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October 09

This day belongs to Anjali.
"at 9am, on 09/09/09 I was married to the dearest man in a ceremony at the Oriental theatre in the city of Chicago, where it threatened to rain all morning (love that Sheena's wearing that sweet rainhat!). We met working backstage on Wicked at the Oriental - if you're familiar with the scenes behind the scenes you know that the all-black ensemble is a rule. not a fashion statement. Now, post-life-in-the-theatre, I still gravitate toward the darker clothing in my closet, because it's endlessly mutable and always chic. The U.P. LBD will be a welcome addition to my wardrobe"
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Day 132. Wed, September 09 2009

Nippy in London

Rain hat donated by Eliza, thrifted sweater worn as scarf, Eco-socks donated by Sock Boutique and vintage pumps from eBay.


k tagged this Cute

love the socks


Love, love the socks

Katie tagged this Cute

Adorable! Not sure how I feel about the hat, but the socks/scarf/gloves combo is amazingly cute.


Love the hate and fingerless gloves (or arm warmers?)

@marycray tagged this Cute

love the balance all the way around.

ammakke tagged this classy

Elegance your name is Sheena!! Fantastic combo.in sunny London!

bunneh tagged this Cute

CUTE, I love this one, I was almost expecting galoshes with it

Bowerbird tagged this hotchpotch

Oooh you're in London! Hello and welcome, are you here for long? I'm excited that the Uniform project has reached our shores! Keep up the great work. Loving the rain hat.

Mi tagged this Cute

hat is lovely, i love this outfit.


Hi. I'd like to make a suggestion. Try to lay off the thigh-highs. They're not very flattering on you. Cute scarf though.

Ashley tagged this Cute

Love it!

Elena tagged this Sassy Stripes!

Love the over-the-knee socks! Nostalgia!

arre tagged this ├╝ber cute!


Sandy tagged this Hot

Sylvie is obviously a bit crazy. Thigh highs are enviably flattering and adorable on you. You have great legs, and great style. Carry on!

emmy tagged this Modern Mod

I'm not a huge fan of the shoes, but I love everything else both individually and together.

Mary Ruback from Brazil

Super cute !

Carole tagged this Cute

SWEEEET!!!! And, you Rock the thigh hi's. If I had legs like yours I would wear them all the time too!

Pen tagged this Kooky

This is very London. You're fitting right in! It might have been nippy today, but at least it didn't rain...


Arm warmers... that's one apparel item we have yet to exploit. I like the outfit, head to toe. Love the wacky socks and the hat is darling.

RogueTess tagged this Cute



super, top to toe

Katherine tagged this Cute

Great hat, great outfit as always. And I think the thigh highs look just fine!!! If anyone can pull them off, its you.

Mariah tagged this Yes (Mostly) and No

Adore the sweater-as-scarf, the continued use of amazing arm warmers, and the hat/shoes touch-of-blue (!) -- but just not feeling the socks with this outfit.

mm tagged this obsessed



great idea with hat. socks though, not sure. overall, so so today....

Rachel tagged this Batty

love the gloves- where did you get them?? and the socks are cool. But why are you wearing a fireman hat?

Irene tagged this Adorable!

Really cute from Head to toe! I love the idea of using a sweater as a scarf. The only thing I might change is maybe the shoes?


Shoes....gimme gimme gimme!


love the socks.


LOVE the socks - wish I could pull them off! use of sweater is very creative! Are the arm warmers starting to stretch out? I would think they would after a time....

Payal tagged this Love it!

Love how you've complemented the hat (Adorable!) with the blue shoes! I have never looked at socks being an important part of anything I've worn - till now.

Sue tagged this Brave

Fun to see you responding to the weather with cute hat and gloves. I'm looking forward to the cool weather interpretations coming soon! Not crazy about the socks.

Isha tagged this Cute

Im starting to wonder how many pairs of pumps you now own haha. This is really cute, very artsy chic.

Sonal tagged this Cute

So cute!!! Btw Sylvie is nuts! If you can't pull of thigh high socks with your body, no one can! Love this Project btw!

Joy tagged this Sooo cute!!

I love your adorable outfit! Sylvie is obviously jealous of your fantastic legs. She probably has chunky legs or is old. Ha ha! Meanwhile, keep rocking those sexy thigh-highs! :)

illustratrix tagged this Hot

Loving the hat, loving the thigh high socks...great colours today!

MorgBGreat tagged this rockn quirky

love the concept and execution

marina tagged this Brave

cute on her the socks are a little too much. maybe try a light blue tights. sorry dont like the shoes at all


socks and hat are especially cute. :) lovely bursts of color.

Kathleen tagged this Try Harder

Your style changed when you left the country!To be honest, I like last month's emsemble better. Still a fan of yours!

katie.s tagged this in need of a scarf?

totally love hat, armwarmers and socks. slightly weirded out by the notion of using a jersey as a scarf, don't you have any scarves?

fashion lover tagged this Cute

cute!!! i love how your styles change based on where you are now!! the hat makes this outfit

yobe tagged this excellent

Love the socks, and the shoes and the hat co-ordinate so well. Very pretty - it captures you perfectly

jobypollard tagged this Cute

un to see you responding to the weather with cute hat and gloves. I'm looking forward to the cool weather interpretations coming soon! Not crazy about the socks. flash drive