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April 10

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"One of my favourites!"
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Day 331. Sat, March 27 2010

Me Tartan.

Vintage tartan skirt donated by Eliza, suede belt, hat and pumps from eBay. It must be approaching Sunday 2pm in Sydney! Will you be going? U.P party in Sydney >
See facebook event >


Amélia Lôbo BR tagged this Hot

You look so adorable! Like if you are from the 40s. love the skirt and the combo of the shoes and the belt.

antipodean tagged this stylish

checks out great

Suz tagged this Cute


Britgirl tagged this zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

I just know what your going to be doing when your done with the 365 days... you'll be sleeping! lovely outfit as always!


it's a shame you can't be in two places at one time; it would have been great to see you at sean's party! I like the red shoe / tights combo.

Regina tagged this School marm

That belt is just... uck.

gruvee tagged this yeah, very cute!

cuteness and a half babycakes! love the belt love the skirt love the hat

RogueTess tagged this Cute

I love this! Such great "ethnic" variations ;)


I think you look best in reds & blues! Love the shoes! Have we seen those before?


@Holly, I might be video skyping from NY to the Sydney party, connections permitting!

Irene tagged this Hot

You look beautiful today with your tartan skirt and hat.

Arsvita tagged this Cute

Two words - A dorable!

Melissa Yardley tagged this Cute

This is a wonderful idea. How about a project for people on limited budgets for food. Like hamburger for a year, 365 different and delicious ways to eat beef.

Payal tagged this Cute

Aaarrghhh I can't believe I'm not at the UP party! I'm talking to my friends who are there :)

ammakke tagged this cheers to Tartan

Wow!!Tartan boosts us all up, right??Well, Britwatch sounded happy as the Sydney party was half way,let's hear more soon..BTW you look smashing , Tartan girl...

Anonymous tagged this stuborn(in a good way)

great outfits,all of them, but do you ever get bored and wish you could wear something different?

pimientaconcerezas tagged this wonnetrunken

With the skirt of a fierce Scotsman, French hat and shoes like the Pope, I think you ought to move to the old continent...I heard Pippi Longstocking is still looking for a new tenant in Villa Villekulla.

Chuck tagged this Try Harder

I'm sorry, I don't like it. I think the belt is hideous and the skirt makes you look really old and fat (and you're not!).

Tally's Place tagged this Tartan Lovin"

@Chuck If thisis what old and fat looks like, I say bring it on! Sheena, you look adorable, like always. I'm getting sad that the end is nearing. What will I check first thing everymorning now?

gruvee tagged this Cute

old & fat? what? get your glasses checked! c'est tres cute!

Britgirl tagged this Funds are going up!

yeah!!!! 170 kids in school!

sarah tagged this Try Harder

not my fav....

Anonymous tagged this Cute

i want to go to the alps!

prutha Raithatha tagged this Cute

love the belt!!