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December 09

This day belongs to kiera kristinsdóttir taylor.
"“If a woman rebels against high-heeled shoes, she should take care to do it in a very smart hat� ~George Bernard Shaw"
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Day 244. Wed, December 30 2009

One Thousand and One Nights

Vintage Czech winter hat from Hradec Králové donated by Sosuke, reclaimed fabric used as a scarf, batwing hoody donated by Alanna Hibbard of Poutfits, regenerated cotton arm warmers donated by Sock Boutique, harem pants donated by Mia and snow boots from Salvation Army.

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Sarah T tagged this Hot

Love it! You look so warm. can I borrow the boots? :D

Dee tagged this AWESOME

You are a creative genius!

Carole tagged this Brave

One of my favorites!

ammakke tagged this Beauty

"Beauty"! I said to myself seeing today's daily.Each & every accessory is to be complemented..Will we hit 50k by tomorrow??

Betty Anne tagged this Hot

Oh man, I want those boots so bad! I love your winter outfits! <3

dika tagged this WOW

just love it!

abigail tagged this perfect

that's my winter style.....of course, i love it!!!

Bronwyn tagged this Brave

Hey Sheena! This outfit is so darn cute! I'm a little bit thrown off though about the boots, hat and that wrap thing you have over you. The boots look big on you and the hat is way too fluffy. The wrap thing looks like you are a bad guy in a super heroe movie. I hope no offense is taken.

Elizabeth tagged this Cute

I like it.

rosalafae tagged this Hot

LOVE. THIS. Seriously, no words for how much.


Sheena, you look like a wonderful 21st century Scheherazade

Anonymous tagged this cossak cutie

Wow Sheena, that's quite a transformation. Sensational. And only $459 to crack the $50K. Good one.

holly tagged this the cossak cutie

uh, did I forget to put my name there?

Mia tagged this I like!

I love the new way you've used the batwing hoody. I was a bit disappointed you had used it again so soon but looking closer I really like it :)


love it! top ten. Maybe I am boring but I love the days when the colour palette is limited like this. Loving the silhouette too.

rachel tagged this Cute

those boots are an amazing find. jealous.

Mara tagged this Cute

Not so in love with the pants, but I love the batwing hoody and the scarf!

elizsabeth tagged this love this

excellent what you did with the bat wings

moon tagged this Batty

return of the ninja...or aladdin haha. love it!!!

tlr tagged this popcorn tea

love this one! I'm getting a kind of Russian Oliver Twist feel from it :)


those harem pants make me wanna :'(

scary. tagged this djinn chic.

yes to this. and best title ever. @Bronwyn, on a scale of one to contradictions much... what are ya like?! state.

Irene tagged this Hot

You look perfect to battle to weather in style.

Linda from SA tagged this Try Harder

You look so young and vulnerable the past few days...it is as if there is some sadness in your eyes. I hope that I am completely mistaken! We all love you for what you are doing; it reflects a soft and compassionate heart and a will of steel! Like the way you styled your outfit today; the hoody looks cute in today's ensemble.

cindi rose from Tally's Place


Linda from SA tagged this Batty

My tag is completely wrong!I'm sure I hit HOT!

Linda from SA tagged this HOT

Wrong again!


seriously LOVE. perhaps my favorite!

Chanique tagged this Wintry wow!

Ingenius of you to use a part of the hoody's sleeves to create a crossover effect! Love it!

Alanna tagged this Hot


Cynthia tagged this russian princess


Chicago tagged this Hot

More Dr. Zhivago than 1001 Arabian Nights, I think, but I love it all the same.

Amanda tagged this Hot


Chikks tagged this Sensational

YIPPIKAYY.... 50 K..... what a wonderful end to the year.... Cheers to The Uniform Project!!!!

Livs tagged this Brave

This is pretty cute, but not my favorite. I love the pants, hoody, scarf and hat - they all really complement each other and look great. I don't love the boots though, they kind of throw off the balance.

floz tagged this Amazing

i really adore this outfit, especially with the quirky boots!! and i also love how the sleeves wisp off your arms... i agree, a wonderful way to end the year! look at my blog: www.floz-fashionista.blogspot.com

floz tagged this Inspiring

psss i read about you in a magazine, i think it's amazing, what you are doing.

donna tagged this Hot

This is one of my favorites of all time. I can't wear browns, myself. But the lines, hues and textures align perfectly in this outfit.

prutha tagged this Brave

omg... love the whole outfit!!

mswaykus tagged this Hot


Molly tagged this Brave

Awesome! Also looks really comfy.

safali tagged this Hot

my favourite! warm and stylish! good job!

Sarah O'Toole tagged this Hot

Love love love this outfit! Sexy, chic, but ultimately practical. I've never done batwings but these make me want to try!

Laura Daly tagged this Cooler than Cold