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February 10

This day belongs to Jessica Mehrtens.
"The Uniform Project is an inspiring accomplishment of creativity and giving. Thank you for creating it! (mmm...cookies!) :)"
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Day 277. Mon, February 01 2010

Mmm cookies...

Pillbox hat in black merino wool with kimono silk embellishment handmade by Lis mertens. See more of her creations at lismertensfeltmaker.blogspot.com. Chocolate chip cookie scarf donated by Tara Gill of Pro-Portional Designs. Vintage vest from eBay and winter boots from Salvation Army. Sorry about the evening posts lately, work's been a bit too hectic.

P.S Just found out from Tara that the profits from the cookie scarf sale will go to the U.P! You can purchase the scarf at: proportional.etsy.com >


k tagged this tasty

cute and warm...and now I crave cookies! love the way you carry off the colour of the vest, too.

wasabipear tagged this Cookie Monster Says

A soft-boiled cooookie for breakfast please, with a glass of cookie juice on the side.


With 5 minutes, a rolling pin and some cookie dough I might try and whip myself up an outfit as delightful as this! x

Sarah O tagged this Cozy&Delish!

Ha! Fun scarf! I could see living in this outfit all week! And I've been mad about those boots for a while. Here's hoping your donations come piling in . . . our budget is way too stretched to offer a donation at this time, but I'm sending your link to as many people as I can. Hope it helps!

moon tagged this Cute

all you need is a cup of hot chocolate and the outfit is complete ;) LOVEIT yummiest outfit!

Mia tagged this hehehe

Great outfit but......I think you've mismatched buttons to button holes :)

holly tagged this yummy!

Is it the journey or the destination that is important? In UP's case it's both. Some how I don't think this journey ends on day 365, and not even on day 366. I am sure this project will continue to evolve. Hopefully it will keep us along for the ride. As a bonus, plenty of inspiration and laughs along the way with kooky choices like today.

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Anonymous tagged this Cute

Me want coookie! That scarf is adorable!

Britgirl tagged this Lovin' the cookies

I have a question what happens when the Uniform Project ends? I hope you continue, since it's always been a part of my routine to check the outfit of the day. I'll be sad when it ends

Tia tagged this Cute

The kids I work with at the preschool would die for that scarf. I wish I had one, it's preschool teacher perfection!

riley tagged this stellar

Those boots! They look like souvenirs from a Star Wars film ... like you've chopped the legs off a creature from Hoth, or something! Magnificent :)

Sue tagged this Cute

That's one of the best hats I've seen you wear. A cozy classic wool, yet with that great silk band to take it beyond basic.

christine tagged this hot chocolate

looky, looky...a kooky cookie wookie who's being real good & not playing hooky while proving to everyone that she's not a fashion rookie!

Scheherazade tagged this Cute

Haha...Cookie Monster couture

Pear Picker tagged this Nifty

This ensamble reminds me of my childhood; and it is not mearly the cookie string scarf that takes me back to the day when the world revolved around large piles of rocks, earthworms, and what sort of fruit juice you were fortunate enough to dine on that day, when a everything was a bit brighter (metaphoricly)and cooler (literly, you know, because global warming was not effecting the climate as much). The rather unusual hue of you sweater reminds me of what was once my favorite artical of clothing,a dress to spacific. Vibrante mustard yellow was not even the dominant color, it had a blue background nearly eclipsed in mustard and mauve flowers...with a matching faux shrug. I donned that floral frock at least four times a week for a period.

scarlett tagged this C is for Cookie!!!

And that's good enough for me! Oh, I really want that scarf. I'm not sure if that's the best idea, since in a cookie-deprived state, I might start eating it, but I'll take my chances. Oh, and I love your boots. So warm and fuzzy, and much more stylish than some of the outrageously ugly boots that look like they're made out of skinned muppets.

Janice tagged this Yum!

This scarf immediately brought me back to your breakfast necklace from earlier in the project. Still hoping to see that necklace in the upcoming auction! It seems something about wearing food around one's neck really appeals to me. Time for a snack...


Someone wore those boots to the Grammys.

Payal tagged this Good morning Monday!

What better way to start your week than with a charming little cookie scarf! What a fun idea! The hat is just precious! I love how this look is so simple and happy! You must've made quite a few people at/ on the way to your busy work smile!

Payal tagged this P.S:

Hey UP fans! If UP wasn't taking up my mornings already, now reading the uber-creative posts definitely are!

