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June 09

This day belongs to annie.
"This outfit will always stick in my mind, because I'd never seen a skirt worn underneath a dress in this fashion. Sheena, your amazing sense of style and art has completely transformed the way I think about dressing myself...thank you!"
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Day 32. Mon, June 01 2009

Official site launch day

…and we're live! Welcome to the official U.P site. Running on very little sleep, so pardon the lack of spunk today. Vintage bubble skirt from eBay, cotton blouse from Beacons Closet and crocheted buttonhole adornments.


fleurette tagged this votive-chic

The crafty adornments are a nice touch, as always.


Thanks fleur.

Plush Jobs tagged this Future

Nice Site. Congrats.

Adam Harvey tagged this Hot

Very Nice! awaiting the 365th day

emiya tagged this Batty-ights

work it, twerk it

Chokams tagged this Stylicious

Twiggy with more spunk and a cause. Work it girl...Love this outfit. Can you also post where we can purchase your outfit or are we up for silent auction on the 365th day. Thats not a bad idea right??? Love and will definitely donate. Let me get The Husband.

Dom tagged this Cute

Love it babe, you kick major ass - excuse my French, but I'm so proud of you :-)

Roop tagged this Batty

Very chic! Oodles of style - love it!

Gabriella Starbuck tagged this Cute

If only nuns could look so cool. Maybe somebody should make a suggestion? Hahaha!

George Finckenor tagged this Cute

Good for you Sheena! Karens Dad

zzz tagged this Cute


anne/rubycreatives tagged this Cute

Love this cute one and love the site and the whole project! xoxoxo

Elizabeth tagged this Batty

Go for it - I cannot believe it will last the whole year! I tune in every day. Batty today, but batty is not a bad thing. You are so inspiring!

Dustin tagged this sideways eyeballs

Your necklace looks like sideways eyeballs

george finckenor, jr tagged this Batty

The shoes go great with your eyes! I thought the blouse sticking out the bottem were "bloomers"...

cn tagged this mad in plaid

love the matching tights & shoes!


Purple pilgrim! I like it!

Anonymous tagged this Cute

Such a great idea and such a cute uniform (I might be a tiny bit prejudiced since i'm Eliza's mil).

Anonymous tagged this Cute

liked this one!!

Anonymous tagged this dumb-idea


Anonymous tagged this Cute

you look very cute in that outfit!

charise tagged this Cute

I think this is a totally completely awesome idea.

Anonymous tagged this Meditative

It's elegant, simple and calming, and fun too.

Joevakro tagged this Cute

Nunish: When A nun meets a French maid.

Jessica_Toronto tagged this Cute

What a great idea and fantastic cause! You are a total inspiration, keep it up.

Anonymous tagged this Cute

very cute

Julia tagged this Cute

Especially love the tights. Where are they from?

cruz tagged this a fave

lovin' it overall, esp the awesome plaid legs and shoes. yes, like a hot nun!

Sacha tagged this Um...What...?

Purple plaid tights and purple shoes? No, thanks. Dig the rest.

Jeanne B. tagged this Hot

Were you inspired to crochet those yourself? If so, geez, brimming with creativity!

Jenny tagged this Cute

So cute! I love those tights!

eldub tagged this Cute

love the layers.

RogueTess tagged this Cute

I'm a sucker for knitted or crocheted anything.

Miranda tagged this Cute

I love this! I'd change the colors in the tights, but otherwise, it's great! I would totally teach my classes in this if I had it.

Lynn tagged this Cute


Anonymous tagged this Cute

Your ensembles inspire me to try something new. Awesome job and fantastic idea!

Eleanor (undeadgoat) tagged this Cute

So how come you start with day 32?


Eleanor(undeadgoat) – Click back to May (left arrow next to June) and you can see all of the first month. :)

hhh tagged this Cute


Pam tagged this Cute

Adorable! I love the under-dress & stockings.

Beth tagged this Cute

This is really cute and professional. This outfit would easily work in an office.

Liz tagged this Cute

I love the schoolgirl look of this outfit, and the purple makes it quirky

Traci tagged this Cute

This is a great idea - I love many of the looks. But I notice you've only raised $1690.00. Is that since Jan. 1 '09? If so . . . I'm sure you've far outspent that sum in accessories and additional garments to make your 7 exactly-alike dresses look different 365 days running. But, if you're using your own garments and donated used garments from others, hooray. Funds to a good cause AND a sustainable wardrobe. :)


Traci, the project launched on May 1st, 2009. And yes, I am using my own wardrobe, collected vintage goodies and donated pieces.

holliver tagged this Hot

Absolutely gorgeous!

alex* tagged this Cute

i love this project. the basic dress is really cute...but you are totally adorable!



mrs.deane tagged this Swoon worthy

This is adorable. I'd wear a different color on the legs for this time of year, but that's just me. I love what you did to the buttons! This project amazes me! I want to buy this uniform!!!

Anonymous tagged this Cute

i want it, all of it

Rosie tagged this Cute

such a cool project

Anonymous tagged this Cute

very admirable

Inspired by The Project tagged this funky nurse?

Buttonhole adornments are super cool!

Pope Richard Corey tagged this Lovely

I LOVE the buttonhole adornments and the stockings! More buttonholes!

wendi muse tagged this Cute

i <3 this project and i love all your outfits! amazing. keep up the great work.

mtl tagged this Cute

loving your matching leggings and shoes

Sara tagged this Stunning!

This outfit is perfection! Love the purple.

Anonymous tagged this Cute


pinkielarue tagged this Cute


Anonymous tagged this Try Harder

i would loved it without the white unddie

Addie tagged this Hot

I like it. the ensemble would be boring but the tights add some spunk.

Maria tagged this Cute

Very balanced look with the white accents at neck, sleeve and hem. Adorable.



gruvee tagged this Cute

wah? IMO this is spunky enough w/ the tights. I like.

Anonymous tagged this Cute

This is a really cute outfit, but didn't you kind of tweak the rules by putting the white buttons on?

Laura tagged this Chic

I love how you use tights and leggings. Truly inspiring.

Karen tagged this super


Natalie tagged this Cute

I love this outfit so much! So cute, stylish and funny!

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