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December 09

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Day 225. Fri, December 11 2009

Neo Jeanne d'Arc

Thrifted sweater blouse from Beacons Closet, tights combo from Sockdreams, edwardian era pumps from eBay and knitted hankie donated by Kate McMullin from her store at allinstitches.etsy.com >

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Elina tagged this Cute

Not so much for the sleeves, otherwhise. Very nice!

kataay tagged this wonderful!

lovelovelove the socks, tights, shoes combination :)

ammakke tagged this perfect blend

Worth waiting all day!!absolutely adorable outfit &the sober shades with the thrifted sweater blouse &the knitted handkie make it so beautifully elegant.The third picture is my favourite.

Sue tagged this Hot

An elegant assemblage! Very nice combination of ingredients!

R tagged this Cute

As the flames rose to her Roman nose and her hearing aid started to melt...

Mara tagged this Cute

I want that sweater. Absolutely beautiful!

Mariah tagged this Vintage-ish Elegance

Love the monochrome/almost-sepia tones so the emphasis is on texture. ADORE those sleeves (!) and the repeated cut-out motif (esp. in sleeves and Those Amazing Shoes).

moon tagged this Brave

PERFECT title. exactly what i was thinking. now all you need is a sword!

Dee tagged this AWESOME

Lovin' it!

emilie tagged this Hot

perfect! lovelovelove the tones.

scary. tagged this classique.

any visions ..? ;)

wasabipear tagged this Knitty Gritty

Loving all the holes n' stitches in the ensemble today.

abigail tagged this inspired

elegant, restrained, beautiful, yes.....inspired.......

la tagged this calming

quietly elegant. lovely and sedate. keep up the good work!

Linda from SA tagged this Cute

Love the detailed sleeves and the echoing of colour hues (black dress, shoes and the top rim of the socks; grey "hankie" and stockings; white top and socks!) as well as cut-out motifs emphasised in the top, "hankie" and the shoes! Have you given the outfit a little thought beforehand, or was this another ingenius ready-to-roll moment! You definitely have a creative eye! (Maybe you should put those - the eyes - on auction as well!)

Lindsay tagged this Perfectly Lovely

Up to 40k today! :) Love this outfit, especially the sleeves! I can't wait until the auction.

cindi frowm www.tallysplace.blogspot.com tagged this tres jolie

Viva Jeanne!

Irene tagged this vintage lace

Lots of interesting motifs. Especially from that blouse!

Callie tagged this Hot

I love the color palette.

holly tagged this Bellissima!

Oh you look so sweet. Congratulations to all the team for cracking the $40K. Way to go!

sarah tagged this Cute

omg! this is soooooo cute ! i <3 it!

Tina tagged this faBULOUSITY

Of of my top faves! I hope you put out a book of all of these lovely pics!


Also love the cut-out theme in the sleeves, stockings, socks, shoes, hankie! I LOVE THAT BLOUSE! So cool!



bb tagged this Cute

very simple and pretty. :)


I like this because: 1 - you're not wearing a hat 2 - The knit scarf thing takes skill 3 - Color combo I hate this because: 1 - The knee highs 2 - Your shoes 3 - Your pose in pic 1 Congratulations on earning $40k!

Anonymous tagged this Cute

i love this outfit! so cute!

stephanie tagged this Cute

your clothes iook fabulous and i love your shoes.

Domino tagged this lovelovelove

so sweet

jojojo tagged this Cute

Have only just discovered your Uniform Project,wish I had known about it earlier,I love seeing your outfits each day!!Australia is a bit behind ! Your accesories are so inspirational and I love your links to find them for myself.Im sure sockdreams have a heap more customers due to you.You should suggest to them to donote something from each order to your cause!Great idea,love jo


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