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June 09

This day belongs to Isabelle.
"I've been wating for the day I can order this marvelous dress!! Thank you sooooo much. "
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Day 88. Mon, July 27 2009

Monday contingency

Fedora from a brooklyn vintage warehouse, checkered shirt from Beacons Closet, and vintage slouch boots donated from Holly's Etsy store mariesvintage.etsy.com. Copper necklace with pendant made out of discarded library books created by Jackie Pst! of Pretty Silly Things.


Nat tagged this Hot

LOVE this one

Dana Starbuck Dubay tagged this Hot

Love it!

Mariah tagged this Average

Love the boots (!), and love the outfit from the knees up (great hat!) -- but the boots seem a little bright for the rest of the outfit (although I appreciate the use of blue as a tie-in). Not a fav, but still admire the creativity . . .

Sara tagged this Cute

wonder if you are keeping track of the cost of the shipping to get things to you and the amount of garbage being created in packing materials etc.

Beth tagged this Okay

Like the hat.

barbara tagged this Bravo

Nice layering with the shirt and dress buttons to the front. Bravo!

ammakke tagged this creative

simple but cute. Wonder y you went for blue boots,Sheena.. love the necklace with the "unique" pendant.

macenzee tagged this awsome

i like it and the blue boots really pop with the black and i luh-v the hat to cute!

Irene tagged this Cute

The boots are a little bright but okay I guess. I love the pendant!

Anonymous tagged this Try Harder

good, but not my favorite.

Eleanor tagged this "Check" it out!

I did not realize I have an NYC counterpart who loves vintage, hats, and boots as much as I do! I live in the ATL otherwise known as Atlanta. Like the shirt under the dress; betcha it could be worn over the dress, as well. My rating is a double pun if you consider the source of the pendant materials....

Carina tagged this Brave

Can I get this dress for myself? I love your blog and your creations. Congratulations!

Alice tagged this Okay

I'm just not feeling this one. The boots are a little overwhelming in this combo. I do like the necklace, though.

shuchi tagged this Sizzling

Cobalt boots give me an electric feel!

@marycray tagged this Cute

Like this!

annie tagged this Cute

I really like the contrast of the checkered shirt against the dress...and the fedora is very cute on you!!


The Balance in your outfit seems to be getting disturbed by the boots! I am all for the pop effect if everything is muted without detail..the checks are a really distracting detail and so is the fedora :-)

A-mous tagged this Try Harder

I've been following your project for a while now. In fact, I've seen all your outfits, and everyday (except for the gothic one), it seems like you're just throwing on whatever you have in your room, as if there is no coordination or plan involved. I'm seeing the same dull colors everyday, with a few twitch here and there. Basically, there's not much excitement going on here!

Anony tagged this Try Harder

-Sigh- It's still the same old dress with a few accessories. Why not brighten things up a bit? Getting pretty shady. I'm sure a lot of people will agree with me on this. It's evident that your comment count is going down and many people just aren't feeling it. TRY HARDER.

Mariah tagged this Donate!

Congrats on being close to $7,000 raised for your cause (which is what the project is most about).


Thanks Mariah, it is indeed nice to see the funds going up!

@Anony and A-mous

You two are really daft! She is supposed to wear the same old dress -- are you so thick as to get that?!! As for accessories, she is doing a kickass job given the constraints she has placed on herself. Her sense of color and texture is admirable. Wonder what the two of you wear on a daily basis, hyak!

saravon tagged this Way cool

Love, love, love this outfit. Keep it up. You are a fashion inspiration.

Meggs tagged this Cute

This is one of my faves! I follow your blog religiously and am always inspired - keep up the good work!!!

Elizabeth Jones tagged this Cute

You look so cool! Modern manish like cabaret and Bonnie and Clyde!

RogueTess tagged this Hot

I adore this entire ensemble, especially the hat and the shirt underneath. The blue boots really pop as well.


I'm not crazy about the boots, but everything else makes you look like a member of a ska band. (That is a compliment.)

Rachel tagged this Almost Cute

The boots don't really match, but otherwise, it's cute!

carrie leber tagged this Hot

love this! great idea - hope you take some shots on the street too!

juan two tree tagged this Hot

How do you dare wear those boots? What were you thinking? Really? I though you were gonna lend them to me this week. Now I'm sad.

Ariel tagged this Hot

Kinda weird ish but hot

midwest cookie tagged this Try Harder

Sorry - I don't like this outfit at ALL and I agree with A-mous. The outfits were much cuter in the beginning. I assume that you have different accessories every day in order to keep things interesting for the blog, but it defeats the idea of sustainable wear...and just isn't working.



anonymous tagged this so cute.

love this ... the bright blue boots look great since the rest of the outfit is so neutral and dark.

Nora tagged this Almost There

The boots kind of ruin it for me, I'd like a simple black flat!

Lu Lu tagged this Cute

Aw honey, you look great every single day! Your accessories closet must be to the gills by now.

