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July 09

This day belongs to alison.
"Simply adorable. "
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Day 68. Tue, July 07 2009

Plymouth Rock pilgrim chic.

Vintage dickey and edwardian era pumps from eBay. Vintage suede belt from Etsy.



Not sure on this one. I would have worn the dickey underneath.


love it, it came close to pilgrim with the belt buckle though.


I like the dickey over because it breaks up the black with a light shape and different texture.

celia tagged this Hot

i love this!

Frances tagged this Brave

Cute and inventive. I like the way the tights bring it back into the modern era.

diyod tagged this Try Harder

Most of your outfits are absolutely adorable/awesome, but not a fan of this look.

Joanne tagged this precious

a little waitressy, in a cute and campy way. Love the tousled tresses, cinched belt. Precious

Rachel tagged this Adorable

i LOVE this! it's brilliant.

awer tagged this strange...


:-/ tagged this not a fan


Rich tagged this Ready for Thanksgiving

Reminds me of a certain holiday.

me tagged this Hot

i love this so much!!

Anonymous tagged this Hot

This is hot. I Love that blouse and the way you made it part of the dress! Although, the shoes I could do without but the leggings make up for it!

Nikki tagged this Cute

I love it.

veena mathew

sheena chechy ..this hair style suits u very much....putting side ways suits u much more than the other one

Elena tagged this Batty

Oh no....

Aricia tagged this perfect!

beautiful! really chic...very classic...and vintage!!!!!

Kialy tagged this Cute


Lizzie tagged this Cute

I love this... possibly my favourite. I think what you're doing is amazing, and you look good in everything! So keep the outfits going xx

Mariamma auntie tagged this Cute

all ur dressess r diffrent i really liked them

Sarah tagged this Cute

This is my favourite so far =] x .

Manon tagged this Perfect

Oh my god so beautiful.

Manon tagged this =)

Beauutiful, I LOVE it, it is SO Jane Austen from the 21st century =)