow! I love this


I am in love with this look!

Priya tagged this Hot

This is beautiful sheena!

Justi tagged this Batty


Heather tagged this Cute

LOVE it! Polka dots are single-handedly THE best print ever to grace the surface of fabric, paper, etc. And the wide belt above the bust is just SICK! I tried that with a belt just under the bust for an empire waistline and loved it! As always, you are adorable.


that looks great!

aloma tagged this Hot

Very impressive and beautiful.

KC tagged this flowy

I'm in love!

fashionista tagged this Cute

this screams runway at me! you'd be a great model!

Freddy tagged this Connect the dots

Ok...the belt...I like the fact that you found a way to use it that doesn't conform to tradition. Would I do it? Probably not but, then again, never say never. I give you 10 points for creativity and an "E" for effort. This blog rocks and now, as I play catch up, I'm a little jealous I did not have the epiphany for such an ingenious idea.

Carolyn Elliott tagged this Elegant

A look that would be becoming on many women. The use of the belt is inspired.

Carolyn Elliott tagged this Cute

A tie for my favorite of the month.