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January 10

This day belongs to Carolimura.
"inspiring idea for a day off, especially in an outdoor market like this...love the ideas..."
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Day 262. Sun, January 17 2010


At the Powai fish market in a thirfted necklace from the dumbo flea market donated by Cat, Goan harem pants and vintage Huarache sandals from eBay.


wasabipear tagged this Fresh

That necklace reminds me of the markets in Nairobi. Always my favorite little baubles to wear. Liking the dress as shirt attitude here. Bisous.

Mari tagged this Relaxed

I liked this! It looked so relaxed. And the neckless was just gorgeous!

scary. tagged this pants.

yes to the pants. want. and that second shot is stunnin loveens.

Jezz tagged this Brave

the necklase! amazing! that huarache sandals rock!

RogueTess tagged this Cute

Love how this dress works so well with the harem pants!

Irene tagged this laid-back

that's a really cool necklace, and loving the sandals. It's really beautiful how well the background fits with your outfit today.

Claire tagged this Cute

I love the necklace! :)

ali tagged this fishtastic

do you ever tuck the dress in? is that cheating? (love all the india outfits, btw)


Always appreciating relaxed, comfortable, yet really different looks that aren't sweats and a t-shirt. Keeps us all interested in thinking creatively, yet feasibly about what we wear no matter the circumstance.

moon tagged this Batty

awww kinda looks like u are wearing a dhothi!

holly tagged this road to recovery

Glad to see a smile on your face today; hope you are feeling better. Great harem pants!


I used to have a necklace of wooden animals, a longago gift from my sister. The second shot is so beautiful today, it shows that you are relaxed and wearing the clothes - they're not wearing you. Honestly, we could all benefit from meditating on the deeper meaning of UP and how we could apply its value to our daily lives.

Pro-Portional Designs tagged this Hot

Huge yes to the pants and another yes for the necklace

ammakke tagged this natural

Relieved to see with a hearty smile on your face..hope you feel better but remember you need more sleep and rest before that loooong flight, sheena.Hope you could relish some of the mouthwatering fish delicacies ...I see those prawns, pearlspots,pomfrets, king fish etc..missing home food..BTW the harem pants is nice on you & thrifted necklace is goegeous.

abigail tagged this gr8

ohhhhhhh sheena, i'm very happy, u look like u feel much better ~ i adore those goan harem pants ~ and the necklace is charming ~~~

erin tagged this drool

i want those pants

Mia tagged this :)

Gorgeous necklace and a really fun and interesting look today! Hope you're feeling better!


I hope you are feeling better. I always LOVE your necklaces! I do like this one very much, but my favorites are the ones that look like large fabric balls. Keep healthy.

gruvee tagged this hope UR better

lookin' good!

goldengirl tagged this Fisher Queen

Hareem pants looks gorgeous on you, lookin beautiful..glad you feeling better...green veggie for energy is the best; love the diesel bag hanging...is there a specific fish to match?

Sass tagged this fish fabulous

You look very comfortable in your outfit and surroundings! Make sure you rest up and stay healthy! Love what you've been doing!

paul tagged this Pescanthemums

glad ur feelin beta!!

Paul B tagged this Pescanthemums

Glad ur feelin beta!

Payal tagged this Classic!

haha you had to do the fish market! Awesome! Good job holding your breath and looking nice! When are you headed back to NY? Sad you couldn't go to Kerala! I'm sure our malayalee folks would've enjoyed showing you off!

Paul tagged this Pescanthemums

Glad ur feelin beta!


LOVE the necklace! and the setting.


Are you feeling better? You look it!

Nadege tagged this Cute

wonderful...so loving your sytle here in bombay. great necklace.

Linda from SA tagged this Cute

Nothing cures ailment more than the smell of a fish market!? Like the handmade look of the wooden necklace.

Gena tagged this Cute

I don't know how you do it. But it's fantastic. Thank you!

bb tagged this Cute

What a necklace. So bold and amazing.


y did u cancel ur kerala trip...:(


Surprisingly, I really like the harem pants with the dress. Love the necklace!

Tamara tagged this Cute

Joli :) Par contre, j'adore le colier !

Bronwyn tagged this Horrible

Hi Sheena! This outfit is horrible! It must have really smelled in there when you took the pictures. My favourite picture is the 3rd one because it doesn't show the outfit! :)

Melanie tagged this Hot

Everything you've worn in India has been top notch. Love it.

Anonymous tagged this Batty

pants is kinda...