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January 10

This day belongs to Jasmine Mensen.
"Once again you have provided your loyal UP devotees with wonderful eye candy! There's definitely a dressed-in-the-dark quality to this ensemble, but I'm sure the vibrant shade of yellow in those tights was the perfect ray of sunshine in everyone's day."
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Day 286. Wed, February 10 2010

Patrolling Planet Hoth

Cosy in my snow boots as Brooklyn turns into an ice planet. I think I just saw a Tauntaun run down the street. Also donning a handwoven scarf made from reclaimed yarn donated by Amy Oates at GoYellowGo.etsy.com and a handknit cloak donated by Christina Skreiberg at the-christinaskreiberg-shop.com.

Fashion Week at the U.P
New York is moving full speed ahead against the elements, amping up for seven days of fierce. We at the U.P have something special in store for you. Read more >


Noa and Jesse tagged this coolio julio

We LOVE Jesse: your boots!!! Noa: your poncho and scarf!!!

Pro-Portional Designs tagged this squirt two

The cloak is amazing. I love the colour SO much. The boots are really cute.

Sai tagged this Fuzzy Wuzzy Loves Sheena

So while this outfit is not for me I love how it works on you, including the Fuzzy Snow Boots! Inspired by you, I've been talking about UP to my friends on FB, Twitter and in person...so much to the point that people have started asking me if Sheena is my best friend. Apparently my knowledge of your daily wears has my friends questioning!

Echo One tagged this Cute

Your Tauntaun won't freeze to death if you're wearing that hot ensemble!

Payal tagged this mmm blue and yellow.

Blue and yellow together makes me feel so happy inside! Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. Fun, fun, fun! Love, love, love! UPFY is going to be legendary - I can feel it in my fingers!

Payal tagged this Oooh numbers!

Yayy the numbers have jumped - 2 more kiddies in school! 2 more kiddies on their way out of the streets!

riley tagged this Hot

Looking HOT on Planet Hoth! That cloak is a thing of beauty, and those boots, of course, are awesome.

Laura tagged this Nerdy!

Sheena, I've been loving the project and everything you're doing for months now, but referencing Star Wars has just made you win my heart for ever! Nerdy AND a fashion queen? You're the best!


You seem to be on a yellow roll these days (2 days of shoes, now tights) - makes us here in DC under 10' of snow (and still climbing) reminisce about sun! I do LOVE those boots (and could use them about now), but alas, my feet are a GIANT size 10 and yours are what: 6?! All the different hues of fall help me remember when we weren't snowed under.... *Sigh*

holly tagged this hot legs!

Your scarf reminds me (in a good way of course!) of the rag rugs women used to make, back in the day when women used to sew the family's clothes. The scraps would be woven or plaited together to make floor rugs. Nothing wasted!

moon tagged this Batty

if there was a new winter superhero, she would be wearing this.

prutha Raithatha tagged this Try Harder

not loving it :(

anonymous tagged this *fashion technique*

my critique(so to speak) *scarf so unique* +*cloak sort of oblique* + *very very chic* =*long winning streak!*

erin tagged this fight the imperial army!

go, yellow, go!

Britgirl tagged this Brave

Do you have two types of those boots? You wore one on Feb. 1 and they look a different colour, darker .

Hannah tagged this Cute

I love the buttery yellow tights in chilly winter, I feel warmer just looking at you. Maybe it's the smile this fun outfit brings to my face... =)

christine tagged this UP to the rescue!

you are the caped crusader of human rights and of fun ethical fashion...UP UP and away!

Tally's Place tagged this egg-cellent

I haven't been able to view your fashions daily for a few days since I was without the internet..NOOO! Just got caught up and I'm so loving your sunny-side-up legs and wishing I had that cloak to keep me warm as my winter drags on cold and gray.

Carolyn Elliott tagged this Hot


Tia tagged this Sunny

I have so much envy of your tights. And holy awesome cape, Batman!

Irene tagged this warming up runways

with all these very song unique elements, I would never imagine them together. But you look runway hot in them. In the end you convinced me to come out of my comfort shell of plain and simple with an interesting element and say that this is pretty amazing. Loving the colour coming back. Colour's all you need to keep warm.

elisabeth tagged this 70's chick

must be the week for needing a little bit of sunshine :-)

Mi tagged this Nice!

Poncho & scarf is really cool!

ammakke tagged this hot

wow!!Blue & yellow,Bring on fellas...let's get inspired by those gorgeous colors & do our part in defreezing the corner box fully.Exciting write up on "Fashion week".Amazing cloak'n scarf rocking perfect with flashy tights'n gorgeous boots.

Sue Gyung tagged this colors!!!!

I love your yellow tights and scarf! It's lovely!

Sue Gyung tagged this colors!!!!

I love your yellow tights and scarf! It's lovely!

Sue tagged this colors!

I love the way you use colors! yellow tights and blue cloak, theses are awesome!

Eithne tagged this Batty

Now, this is probably going to sound banana-crazy, but you are like a Fashion Tardis - you take us EVERYWHERE! :-D And, what a ride...!

Linda tagged this Hot

I love the handknit cloat! It really brings the whole outfit together, and I'll get it's nice and cozy!

che tagged this fun

very boho. how you can make yellow tights seem normal, i dont know but you do.

Blair C. tagged this Brave

Love it! A little Karen O-esque. Great color combo.

tanya tagged this Batty

batty as always)))

growch tagged this Cute

Sweet boots

Amélia Lôbo BR tagged this Hot

It's amazing how every day you get better, love the neck line, and the yellow and the blue...

rachel tagged this amazing

absolute FAVORITE outfit you've worn so far

em tagged this Hot

Why is it that I fell like signing every time I see yellow tights? It adds theh perfect touch to your outfit.

Izzi tagged this Brave

A little odd, but points for creativity...