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March 10

This day belongs to londonlover719.
"Love the fedora! What an inspired project this has been!!"
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Day 315. Thu, March 11 2010

Ode to Delon

Vintage suede fedora from Sosuke, Fabric necklace from Etnyk on Etsy, printed knee highs from SockMan and staple Sam Edelman shoes.

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ila tagged this Hot

love it <3

holly tagged this slick

I think you could sell those arm warmers too, I'd buy a pair!

Irene tagged this Hot

I like the necklace wrapped around your neck better.

Britgirl tagged this Cute

It always fascinates me how you chose the titles for the outfits. Example: On day 283, Au bon panache means in french 'In good plume'

Priya tagged this Knockout

I took one look and thought Malrlene Dietrich- there's something v vintage hollywood-esque abt it. Best part is, going by the pics, you know you look smokin and the confidence shows! PS: I think the fabric necklace totally makes this look!

crunchee tagged this Hot


tlr tagged this spring sprang sprung

Skin! I see skin below the sleeves of the dress! Spring is surely on its way!

Brigid tagged this sophisticated chic

Fabulous, as ever. I agree with the poster who asked you to sell the arm warmers. I can't find any and would love to buy them Thanks for carrying on, Sheena. You are amazing!

Payal tagged this Hot

I can't believe how much I hated white tights. And I can't believe how badly I want them now!

md tagged this armwarmers

@Brigid -- you can get arm warmers of all types online at Sockdreams... of course I only know this because of the UP....I too love them now!

elisabeth tagged this Cute

lovin the sock & hat feather details. is it really spring over there. we're just heading into winter. i like it in the transition seasons when you're getting about in the same kind of layers that we on the other side of the world need. But it only lasts a couple of weeks!

Fr@mboize tagged this Cute

J'arrive ici par hasard... Mais je trouve le projet très sympa ! Très originale ! Je vais relayer l'info sur mon blog !!! Bonne continuation !

ammakke tagged this look of spring

yes, finally,Spring has sprung? Gorgeous look..Love those knee highs.The fabric necklace idea ..so novel.C'mmon folks let's make it 56k tonite..

Sylvia Klawi tagged this Try Harder

um, not that cute


So hip!

Austen tagged this fab

this is fabulous. i love the socks and i love the layers.

Sai tagged this Urban Cowgirl

I Love love love that necklace. Its so beautiful! I think this is a great version of a modern cowgirl outfit!

christine tagged this prints of darkness

you look dandy with that feather in your cap!

carrie tagged this Cute

I like the socks!And the hat.

em tagged this Rawr

Wow! You foxy wild thing! That's amazing! I love the way everything fits together! Plus, the tights look very comfortable.

Anonymous tagged this Hot

Love, LOVE, L O V E the outfit...I doubt Alain would be cought dead in those socks, though...

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The socks over the tights are a definite NO. If you removed the white tights, they'd look great. Undecided about the fedora.



ruby tagged this percent woolen

pretty please... when the dress is available for sale, can it be a tad longer so i can wear it with stockings without looking obscene? for us non-tights wearers that extra inch would make it much more versatile and weather-wearable. <3 this look - tres bon!

moon tagged this Cute

the socks and shoes go so well...it looks like one piece! gorgeous.

ruby tagged this religious

ugly please... when the dress is available for sale, can it be a tad shorter so i can't wear it with stockings looking obscene? for us non-tights wearers that inch less would make it much more sexy and not wearable.

amanda <3 tagged this chic funk jazzzzz

love it sooooo much :D

Riki tagged this Hot

Oh my goodness, this is BRILLIANT