Callie tagged this Brave

Love the scarf. It's like chocolate chip cookies stuck together.

Anonymous tagged this yummalicious

totally love the orange vest. makes me in the mood for some...cookies.! also love the boots, hope they're fake fur! cute all together

JessicaR tagged this That's Good Enough For Me

Love it, fur boots to get your Clan of the Cave Bear on, vintage collegirate chic vest, smart Edwardian hat, and a scarf that makes you smile just looking at. Every outfit has been a party.

rosie tagged this delicious

cookie scarf--ingenious! (love the colors together)


Hot damn people! Such high calibre comments, how will we pick COTD everyday at this rate? Don't be discouraged if we can't pick yours today, we love them all!

SarahDear tagged this Scrumptious!

Particularly love the vest and scarf with the dress!

Irene tagged this milk and cookies

Love the vest! I'm ready to curl on the couch with milk and freshly baked cookies, or maybe I'll settle for hot chocolate.

kapaikeni tagged this humpff

I liked it until I realised it was a cookie scarf...I'd remove the chocolate chips

Lakshmi tagged this Cute

Sheena, love ur attitude. great work.. But dont you think 360$ a child is a bit too much for govt. schools in india? My Private school(CBSE, english medium, in kerala) charges around 120$ a year. Of course, if it includes food and clothes ans stuff, it may add up.

beinzstalk (NZ)

Love the individual pieces. Together they work to. This UP book of the year that must be in the making with have to have the comment of the day tagged to each photo.

ammakke tagged this smart cookie

You "Smart cookie", dressed up in a cookie scarf!?Wonderful oufit well matched with the vintage vest (is it the "in thing" mismatching buttons??)BTW don't be sorry for the late dailies, Sheena. we are very well aware of the fact that your hands are full with two full time jobs.For U.K. supporters of the U.P.like me ,it is "good morning U.P."& it suits me fine & I love it..Keep up the great spirit.As you mentioned we realize our enthusiastic supporters are making the job difficult for you selecting the "comment of the day" Well done!!

beinzstalk (NZ) tagged this Australian achievement

Great to see something from 'down under' get to have a go 'on top'.

Anonymous tagged this shaken, not stirred

You appear to be channelling the look of a Russian Bond Girl from the Sean Connery era. Not an easy thing to pull off and yet here you are doing it!

Lizzie Roberts-Garth tagged this COOKIE!

C - comfy lookin outfit! O - orange vest is cute! O - overall this looks amazing! K - kimono silk on the hat=lovely! I - I WANT those boots! E - Everything you put together is fabulous :) xxx

Eithne tagged this Calories galore

Hot chocolate with a bit of coffee for good measure, a pinch of cinnamon thrown in the mix and a complimentary chocolate chip cookie on the side, courtesy of the Uniform Project. I'm so postponing my diet for next Monday...

Helen tagged this Great fun!

Like so many of your followers, I look forward to seeing your brave daily adventures in creative fashion. I can't help but note, though, that the donations tally is not going up much these days. PLEASE EVERYBODY, remember that Sheena is not putting on this great show merely for our amusement but rather to raise $$$ for the Akanksha Foundation!!


Thanks, Helen :-)

doris tagged this Cute

I love the chocolate chip cookie scarf. it is sooooo cute!

seb tagged this cookie goodness

I love that scarf, and not just because the cookie monster is still my idol in life. A cute look

Maryjane tagged this love it,love it,love it

I absolutely adore this one! Greetings from Croatia.

Carissa tagged this there but not

trying Camoflauge? In the jungle? But the cookies don't go with the rest. Luv ur uggs? I don't.

Pro-Portional Designs tagged this Brave

YEY! This is exciting!It looks so fantastic on you! Now I can make the announcement that profits from this scarf will help go to TUP! More info is here: http://omnomnomstudios.blogspot.com/2010/01/pro-portional-designs-and-uniform.html


just saying i want comment of the day!.. just becuz.. i want it!


I absolutely love everything about this outfit - scarf, vest, boots, hat! I'm definitely buying one of those cookie scarves! Thank you for turning us on to new designers/fashions!!

Miss Britt tagged this Yummy Comfy

This looks SO comfy. A nice, comfy winter outfit

sahs tagged this ok ugly

I dont really like this one

Anonymous tagged this Cute

Ohh, what is this?? Looks stunning! iedge

Anonymous tagged this Hot

Odd scarf, but otherwise I would so wear this!!