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January 10

This day belongs to Wendy.
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Day 270. Mon, January 25 2010

Monsoon refuge

Braving a stormy monday morning in a hoodlet donated by Rima from her store rimadesigns.etsy.com, with thrifted capris and vintage patent blue Doc Martens from eBay.


beinzstalk (NZ) tagged this Snug in a Rug

Must be like a mini wool blanket. Looks functional but stylish shape at smae time. Love the legs and bracelot - perfect match. Missed the Docs! Roslyn from NZ at www.littlekiwisnest.co.nz/store/beinzstalk

wasabipear tagged this Stomp

Docs + denim print tights make the very best puddle splashes.

alice 9 years old swiss girl tagged this Batty

Contente d'avoir connu ton site!

christine tagged this woolen superhero

love this combo!

canadiangirl tagged this Modern Fairy Tale

The cape is awesome! Now if Little Red Riding Hood had had boots like that, she would have had no trouble with that bad old wolf...

Louise tagged this Shut eyes

Horrible! Hideous! Please...go back to India...you left your inspiration there!

Irene tagged this Try Harder

The hoodlet is cute when the hood is on... but the rest of our outfit together is awful today.

Linda tagged this Cute

Cute cape, in a Jane Eyre sort of way. And I love the capris with the dress. I'm always concerned with how short the dress is!

mm tagged this beyond envelopes

I think this may be too original and maverick for some eyes. If they'd take time to reflect and let it sink in a little they'd realize how brilliant and unique this styling really is. You can't place a finger on it. And that's what true groundbreaking style is all about. If you were spotted walking down the street in Harajuku by these same western tourists they would be commenting on how creative you Japanese girls dress. But because you show off more subdued styles too, they seem to want to keep you in their safety zone box. I, for one, am glad that your box-cutter is still razor sharp.

baggypants tagged this Brave

My liege..very mediaeval page-like!!

Sarah O'Toole tagged this Very cool

I really like the proportions of this ensemble. I think it would be neat to see it dressed up with short tweedy capris and taller boots.

Check Yo Self tagged this Bad Form

@Louise No need to be rude, if you dislike the ensemble that's perfectly fine, but give a constructive critique. A great thing about the U.P comments are the vast differences in taste and opinion. Personal attacks are not cool.

Claudia tagged this Try Harder

Looks a little like red riding hood, bud sadly not in the good way. Not the best outfit but very nice elements in it

Josie tagged this Cute

I would wear this in a heartbeat - very cute. I love ponchos of all kinds - especially hoodies. The colors are warm and just right for the season. Well done.

abigail tagged this gr8

i love this! quirky, original, inspired,comfortable.....beautiful subdued neutral colors....great for the puddles today.....maine is a mess! rain, wind ontop of tons of snow...looking forward to be back in NY soon....i need to walk, even in puddles!

ammakke tagged this brave

Love the gorgeous look in the second picture.Great combo. of neutral colors.U warm enough , Sheena.BTW thank u mm for breaking your silence, Ur authentic & inspiring comments were very much missed.

carissa tagged this Try Harder

not yor best but it's stormy here in florida too

carissa tagged this afterthought provoking

also i forgot you could have tried a necklace and i'm really sick of those boots what kind of shoes do you need?

blah tagged this Cute

just watched the movie on vimeo :) woohoo :D loving the recycled tigths :D very creative :P

moon tagged this Batty

this is one of my fav outfits from all the medieval ones you've done

tina tagged this Cute

You look like a little kid in the forest! ; )


the top half is elegant.

holly tagged this punkette

Lovin' it!

Natalie tagged this Try Harder

A bit too Jedi for me. It might work with some brighter colours, but not in this outfit.

Eithne tagged this :-)

Okay, the cape? Fantastic! I'm thinking it would go well with some kind of wide-legged tweed trousers for office wear. And also, armwarmers are my guilty pleasure (they give a sort of a kick ass feel to a girl's outifit, i think) so i'm totally loving those. I'm only not so sure about the tights - or whatever it is you're wearing beneath the capris - I can't make out; the colour coordination seems right, but the print totally confuses me. Altogether, I'd say this is pretty cool.

Torie tagged this Cute

If you sold the pattern for this dress we could all make our own, out of many different fabrics.

Janice tagged this Batty

Ha! A friend of mine actually owned denim-print leggings back in the mid-90s. Perhaps she was ahead of her time!

elisabeth tagged this boots

puddle stomper

scary. tagged this hoods up.

loveens what's those leggins/tights things now..? they be way too class lookin not to get a mention.. this hoodlet is pure fabulous. second shot tastic.

ladro tagged this most polarizing look yet!

@check yoself - no need to be a self appointed censor. Louise is entitled to her opinion. Main thing is the interest in the fundraising generated by the daily outfits and the money that is raised.


I love the hoodlet!

rosie tagged this Batty

not quite lovin the poncho thing, but if you took that off, i would love the outfit so much more. <3 the boots as well.

rosabel tagged this Brave

I LOVE THE HOODLET! takin the risk, and i love it

Amélia Lôbo BR tagged this Cute

Love the cape!!!

Janet tagged this LOVE IT!

I would love to have the whole outfit!

Viv tagged this Brilliant

Gorgeous, talk about outdoing yourself!! I love the shoes and the hoodlet thingy!! Where'd you get the shiny tights?? I love them! Tavi Gevinson would be so proud!

gaurav s tagged this Try Harder

its lame...shaheen didi get some life

Linda from SA tagged this Confusion

The tights...they do not seem denim-patterned to me; they look more like a silver-greyish pair in tatters!!!!So then, if this assumption of mine is correct, I would like think that the top part, quite stylish as it is, would scream out for a more...eh...deserving bottom end!!! But...yes...do I spot a bit of yellow on the bangle to echo the colour of the shoe laces? Not? I think we're in need of a few close ups here...

Check Yo Self tagged this $$$

To @ladro's point, let's U.P the ante for the last 100 days! How many kids can we all help Sheena put through school? I bet for 300 o:)

Louise tagged this quirky

Favourite outfit of the week. I love kick ass accessories like that hoodlet which make us women look androgynous, mysterious and cheeky. So great.

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