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November 09

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Day 191. Sat, November 07 2009

Off to a party.

The AccesSoireé is about to begin! So what's my accessory for the night? This gorgeous Raffaele Ascione cape handcrafted from a satin overthrow blanket his grandmother used to own. Raffaele also offered us the rest of the get up to complete the ensemble, Read all about it here >

Looking forward to seeing many of you tonight. For those far away, we will miss you dearly and will raise a toast to you. Thank you all for an incredible 6 months!
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Anneka tagged this snazzy

woweee - that jacket/cape is to die for. How does anyone have a chance??? Well done and have fun tonight !!!

elisabeth tagged this big

must've been some boudoir that that throw came from! And love the 80s shoulders! very 'out there'

Scully tagged this GaGa Georgeous!

OMG, I've been waiting all day to see what you are wearing. Amazing! See you soon Lovely!

Mara tagged this Elegant

Love the gold on the belt. Lovely.

ammakke tagged this "Miss AccesSoiree'"

Caught You"Star of the Night"!! Absolutely stunning!!Every bit is adorable< Enjoy !!we r there in spirit.

Mariah tagged this Donation Inspiring !

Appropriately over-the-top for celebrating the 6-month mark of The Uniform Project! Enjoy being the Belle of the Ball this evening.

jolly M tagged this Stunning

OMG......What a privilege Sheena!...Raffaele donating this beautiful sentimental handcrafted memorobilia-from his grandmother & mother-to the UP !!And you look absolutely beautiful in it. A bit of Cleopatra look? Stunning...

Brigid tagged this AMAZING

I LOVE this blog. You are a genius and an inspiration. That was a blanket? Really? Wow! Thank you for turning around in these photos. Please photograph yourself from the back each day so we can see the total outfit. Have great fun tonight!

Irene tagged this Fierce

Completely amazing. You look like an entirely different person and the uniform looks completely different as well.


I am speechless. Totally marvelous!!!! Would love love to be at the soiree. 3,000 miles is a long way. Cudos.

abigail tagged this pure class

sheena, you look ravishing, gorgeous, the best is the last photo ~ hope u have a lovely time tonite ~~~

holly tagged this super sexy

Love this look. May the champagne flow tonight, and the hangovers be mild tomorrow. ?

Betty Anne tagged this Gorgeous

Gorgeous! You look fantastic! I would so love to have a cape like that. Have a good time tonight! <3

Maryjohn tagged this O MY Gosh!

Can you look any more stunning than you do tonight? What an amazing outfit and the makeup and hair are so sophisticated. You are going to OWN the party!

Dee tagged this Brave

I like this a lot...although the cape is a bit much for me.

Janice tagged this dramatic

Fabulous shoes! Enjoy your night!


Okay, you look smashing and I'm sure "the little black dress" is in there somewhere.

karitek tagged this ripoff

Your party was a bust. Everyone I talked to there was upset that the advertised open bar was not true. And, the music / DJs were a disappointment - were they really from DFA? No wonder most people left in under an hour.

concerned citizen tagged this Try Harder

this project is a SCAM!!!! do not donate your money unless you want it to be wasted!!!!

hi tagged this epic fail

Notice how you donations go to the "uniform project" instead of the charity directly? wonder why that is??? DO NOT DONATE MONEY HERE

amazinggrease tagged this Fashion Icon

Sheena does a coco!!! Coco Chanel would be proud! you look so elengant and grown up!!! you're a natural, the clothes are beautiful and your amazing spirit inhabits all of it and makes it work!!!

new yorker tagged this GREAT PARTY!

Just to say I was there from ten and I had loads of drinks on the open bar which only ended at midnight. I've been to many 'open bar' parties here so know that open bars rarely last all night, AND it was for charity so stop hating becuase you didn't get your free booze all night long.

sara tagged this commendable

@hi and @concerned citizen (same person?) do you really think this project is trying scam money? give me a break. not only would that be illegal, (and sorry, but i don't think this looks like an illegal operation) and two, there's a simple way to find out if there's any funny business going on. just call the charity. i'm sure you'll find that everything is completely transparent. why do people always try to hate on people when they're doing something good.


@ karitek @Hi @concerned citizen same person? my heart bleeds that you didn't get shitfaced at a fundraiser for disadvantaged kids, yes indeed...

Anonymous tagged this Sheer Style

Wow!the look is so elegant and the details from the back just amazing, I love the shoes!!!


Love the shoes & the back view! I'm sorry to read that some people have such a negative outlook that if they didn't get some free drinks, they think it's all a scam & the party was a bust. Open your minds, people! I'm sure Sheena & other organizers did their best with the resources. As a former foundation rep, it's hard to put on a Soiree & make sure the majority of the $$ goes to the charity! I'm sure it was great for what they had!


Isn't that the cape from Raffaele's "The Mother's Instinct" collection? I saw it on the website & London Fashion Week photos.... I like how you left it open - other photos show it cinched at the top near the chest.

Rayanne tagged this Maravilhosa

Perfect! Perfeito! You are with a very interesting project, and I´m interest of write about your project in my blog. My blog isn´t famous but I´m in love about this. Sorry about my english. (My country is [Brazil])

carina tagged this Wow!

Loved it! and your hair looks lovely too.

fairybug tagged this you go girl!!!!!!!!!!!

There are some looks that only a few people can pull off and this is one of them... you are one of the few who can!!!!! you look amazing! How does your hair always look sooooooooo nice?!?!?!?!?!?

shalu& malu tagged this good


Ann Marie tagged this FAB, as always!

Sheena, Eliza, Mary, Sean....It was so nice to meet you and you looked great and it was a great soiree! I am glad it was not an open bar (that could have been a mess!) and it was FAB! Congrats and keep up the great work for such a worthy cause!

Beth tagged this Batty

Love that belt! Another awesome outfit :) Have fun tonight and keep up the good work! xx


I'm a huge fan of black clothing, however that "cloak" should be returned to count dracula.

Tina Sequeira tagged this Batty

You luk like the Bat-Woman herself....:)

Deedle tagged this Courageous

Sheena & "staff", hope you will not be discouraged by a couple of ill-willed folks. When you do something that glorifies God, the enemy just works harder to stop it.

modernfigurative tagged this Wow


charles tagged this Hot

omg i am so jealous of this outfit! i love every single aspect of it and by that cape, oh my goodness, i want one sooooo badly right now!

Drew S tagged this sweeeet

raaaad outfit

Stardust tagged this Awesome

Love the coat and the hair. One of my favorites!

jobypollard tagged this Cute

Thank you for turning around in these photos. Please photograph yourself from the back each day so we can see the total outfit. memory stick