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June 09

This day belongs to nitano.
"I wish we all wore more hats! Go Sheena."
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Day 59. Sun, June 28 2009

Milliner's play.

Summer straw hat designed and donated by the lovely milliner Laura Daly. More hats from Laura to come! Assorted bangles found at the Dumbo flea market.


Christy tagged this Cute

Simple and chic

Juneau tagged this Batty

Nicely put together outfit, but just not feeling that hat . . .

Kathlene tagged this Garden Party

I want this dress!

Danica Pereira from Brazil tagged this Cute

...but could be more colorful!

Anonymous tagged this Try Harder

its a bit boring..

Anonymous tagged this Batty

Not diggin' the hat


I like that hat !

Emiwee tagged this Try Harder

Would've added a nice necklace or something. BTW, You have AMAZING legs. =]

heather tagged this Brave

if your friend were willing, i think another great way to make money for the cause would be to sell this dress- with a portion of the proceeds being donated! we are all going to want it so badly after seeing how many ways you can accessorize it!

RogueTess tagged this Cute

I love how this simple dress provides such a great backdrop to accessories that pop.

Laura tagged this Cute

I want that dress too !!


Lovely, love the hat! My great grandmother was a milliner... I love hats!! Put together very well.

Jodie | Sério: Moda! tagged this Cute

Simply fantastic this project's concept! Makes me wanna go for a simple and chic and benevolent way of dressing/living too. Congratulations! Kisses from Brazil, Jodie

ZZ tagged this Classy

Oh I love.

Jacky tagged this Hot

Simple and gorgeous! I like the vintage glam twist.

shuchi tagged this Cute


Alice O

maybe I'm missing something but this seems really dumb! you're not wearing the same thing for a year - you are wearing 7 versions of one thing as part of 365 different outfits. not greater a feat than wearing jeans/black trousers for a year which pleanty of people do! the dress is so neutral that it can work with so many outfits so what's the big deal?

Edith tagged this Not horrible

The hat is nice. I love this idea soo much but I think this one is a little... meh. I dont know. This outfit is a little plain. I'm so sorry :(

Camille tagged this Cute

i like the hat!

kaz tagged this awesome!!!

love ALL your outfits and your whole project!

Britwatch tagged this Topheavy

Finally! Some comments from folk who understand neither charity nor style... (not to mention hygiene). No fun at all if everyone's on the same page eh? Such charming candour, too. Lovely work again today Uniformproject...

the knotty hooker tagged this super sweet

super sweet spring fling!


Nice! I wore PRADA for an entire year in 2001

maria tagged this Cute

Very simple but soo cute

Anonymous tagged this Cute

Uma diva!

Fabiana BF tagged this Cute

Uma diva

Inspired by The Project tagged this Hot

Simple Elegance from head to tow! Lovely!

shira tagged this Cute

wouldnt be able to wear this to work... cute but not practical

maybelovely tagged this Cute

Nice :) That's amazing thing to do for a good cause.

Jam Polk tagged this Cute

Hi Sheena Good on you I am doing a slightly similar project where I am wearing denim for a year. However, unlike your charitable efforts I am doing it for nothing but the glory! Good luck, and I hope those dressed make it through the end of your year in tact JP

Jam Polk tagged this Cute

I fogot to say I'm blogging too, ot as artfully as you however! http://yearofdenim.wordpress.com/


Glamorous, chic, sophisticated. The matching colors on the shoes and hat make it very balanced. I love those shoes. Well done girl!

Carmen tagged this Average

To be honest, not the best one (:

Elizabeth Jones tagged this Hot

Is that a beekeeper's hat? No, I do love the sophistication, v sexy!

yifat tagged this Cute


Shelby tagged this Try Harder

I'm bored

meemu tagged this Hot

I LOVE that hat! What a talented young lady. x

Beth tagged this Cute

Again, like the accessories!

Ruth tagged this Cute

I love this outfit. Simple and elegant but still interesting (the hat). I find the simpler ensembles refreshing amidst the more extravagantly accessorized looks. I agree that it would be a great idea to sell the dress...

zaza tagged this Hot

louwww it. check out dem legs.

Josey tagged this Hot

I think the minimal jewelry is a perfect choice. The hat is the focal point and the bracelets are a subtle accent.


Super cute! Love the hat!

Sara tagged this Cute

So simple, but so lovely. The bracelets really pull it all together.

Carly from NZ tagged this Cute

Supremely elegant shoes. The hat is odd but strangely suits you. I woulda done it in different colours maybe...

nai tagged this Try Harder

not so interesting compared to the usual ones.

Addie tagged this Cute

The hat is adorable. So chic!

Molly Dove tagged this Darling

I adore that hat and wish Laura would donate one to me too!

Nikki tagged this Cute

I little boring, but I love that hat!

katey tagged this Throwback with a twist

I think that this is classic and beautiful. LOVE IT, dress, bangles, shoes, and hat to boot!

vinamarata tagged this ohkay-types

sorry..but the hat sorta looks like a bread basket

Carolyn Elliott

My favorite of the month of June. I always like it when the dress is the star.