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October 09

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"Two of my favorite people Sheena and Moni."
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Day 172. Mon, October 19 2009

Please turn off your cell phones

Celebrating the last day of the eBay drive and the commencement of U.P's 6 month anniversary festivities, we present you... The Uniform Project Movie. Big props to Monihan and thanks to all our friends who participated – we love you.

Watch U.P movie on Vimeo >
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Today is the last day to participate in the eBay drive and win $5000 for supporting our fundraiser.
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Vintage beret and vest from eBay, red riveted boots from eBay seller DressLikeaMovieStar. Arm warmers and knee highs made from regenerated cotton, donated by Sock Boutique >


wasabipear tagged this Dynamic Duo

GENIUS! Cheers mm+s, you make a stellar team.

Britwatch tagged this Film noir

Gotta hand it to you guys! What can I say ... Cool as mod :-D

Anneka tagged this Brave

Love the movie - I showed it to my mum and my friends are next! YAY

Mariah tagged this "Educational" Film !

Cute outfit (of course) . . . but the video is great (very witty)! Hope your donations continue to soar!

Payal tagged this UP team, you're a riot!

I'm running late for work...but had to watch that video! Love it! Finally we get a see a 'talkie' of you guys. Hot boots, by the way!

Payal tagged this P.S:

Is that Monihan behind you? Lovin' the suspenders! Great job, you guys!

Tito Jong tagged this Congratulations!

An U.P. Movie???? Soooo excited to watch this at home! Congratulations on your 6 month anniversary! http://prahjeks.com

Nina tagged this Cute

How cool! It is so fun to follow this project... :) http://braids-and-bows.blogspot.com/

kathy tagged this Cute

loved the video! keep on keeping on!

Jessica tagged this Very SWEET

I love that ! <3

che tagged this Cute

slick video. love it.

Natalia Ubiña Benito tagged this Brave


ammakke tagged this Three cheers !!

Amazing video, super !!WELL DONE MM & U.P.!!! Feel sooooooooo proud of You & Your NOBLE CAUSE..

holly tagged this Hot

Oh Sheena, big congratulations to you and the team for your stellar efforts to date! That outfit is hot, the boots rock!!

Scotsman tagged this Fantastic!

Great work Sheena! Well done. 3 cheers to you and Monihan! Wish u all the best for the half yearly festivities. The time and the hard work behind this movie well appreciated.

abigail tagged this superfab

super little film ~ today u look scrumptious ~ adorable ~ love the socks, boots, bow-tie necklace, hat ~ hey.....i love it all!!!


how do you spell adorable in french

Rafa Gil tagged this Brave

Each day better... I loved the video!

Katie tagged this Cute

This is adorable! You remind me of a little kid heading of to her first day of acting class... love it!

Anonymous tagged this Hot

Congratualations on your success so far ^_^ Movie was enjoyable. Love the socks hehe.

KatieQ tagged this Hot

Congratualations on your success so far ^_^ Movie was enjoyable. Love the socks hehe.

MJC tagged this Ready for your close-up

Just posted the video to my Facebook. Let's get those numbers up! On a side note, I'm about to wear socks out in public--haven't tried that since grade school. Let's hope I don't look ridiculous.

Chicago tagged this Hot

Love the video!

Cynthia tagged this Hot

one of your best outfits - luv the arm-warmers.

Sierra from Bellingham Washington tagged this Cute

What a wonderful Idea for a great cause. Wondering if you thought about auctioning off all the accessories and dress when your year is up. Could send even more kids to school

Penny tagged this Inspired...

If you ever want to sell the dress, I'm sure a few of us out here would want to buy it :)

Bailey tagged this Cute

Love the socks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nikedunksb tagged this Brave

Really awesome! Just wanna thank you . Nike Dunk SB What a new world! [url=http://www.buydunksb.com/]Nike Dunk SB[/url] is with you!

Jamie Fines tagged this Hot

OK, I want that outfit fer shur. Bahaha. Looks fine to me! :)

Jack tagged this Hot

Hmmm, I think the outfit is irrelevant when on a girl that fine :)

Irene tagged this Hot

I LOVE IT! The picture and outfit.

X tagged this Page Boy Chic

Here I always thought you knew how to sew! =D

yobe tagged this Cute

Love the fireman's boots!

SarahJ tagged this im getting Chaplin

sheena you look great. but im liking Monihan !!

kristabelle? tagged this Parie Inspirtional

Sweet Vid and another very creative outfit - MOZELTUF!


brilliant, and the movie is so cute, i`m definitely gonna spread it. :]


really awesome video ... loved it... was real fun watching it... clap clap clap.... Congrats to Monihan too..

Fran tagged this Batty

The video is wonderful!

Kaethe tagged this Cute

Love the project, love the movie. I also love the dress. Since I don't have a little black dress in my wardrobe, and clearly, I need one, I want to know when I can get one like this. I'd also rather like to buy one for each of my daughters as both a spur to their own creativity AND to help send kids to school.


You're doing a FABULOUS job with this project. Very inspiring. Great video.



Beth tagged this Hot


Dave Groman tagged this soso

Lovin knee down, eh to knee up -opinion of the outfit only. Most of the dresses in the vid were sweet though.

Jolly M tagged this super super

super video..super outfit & "duo daily"...Huge Congrats to mm & sheena.....Keepgoing & raising more money for the "kids" although we know its hard work with "2 full time jobs" & only 24 hrs in the clock......

MLF tagged this Cute

But the shoes look awkward! Are they comfortable?

Bachelor Girl tagged this Cute

Love the movie! Great job! P.S. Love those socks, too!

scary. tagged this TAKE-TASTIC.

Double dose of style in a Oscar winning production ... now people- SHOW.ME.THE.MONEY. SHOWMETHEMONEYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!

Joel Patrick

take one: lighta, camera and action


LOVE the video - your voice is so different than I imagined, but it's great to hear both of you talk about the project!

Cris tagged this Cute

<3 the boots!!!

Cris tagged this Cute

oops! that was supposed to be a "heart"

Lindsay tagged this Batty

Cute socks, and I really like your hair like that, it's kind of whimsical. :)

Laura daly tagged this Lights! Camera! Fashion!

Well, my favorite of the week! A very dynamic duo...

Leni tagged this Cute

Is that a bow necklace I see before me? And the socks! They are adorable. Why, I believe that I am in love with this outfit.