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January 10

This day belongs to ina.
"Love the cowl. Can't wait to wear this dress (and find new homes for dozens of dresses that never quite worked....)"
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Day 252. Thu, January 07 2010

Passage to India

Red-eye goodbye NY –> Lay'ova in Doha. Class act Qatar, free wifi at DIA! Stay tuned for a 2 week chapter of sunbathed dailies and fun-filled reports from Goa, Mumbai and Kerala as the UP visits the kids at Akanskha and pops in on old friends and family.

Hand knit cowl donated by Marcia Barrow Taylor at mbtfinearts.com, my favorite travel pants and weathered boots from eBay.


Amélia Lôbo BR tagged this Cute

Love the hat and the boots hey, I'm the first today :D

Dee tagged this AWESOME

You look mahhhhvelous!!!! (said like Billy Crystal in the days of old)

Pro-Portional Designs tagged this Amazing

This may be my fave yet

Sai tagged this Undercover

I love your outfit! Cool and comfortable! Plus, the lovely lady behind you is making the same pose!

wasabipear tagged this Travelinstyle

Love the contrast/effect of the lady in back of you!

Nicoya tagged this Amazing

This is definitely my fave!

wasabipear tagged this 2nd that

@Sai Good eye ;)

ammakke tagged this nostalgia

You make me home sick, Girl...Wow!absolutely smashing look!!That hat suits U so well..Enjoy the break away from the freezing weather & the hectic work schedule..Can't wait to see ur shots from home..say "hai" to the team.

Anonymous tagged this Cute

You look fantastic, I love it :D

Mara tagged this Hot

Cite! I love the cowl and the hat and the pants. So cute.

scary. tagged this black ta back.

loveens wouldja ever sort yer one behind ya out with an oul accessory or two .. and she got a black number just crying out for a bit a bling like ... ;)

Louise tagged this comfortable, eclectic

always rocking the best hats. you have a very versatile head shape for hat wearing!!!!

Linda from SA tagged this Superb

Wow! You've actually worn these pants five times during this project! It must be one or other record (although the arm warmers are firm favourites and practical staples as well!) Was it difficult to pack for your trip - thinking so far ahead MUST interfere with spontaneous creativity!? I'm sure we will still stand in awe of what you dish up in the coming days!!!!

Judith tagged this Stylish

Boy do I love that cowl! Time to get out the knitting needles! The boots and the hat make the outfit perfection!

Janice tagged this Cute

Love that hat. Enjoy your trip!

Lisa tagged this Cute

The lady in the background is very fashionable as well :')

MBT tagged this Advocacy Ambassador

Wow, I had no idea Sheena would be wearing the cowl again. Have a safe trip "ecoista!" Big hugs and kisses to the little scholars - looking forward to reading about your adventures...

Mia tagged this Looks comfy :)

Wahey! My favourite trousers as well...although the military pants might be rivalling them now! Love the cowl too, think I might have to make myself one!

che tagged this stylin

oohh did you get upgraded? you look stylish enough to be..happy travels.


a very chic traveller, enjoy your trip

abigail tagged this tres chic

tres tres chic ` how i would love to look like that ~ the hat is GREAT on you.....and everything works together naturally, beautifully ~ have a safe wonderful trip ~ looking forward to some amazing color from india!!!


lovely comfy traveling outfit! Safe travels

khabikhabi tagged this Hot

OooooH...take me with you..love your style cutie Pan! the sister in the background got sustainable fashion down to a tee

holly tagged this bon voyage styling

What a cool photo! Both of you in black. Nice travelling outfit(s), a practical, wearable version of the UP

Sue tagged this Classic

I always love your travel outfits! They look like something that one would truly wear all day.

Anonymous tagged this Brave

Love is the answer.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VooHala_fAw


love that boots!! woooow!

ivygail tagged this Hot

I love it.

EmilyKennedy tagged this Rad

This is a really cool series of pics, because I quite like checking out the folks in the background. As well as your awesome outfit of course!