Sandra tagged this Cute

I've just arrived on this site, I'm sure the question has been asked many times, but how/when can we order the dress?

nini tagged this Hot

Love, love, love this random combination of textures and colours. This is the kind of outfit I'd see on the street and think I wish I was wearing that! Also the boots are a great length with the dress.

cindi @ www.tallysplace.blogspot.com tagged this Cute

i'm wondering how many of those making negative comments have read what this is all about? this is an awesome way to raise awareness of what a wasteful society we have and also how one can be an individual without spending money on a new outfit everyday. sheena is to be applauded, commended, and emulated!


forgot to add the most important reason behind this....raising money for uniforms!

Kristy tagged this Cute

Love everything about this outfit except the boots. I do like the boots, just not with this out fit. But everything else is great. Love the hat.

annie (again) tagged this agree with cindi

I agree with Cindi...from the funds raised so far, almost 20 children will get a year's worth if schooling...that's TWENTY HUMAN LIVES that will be changed by what Sheena is doing. The negative comments have really gotten out of hand this week!! Constructive criticism or dislike is fine...but the bashing is completely unnecessary and downright rude! Sheena...every day is an inspiration, ignore the haters!!

emmysmiles tagged this Another Ace

Well, despite what many are saying, I love the boots! In fact, I've loved all of your outfits. It's sad that a few people are seeming to lose sight of the purpose of this project, especially when you've had creative, unique, and (above all) fashionable outfits every day even without taking the "same old dress" into consideration. Keep it up. I know most could not do what you do, myself included. You're such an inspiration! Keep that in mind, and ignore the rest. :)

helene tagged this Try Harder

j aime les bottes mais pas avec ca

Maymo tagged this Cute

Very cute! I applaud the recycling and featuring of artists in your project. That's so generous of you. I hope you are having a blast with this. You make me smile everyday

Cynthia tagged this Cute

Sweet. And the blue boot kick it up a notch - oh yeah!

Anonymous tagged this strange much?

so very weird

Deborah tagged this Cute

Your too cute!!! It is so "rat pack" and has a Sinatra feel to the outfit. You won the Grammy in my book!

Alexa tagged this mixed

Everything Mariah said in comment #3. The whole top half of the outfit looks really masterfully put together, and I enjoy the boots, but I don't think they jive with the rest of it completely. Would love to see those boots pop up again though! And the fedora. And the necklace; I love copper and I love the crafty concept behind it.

Tricia O tagged this Cute

Today is my birthday. I've donated $88 for Day 88. The Uniform Project is a beautiful idea for a wonderful cause. Good Luck!

Jen tagged this Ahhhh...

I like the bangles!! =D


Tricia, happy birthday! And thank you for pushing the funds over $7000! :)

Lucy tagged this Try Harder

Although some may say to ignore the "haters" and whatnot, I think you should do otherwise. These "haters", in my opinion, are just giving constructive criticism on how you can improve your project so that more people will take interest. Try looking at some designer outfits or fashion runway shows. They're quite inspirational. Believe me.


This makes the uniform so un-uniform...looks like a whole new dress.

Prospect Mights tagged this rocking

This is a good one. The boots are a sexy shakeup. Pardon the rant, but those critics (did you actually get style criticism from someone with "midwest" in their name? Holy fucking oxymoron!) should either donate something to the cause or go troll on gawker.com with the other "crying themselves to sleep with their box set of Sex and the City" hags. Happy $7k day!!

Amanda tagged this Brave


dawn tagged this Cute

i want those boots! zzzing! i searched etsy for some like them for about an hour...to no avail. great outfit today!

Claire tagged this Cute

Can I have the boots when you're done...?

Jenf tagged this Hot

Understated cool. Would look awesome at a festival

Svanhvit tagged this cute cowgirl

I have a suspicion that many of the negative comments are coming from the same person - they all have a similar writing style anyhow! Obviously you should take on board constructive criticism, but nothing from jealous people who are just trying to make themselves sound clever and put you down. Your outfits are getting more creative by the day!

sumajoy tagged this Cute


Victoria B tagged this Sassy

Awesome! How very creative to support a great cause. Good luck with your work. Smiles!

bunneh tagged this Cute

i really like this one!


THIS is SO hot!! Love the shot of blue with the boots!

eve tagged this Cute

it's called the uniform project, not the sustainable project, and the funds are going toward a school. i think people are missing the point of the project- to wear a uniform in support of the schoolchildren. the fact that doing so is also an exercise in more sustainable clothing than having an entire wardrobe is one aspect of the project, not the main idea. at least that's how i see it.. the negative comments on here are so misguided sometimes!

Anonymous tagged this Try Harder


Jean Powers tagged this Sooper Dooper!!!

This is so cool!! I'd love to have it for myself. Congrats!!

sss tagged this adaffray

color of boots n hat - ugly match. would be better if boots were the same color as the hat...

Katharine Tapley tagged this Cute

Digging the hat.

Britts tagged this LOVE IT!

Omg i luv this outfit...its amazing! keep up the good work girl :-) ur inspiring us all

Justi tagged this Batty

I don't like the necklace - make the whole maybe some neglectful. but I love colors - fantastic combination of brown and blue

Amy tagged this western

Not very put together if u ask me. the boots should b like a dark green and u should hav a different necklace. if u did that it would b the perfect outfit.

Anonymous tagged this Hot

I love the hat!

Diane tagged this Earthy

I'm in love with those boots!!


Those boots are gorgeous. You have an amazing shoe collection!

Anonymous tagged this Brave

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Anonymous tagged this Brave

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