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May 09

This day belongs to Blackbob.
"L-L-L-love U.P!"
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Day 18. Mon, May 18 2009

Popping mustard seeds

Wool cardigan paired with polka dot socks from Sockdreams and mustard vintage pumps.


Miss Yvonne tagged this Sunny & Sensational!

There are so many wonderful things about this ensemble ~ !

heather tagged this Cute

sexy londonite

Shuchi tagged this Hot

Lovely combination! Matches from head to toe, but the color's working it well!

Anna tagged this Classy

GREAT one. Creative with enough zing and yet subdued with classiness...

boy tagged this Hot

i like! :)

Jenny tagged this Cute

adorable. I dont know about the polka dots but otherwise very cute and fresh.

Brandy tagged this Cute

Ooohhh I like this. The dress almost looks green.

Skeeter tagged this Cute

The sun came out, it makes a song.

RogueTess tagged this Hot


NadiaThinks tagged this Chic & Creative!

this is my favorite so far! Chic, fun, and very inspired!

claire tagged this favourite

so very very lovely

k tagged this Hot

The polka dots make this outfit what it is! Love it


Neat! Not crazy about the socks though.

ttt tagged this Hot

Whoa, this is a wake up after yesterdays look. love it!


LOVE the mustard and the really thin belt!

Salina tagged this Cute

I am really, really, really not a fan of mustard, but you make it work.

ChaiChe tagged this Hot

One of my faves!!

Sara A tagged this Cute

Love this! Especially cause the leggings are so close to your skin tone.

Kate tagged this Hot




Anonymous tagged this Batty

Everything else is cute, the socks are a little much though.

yvonne tagged this Cute


Kristjana Björk (Iceland) tagged this Cute

this looks so great!

Mel B. tagged this pumpkin

I love the warmth of this outfit.

Anonymous tagged this Cute

i love this~ the socks really cinch it for me. add just that last touch of "cute" to round the whole thing off.

Mosley tagged this Cute


Carly tagged this Cute

Ok how can a mustard vest be so wrong but mustard tights and pumps be so darned cute? Love this!!!!

Sarah tagged this Cute

Love this one! =)

Anonymous tagged this adorable

it's so cute and cheery :)

Addie tagged this Hot

Love it. One of my favs so far.

NayZ tagged this Hot

Not an easy color, but I love it!

Roos tagged this Tòò hot!

What you can do with a little black dress ^^ Respect!

Dev tagged this Hot

i LOVE this!!

wolfie tagged this Hot

this one is really cool

megan tagged this chic

LOVE it.

Anonymous tagged this workin it

You make it look so easy :) For me, this outfit makes the point that the little black dress is a great basis for any girl's wardrobe. Kudos!

Anonymous tagged this Tres Chic

altogether a great ensamble. LOVE the socks!!

lily tagged this try way harder

i dont like it

Audrey tagged this Adept

Your tight and shoe combinations are consistently rich and show off your great sense of color and combination.

Kialy tagged this AMAZING!


Ellengrl tagged this Cute

I really love it! I would definitely like to wear it! :)

Tuuli tagged this Cute

I love this combination! (Greetings from Finland: I found this wonderful website today.)


more like this, sweet autumn

Katie tagged this :)

Socks over tights = ingenious. That's awesome.

Mariel Montuori tagged this Hot

This is delightful! Perfect for a spring day. I love the polka dotted socks.

alyson tagged this Hot


Leslie tagged this adorable

this is soooo stylish!


this is sooooooo gooooooooood

Maya tagged this Brave

Love the socks!

Julia tagged this Cute

i really like this outfit, perfect combination

Aurora tagged this Cute

wonderful, wonderful colors.

FlyHigh tagged this Cute

I like this one!

rupiningsih tagged this Cute

Yeaaaaaaa!!!! I like it! I like it! very inspiring!! thanks

katie tagged this creamy

love the polka dot socks. orange contrasts amazingly to the dress

robi ann tagged this Cute

love it.

Cinderella tagged this Cute

Love it. Especially your socks! Great job!