Justina(LT) tagged this simple but cute

very nice! :)

kc tagged this natural

Those boots, those boots!!! Also, I really like this one because it looks 100% like a real outfit, without one ounce of costume. The other looks are fantastic too, and I REALLY admire the creativity and resourcefulness in the more costume-ish ones. But this, ah, this is easy breezy. Love it.

Mystikjosie tagged this Cute

Bon Voyage!!

Lorelei tagged this Hot

You look so chic, I love those pants!

scary. tagged this bonniesque.

p.s nice bag.. as i always say: 'if you must steal, do it in style and make your victim happy you put the thievin to good use' ;) ..at least the bag, lucky tape n all is getting a trip back to that lovely land this year.. send that magic place my love and safe second leg to ya an clyde! woot!

Payal tagged this Hot, hot, hot!

Love the way you work those pants! Love the cowl! Enjoy India! Goa, Mumbai and Kerala...mmmm Incredible India! Give our love to the kids!

carissa tagged this Cute

cool n trendy

Anonymous tagged this Hot

love it!

gigi zamboni tagged this awesomely cute

I love your tights!!! and your project- but specificly your tights.

Anonymous tagged this Cute

Fabulous! Perfect travel outfit. Excellent boots!!

Britwatch tagged this Out on a limb

Lovely to catch up with you en-route! Fab snap 1 - I detect a professional touch to the camerawork (intruding limb notwithstanding :-)

Sass tagged this too cool

Cool outfit today, have a great time in India, can't wait to see the summer fashions out again!

gruvee tagged this cuteness and a half

I lurve your favourite travel pants! I luve this look!

Irene tagged this Hot

Simple, classy, comfortable and chic. What a perfect traveling ensemble! I love how perfectly the woman int he background fits into your first picture.

bb tagged this oh so cool

You look gorgeous and hip. I think you're gonna blow some minds away. Bon voyage!


ps. I hope that hat is part of the auction. I want!

calochortus tagged this Cute

The cowl looks like it's really versatile! Great outfit for traveling!

Radhika tagged this Neat

You look lovely in anything!!!

Dom tagged this Hot

Bon voyage Sheena! Xoxoxo

lulu tagged this Cute

Is someone taking the photos of you or did you actually set up the camera in the airport?

Corrine tagged this elegant

I have a similar cowl just like the one you're wearing, but mine is grey... I tried to put it on, but can't have the same effect as you are... not easy to manage...

swi tagged this Hot

that hat looks great on you

vintage girl

you look beautiful, & comfortable....cool boots!

Amy tagged this Cute

Love this. I do like it best when you go a little simpler, I think. Those trousers (leggings?) are brilliant!

moon tagged this Hot

so classy chic...i like how both you and the woman in the back have the same expression. its as if you took off her burqa you would see...you!

Elizabeth tagged this Hot

Cowl and boots are perfect.

Bronwyn! tagged this Exciting

So exciting that you are going on a trip!!! It would be really nice to meet those kids in Akanskha! BTW, love this outfit a lot!!! 2nd picture is of my liking this time.


have a perfect holiday)))) tnx 4 ur creativity )) Tanya, from Moscow Pussia

okaylau tagged this Cute

You look like Miss Indiana Jones on a mission.

Cynthia tagged this Cute

cool outfit!

Mary Alderete tagged this Hot

You know, this outfit is very cute and classic! And ironically, the lady standing behind you is also wearing a 'uniform' that she wears each day...

Anonymous tagged this Hot

it looks very nice!

Susie tagged this Hot

The cowl, the hat, the boots, the pose---my absolute favorite!

Della tagged this Hot

I love it! Way hot. :)

heather tagged this Brave

I love the lady in the burica behind you! It really makes you stick out!


Funky look

Anonymous tagged this Hot

I love all of this!

Maarit tagged this Hot

Love this outfit, very casual sofisticated. Awsome hat!!!


I adore those pants and boots!

Nia tagged this Hot

i love this! it looks so effortless but amazing at the same time!

Zoe tagged this Gorgeous

I love it

Samantha tagged this Super Mod!

I love this get up! Wish I could pull that off

joby tagged this Cute

hi, Love the contrast/effect of the lady in back of you! micro sd card

Heather tagged this Cute

My favorite! Best outfit ever! you syle is just amazing.