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July 09

This day belongs to rebecca.
"You've inspired me to play with pops of color, hosiery, and millinery"
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Day 62. Wed, July 01 2009

O Canada

Red and white for our friendly neighbors up north. Vintage summer hat and red Bakelite ring from Etsy. Collared white cotton tank from Beacons Closet. Printed socks donated by Sock Boutique.

Happy Birthday, Canada.


tara tagged this Cute

Awesome! Thanks for celebrating Canada Day!

neonfoxtongue tagged this Cute

Thank you!!! :) -a Canadian

Etienne tagged this Cute

ha! thanks for remembering us. i love those knee socks and really admire the idea behind this project.

fleur tagged this True North

Tonight we celebrate! Love the collar and shoes in particular, as always.

shuchi tagged this Brave

love red! The hat is sizzling

Eleanor tagged this Simply Chic!

LOVE the hat!!

barbara (in Canada) tagged this Cute

Wonderful! Love the red. Thanks for recognizing our day.

shuchi tagged this Brave

love red! The hat is sizzling

Juneau tagged this Cute

You're such a good neighbor . . .

Ami tagged this Cute

Lovely Hat! Thanks for celebrating Canada Day with us. :)

Beth tagged this Cute

Love it!

CrisV. tagged this Cute

Where did you get the shoes? I loved it.

Canadian cheryl tagged this Cute

Thanks for celebrating the day with us! Inspired me to dress in red today! Love the hat especially.

RogueTess tagged this Cute

The collar is one of my favorite looks for this dress. This hat, not so much. Cute shoes!

fesweetpea tagged this Cute

Thanks for thinking of us up here in the North! Happy Canada Day!

esteff tagged this Try Harder

lovely sentiments but not completing digging it

Inspired by The Project tagged this Too cool for school!!!

This Canadian thanks you for the nod of your chic, chic hat today! Absolutely one of your best looks. Everything pops!

S tagged this Cute

Yay Canada!

Anonymous tagged this Hot

OMG I love that hat! I love all of your hats. this outfit is sensational

Sarah tagged this Cute

O Canada!

jiner tagged this Cute

you're amazing! i can't wait to see all the different styles you will come up with. kudos to you!

ol' Doc Saunders

Thanks, eh?

Emma tagged this Cute

Love it! I think what you are doing is great :) Happy Canada day from one canadian to another!

Nicole tagged this Cute

the shoes (L)_(L)

woodwordup tagged this Cute


Dexter tagged this Cute

I really like how the recent outfits have had a connection to current events. Looking forward to seeing what you'll do on Saturday!

Laila tagged this Cute

The acessories make the charm again

Josey tagged this Batty


Fabiana BF tagged this Cute

Meia linda! Amei!

X tagged this Super Cute

I admire your spirit, drive and creativity!

Carmen tagged this Cute

There's something about this one I just adore. But I have no idea what is that...

Gaby tagged this Hot

Bringing the sexy!

Tina Lane tagged this Delicioso

Love the hat! I could have used this for the Derby.

scarleTT tagged this Hot

Ooh that hat makes the outfit Snap, Sizzle and POP! Love it Love it Love it

E.J.Starbuck tagged this Flowerhead

I love a lady who can get away with dressing like a flower!

StylePro.ca tagged this Brave

Adding a red high-waist belt would bring the outfit from brave to Hepburnishingly hot!

Edith tagged this Cute

Oh my god I love this one! The socks and shoes are very nice. I see you like wearing socks. Are you afraid you are going to be hot all summer? ~Edith


P.S. Happy Birthday to my Mom today!

Kathlene tagged this Happy Canada Day!


Anonymous tagged this Cute

Love the socks!

Elizabeth Jones tagged this Batty

Batty - but Canadians like that

Britwatch tagged this RedHot

Entertaining and Educational ;-h

Tarsila Kruse tagged this Cute

Loooove the hat!

Anonymous tagged this Batty

I do not like the hat.

R tagged this Try Harder

Cute. love the socks and the sentiments, but it's just not for me

Sara tagged this Hot

Red is my favorite colour! What better way to dress up the classic black? You look amazing.

Carly from NZ tagged this Cute

Oh I love that hat!!!!!

aiko tagged this Cute

Canada thanks you <3

AlchemyDesign tagged this Cute

Same hat is available in several colors at marshall's 12.99

smiles tagged this Brave

She is VERY brave wearing this. It's a little over the top but I like it.

Ms. Roe tagged this beautimous!

The hat is the business!! LOVE IT!

Anonymous tagged this Two Thumbs WAYY up!

Thank you for your mention of Canada. We're generally overlooked. - Canadians United

LrnM Design tagged this Hot

This is sick (in a good way)!

imelda vreugd tagged this Brave

Hi, I forgot to send you my email...duhhh i.vreugd@sanoma-uitgevers.nl

Sylvia tagged this Cute

Love the ring and the socks!

Tracy tagged this Cute

Red being my fav color, love this! The hat is brilliant!

Bea tagged this Cute

Carmen San Diego. :)

Eugenia - Brazil tagged this Lindíssima

Amei tudooo: chapéu, meias, sapatos, anel... linda!

Addie tagged this So adorable

I love this outfit. I think it is casual yet put together and I really like that. Sometimes your other outfits have been all over the place but this one flows well and is totally trendy. My favorite item in this outfit is the socks. They are too cute!

awer tagged this Cute

Cute! very flashy and flamboyant, but in agood way!

A Follower tagged this Dramatic~

I really like this outfit. Very Chic, and very dramatic. Keep up the fantastic outfits!

gruvee tagged this Cute

why thank you :) from us gals in Canada.

Nina tagged this Cute and Brave

love it!

west coast kim tagged this Hot

I love red white and black!

Simone tagged this Batty

Just... lovely!

Anonymous tagged this Hot

Not sure about the hat with this outfit because it's so flouncy and big, while the rest of the outfit is more stylized and minimalistic. But, I LOVE the socks and I like the colors!!


I love red shoes...

Nikki tagged this Cute

I love this.

kate tagged this vogue

you look fantastic in this, primarily the hat! bravo.

Maryjohn tagged this Cute

what a great project! Creative and beautiful outfits with a great deal of flair. I am looking forward to the rest of the year. You are an inspiration for the rest of us who "don't have a thing to wear" !

Abby Michelle tagged this Loves it!

Sheena you are a rock star! I am from NC & saw your story in our local paper... LOVE the idea & the cause you are promoting. I am totally pumped about following you all the way to the end!

Anonymous tagged this Cute

love the hat!! and kneesocks

Aricia tagged this Cute

amazing hat!!! and the shoes....my god!

Ashe tagged this ladylike

It's great, eh! Great socks, hat, combo!

kellybelle tagged this Hot

Super cute!

Jovana tagged this Cute

Well done!!!! You're great!!! :))

Spencer Amstell tagged this GREAT JOB!

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