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June 09

This day belongs to sallymac.
"Love this look. Has been so much fun and a real inspiration checking this site every day."
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Day 35. Thu, June 04 2009

One of these days I'll ride my bike

Green suede pedal pushers, an old staple. Metallic tank, loop belt and suede pumps from eBay.


oraia tagged this Hot

go Sheena!

Mr. Chris tagged this Sasssssy

Pop a wheelie!

Elle tagged this Cute

Looks great on you, and I love the socks.

karen tagged this adorable

u just got $5 :)

karen tagged this Cute


dom tagged this Remarquable.

j'adore, t'assures sheena, ça jette grave sa mère :-)


I like the belt and theres alot going on - in a good way. Keep it up you are doing so well!

z1b1 tagged this Biker chic

love this one!

E.J.Starbuck tagged this Brave

Holy Rusted Metal Batman!!!!


I think this is my favorite one so far. Interesting idea!

Joevakro tagged this Spunky

We like, in a tank girl way.

Kelly tagged this Hot

Brilliant Idea!! Love it!!

Sacha tagged this Hot

Cargo capris?!

karen tagged this Cute

wow every day is so original. How many clothes do you have??


Love this. My favorite so far (working backward from 6.12.09...)

Jeanne B. tagged this Hot

Urban coolness

Jenny tagged this Cute

This is cute I like the belt.

eldub tagged this Brave

love the pedal pushers.

annie tagged this Hot

doesn't even look like a dress today. stumbl'd on this site and i adore your project & the idea behind it. i admire you.

Em tagged this Hot


RogueTess tagged this Cute

Love the shimmer in the open neck!

Kati tagged this urban


Anonymous tagged this Hot


Nabila tagged this Hot

Love it!

the knotty hooker tagged this Brave

tunic my love...tunic to die for! way to make a dress look so casual it hurts!

Lynn tagged this Brave

Very distinctive this time!

hhh tagged this Brave

it looks so different compared to everything else that you wore this month


very cool. i don't like the shoes, but the pedal pushers are sweet.


Wow you are the queen of styling! love this!

jen pleasants

you are a genius... .love everything about your site and your motivation!

Beth tagged this Try Harder

The top and pants just don't seem to go together. But good try!

RDL tagged this Brave

Unexpected and fantastic.

Anonymous tagged this Hot

Ummm, interesting -_-

Anonymous tagged this Spunky!

good choice with the metallic tank.

mindakms tagged this bang on

another of my favorites

nonny tagged this Cute

where did you get those pedal pushers. they are really cute.

Lilly tagged this wroom!

this is cool!

ol' Doc Saunders


diya tagged this Hot

super nice

bibi tagged this Brave

urban chic

erina tagged this Hot

love the concept!

Anonymous tagged this Hot


Carmen tagged this Hot

o gosh, i adore this one.

maggie thunder tagged this Hot

wow i really want those pants

Anon tagged this Cute

I LOVE those pedal pushers!

Mel B. tagged this Tank Girl

You look like you could kick some serious ass!

Josey tagged this Batty

LOVE that tank!

Anonymous tagged this explorer on a mission


Sara tagged this Stylish!

Ooh, you look so adventurous! I love the pants with the stockings and shoes! The whole outfit is just so creative and beautiful.

Anonymous tagged this Hot

amazing. love the shoes and silver shirt.

Addie tagged this Hot

This might be my favorite outfit! I love the cargos and the shirt is fab! I'd do the shoes in a different color but that's just me!

rebel tagged this taking a day off

so this is an outfit on it's own, that you have just thrown the "uniform dress" over to say that you wore it every day ....

Andrea tagged this Cute

Its great, I wouldn't have guessed all this would go together

Molly tagged this Yes, Ma'am.

Somehow it all works. Kind of utilitarian. Great job!

Anonymous tagged this Balanced

Pants strong enough to make dress look like tunic instead of just dress with something or other under it.

Katie tagged this Badass

YEAH! I love how edgy this is.

MadisonB tagged this Hot

LOVE IT! You are adorable <3 High. Five!

Jannie tagged this Hot

Love it! The pants and the tank balance each other well.


really like this look!

Ashe tagged this cool

Like the pants and socks

Amazing. tagged this Hot

LoveLoveLoveLoveLove. HotHotHotHotHot. I'm so inspired right now! I love all of your looks!

KLee tagged this Very Yes!

Vaguely steampunkish... I think I'm going to have to borrow this outfit and use it on a character of mine. Absolutely lovely. Every element works, from the metallic blouse, to the belt, to the cargos and leggings, right to the dress. On your thirty-fifth day, you have achieved perfection.

tessajae tagged this Funky

Oh, I love this one!

giftwill tagged this Cute

Super cute outfit. Love it!!!!

Anonymous tagged this Cute

This is a fabulous outfit. I would so wear this!!!! If only I had your style creativity!!

Anonymous tagged this Fabulous

This looks great! I love the silvery top with the grey dress. The belt breaks it up nicely. I think I'd wear an outfit like this - though maybe with plainer crop trousers (no combat pockets)

Aurora tagged this Amazing

More tough tomboy than usual, i love it. especially those shorts. Looks kinda assassin-ish.

Khalia tagged this Hot

Love the pants!!

rupiningsih tagged this Coooooolll

Yaarr!!! cool cool cool!!!

Pear Picker tagged this wicked keen


jin sim tagged this Hot

just beautiful!