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October 09

This day belongs to robi ann.
"simple yet flirty. i love it."
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Day 145. Tue, September 22 2009

Missing my New York

Hand-crocheted copper necklace made by Siri of Treehouse, Brooklyn. Knee highs from Sockdreams and shoes from mom.


Mara tagged this Cute

LOVE the socks.

Sue tagged this Hot

Great socks. All in all, a fabulous showcase for that necklace!

Katrina tagged this Cute

Lace thing is great.

yobe tagged this OK

Something Egyptian about the necklace? Not my thing but I can see its attraction


That is an absolutely beautiful necklace. Love the muted colors to show off the copper!

ammakke tagged this attractive

Sad to see that U miss "Your New York"...U look very pretty with that unusual necklace.

ammakke tagged this attractive

Sad to see that U miss "Your New York"...U look very pretty with that unusual necklace.

Sibi tagged this Cute

it's a nice dress.Tha socks are for schoolgirls,isn't it.The necklace is fine.

Beth tagged this Cute

Yes, of course, I love the socks. :) And the crocheted necklace are nice too.

prutha tagged this Cute

then come back soon!!!

Deb tagged this awesome

the necklace is the bomb!

Sharon tagged this Cute

Info on your project is in another magazine this month. I think it's the current issue of Body and Soul.

Sandra D

booo hoooo hooo

abigail tagged this sweet

sweet & lovely.....beautiful crocheted necklace.....

mm tagged this elegiacally elegant

BK misses you back. The sky is gray and glum today, saddened in your absence. Seeming as if it may start to cry. Please come home soon. We need you here. UK has had you long enough.

Annasten tagged this Cute

You look adorable, but you should smile more...we want to see your pretty teeth :)

AMM tagged this Please donate!

Everything you wear is great and stylish. I would rather see fewer comments and more MONEY being donated!!! It's still about education and fund-raising. Sheena, please seriously consider charging us to write a comment! It might help drive donations!

Mi tagged this Brave

Perfect! I'm missing my New York to.

Cecily tagged this Lovely

I love the necklace! The knee socks are also quite lovely.

Mariah tagged this Cute

Love the simplicity and isolated details today -- color of the necklace, and simply stripes of the knee highs.

holly tagged this elegant and batty!

sweet. love the necklace, what a great colour against the monotone shades of the rest of the ensemble.

katie.s tagged this beautiful

totally loving this shows off the dress beautifully...

Stephanie tagged this Cute

Great necklace. Stands out.

Casey Blue tagged this Classy

I love this outfit! Maybe this is just me being overly influenced by your title, but it reminds me of one of my favorite Georgia O'Keefe paintings ("Radiator Building — Night, New York"). Might be a stretch... at any rate, love it!

elisabeth tagged this Cute

simple understated and classy - very nice. still, its hard to go back from the playful and inventive looks of the past week - we were getting used 'outrageous'. Keep it up and keep warm.

Christy tagged this Cute

Simple and Elegant!

Kelli tagged this Fabulous

Great job, love the colar and color! :)

Payal tagged this Simple elegance

So simple and sophisticated.

Scenestir Jenny tagged this Batty

Just thought you'd like to know that we posted info about you blog and making a donation on our site www.scenestirz.com.

Irene tagged this simple, and elegant.

This is lovely and calm. I like the socks, and shoes.

Sayo tagged this Cute

Wow, that's an amazing necklace!

Anonymous tagged this Cute

Love your simpler, everyday looks.

hhh tagged this Cute

hhhoosoifudsijfkskjdf I absolutely love this. I am at a loss for words. I'm so in love with those shoes, I've been on a hunt for them forevvaaa.

Anonymous tagged this Cute

sweet. cool necklace.

Erika tagged this Hot

That's a good one!!!!

Siri treehouse tagged this Hot

Oh so awesome the way you wore the crocheted copper chain piece! I'm yet again honored that you've used some of my pieces in your ammazing project! btw, my crochet jewelry line is now called Sirius Lux, and i'm making a website currently, at siriuslux.com . Thank you ladies yet again! kisses, Siri treehouse


L.O.V.E. love the necklace and love the way the whole ensemble works..

jo tagged this Hot

Love your necklace!!!!