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December 09

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Day 220. Sun, December 06 2009

Poppin' at The Factory

Neon sheer slouch top donated by Scary, tie dyed knee highs donated by Eliza and vintage pumps from eBay.

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Love the tights & shoes. Hard to tell what the top looks like b/c it blends with the Uniform....

Anonymous tagged this Batty

This outfit makes me smile! Thanks.

emphatik tagged this fantastic

Reminds me of Karen O!

ammakke tagged this "Sunday Delight"

Exceptionally smart &colourful outfit..Can't really get the real picture of that stylish , chic top & I just love those unique knee highs..

wasabipear tagged this Color Blockinnit

This is my all time FAV look thus far. Color block + tie dye = massive ups.

Mariah tagged this To (tie)dye for . . .

It's all cute, but especially love the tie-dye over black tights and with those AMAZING black pumps!

scary. tagged this still ravin!

donning the ebay colours there nicely loveens!

Irene tagged this Hot

I wish those knee highs were tights, and I have a pair of them. the top seems to looks good too, but it's hard to tell how it looks like. As always, great shoes!

Mara tagged this Batty, in a good way.

I love this. On anyone else, it would just look crazy, but you make it cute. I love those socks.

Katrina tagged this Brave

oh, stylish and funny! congrats for your current achievement, 100 kids in school!!

Sue tagged this Hot

Excellent! This one really looks like an outfit, not disparate parts.

mimi tagged this Cute

those tights are sooo tight!luv it! :D

holly tagged this Brave

...gettin' by with a little help from your friends...

jeanette Jepsen tagged this Fun and colourful

i love it, it is so colorful and fun!

jolly M tagged this smashing

Sheena you look smashing in scary's colourful slouch top. Tie dyed knee high is going so well with the vintage pumps & the outfit. And ,Sheena, you are very comfortable & as usual confident looking in today's outfit -love it...

moon tagged this Batty

you look like a superhero!!!

xiongyn tagged this Hot

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Calochortus tagged this Brave

The splashes of colors are really fresh and nice! I like the arm warmers -- they round off the outfit nicely!

Anonymous tagged this Try Harder

This kind of scares me. . .


love it!!!!!



ivygail tagged this Pure Insanity

The outfits just keep getting crazier.

Alfonsina tagged this Hot

wow that is just wow

Dee tagged this Cute

I like this one...WAY better than yesterdays.

Veronica tagged this Try Harder

Sheena, these colours don't go very well together. Thumbs down this time. =(

Anonymous tagged this TEALTASTIC!

I LOVE THE TEAL! OMG! I love this very much :D I love it all! All all all!

Joel Patrick tagged this hilarious


floz tagged this Fabulous!

very Proenza Schouler!! especially with those tights. visit my blog at: www.floz-fashionista.blogspot.com

Hannah tagged this Cute

Sheena, you look like a kite with the windy sky on your legs!