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September 09

This day belongs to HannahCH.
"Funky and classy - just the way I like it! The concept and cause of this project is so refreshing in light of our society's emphasis on trying to get us to over-consume. "
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Day 129. Sun, September 06 2009

Möbius strip und Schlauchanshluß

Ars Day 3. Möbius Strip cowl, replicating the form used in the recycling symbol, designed by Scully at scullynewyork.com. Made from recycled packaging material from Geami (www.geami.com ) and reclaimed Con Edison caution tape. Held together with two vintage brooches.

Read more about The crafting of the Möbius Strip >


Anonymous tagged this Interstiiiiiiiing

In a sea monster kind of way. No, it's fab, looks cool. Very clever.

ettagirl tagged this sophisticate

one of my faves. but then i am a minimalist and a science geek. love!

Keagan tagged this Cute

Loving the armwarmers! The shoes are very cute too (:


Love it!

Petra tagged this Cute

Eco-friendly gal!

Janna tagged this Cute

i would change the shoes but otherwise, i kinda like it

nini tagged this Hot

that scarf is amazing!

E.J.Starbuck tagged this Recycled Genius!

Amazing! Scully's creation looks like fire coral. That Con-Ed tape really stands out beautifully!

Ad tagged this scien-tabulous!

fab! love the red outlined sign bringing out the red in the fab scarf!

gruvee tagged this Brave

tres brave, neato.

muffy tagged this lovely.

lovely lovely. You are on a roll! And do tell, where did you get those arm warmers?

Austen tagged this fabulous

wow! the scarf and the gloves make this outfit! and the whole thing makes me smile

Kristian tagged this resourceful

i enjoy the recycled element! your attention to the cause over glorifying the dress is continually impressive! best of luck!

cristina tagged this creative!

u should start selling those scarves - sure it would sell (i want one) and could raise some funds.

Mariah tagged this Scientifically Stunning!

Although not generally prone to hyperbole, just have to say -- that scarf may be the coolest thing I've seen this year. Two of my fav things collide (Mobius strip vs. vintage) in an amazing way. Love the simple outfit to highlight the scarf.

Anonymous tagged this Couture

Everyday keeps getting better! Love how this scarf is "green." Oh, and guess what? There's an article on the front page of Yahoo featuring "10 ways to wear a little black dress" with 10 of Sheena's ensambles! Congrats. :)

ammakke tagged this wonderful

Oh, I love that fiery "scarf", gives a classy look to the uniform U look gorgeous in the first shot

Kaity tagged this Hot

I am in love with that cowl! Fantastic!

Sophie B

What luscious colors.Is it comfortable to wear?

modernfigurative tagged this love it

I love this whole look!

dayglozoo tagged this Couture AND cute

Really loving the arm warmers. I hope they become a regular feature in your fall wardrobe.

Mary Ruback from Brazil

So cute! I love it!

Irene tagged this Cute

The scarf and the arm warmers looks awesome. That scarf is amazing, especially since it's so green.

Scully tagged this Recycled Saffron

Sheena, you look fabulous! Thank you Con-Ed! May good karma find those who donate!

fashion lover tagged this cover 11

very cute!! i love the scarf!

Carole tagged this Eco-goddess

Fabulous! And some fierce poses too! Love this. It's chilly here today. Gonna make myself some armwarmers right now!

Mister L tagged this Cute

Unlike Con-Ed, Scully's upcycled scarf is totally "On It". Those vintage brooches are the perfect element to finesse the raw industrial texture of Geami – and it's orange! Sehr schöne.

aghata tagged this recycled

where is she?

Aube tagged this Cute

Just perfect. I'm here for the first time and I'll stay till the last one - your trully fan from now


I appreciate the new poses and venue. It makes everything a little more interesting to look at.


Why don't you give credit to Andrea Zittel who originally started the Uniform Project?

Jo tagged this Fabulous

The color is so good for you. Does the cowl make noise when you move. Serious question.

John Medley tagged this Batty

Bloody batty indeed.

Payal tagged this High-fashion!

That's just stunning...loving the background too.

Beth tagged this Cute

nice cowl

nancy tagged this Love it!

Would love to have a couple...maybe a couple inches longer...hope they offer that and a size 1X..not young or skinny anymore!

wasabipear tagged this Texturally Addictive

I can only imagine the ? amount of ways this piece can be sculpted and worn.



Alexa tagged this Beauuuuutiful

Gorgeous. The cowl, the outfit, the photos, woosh. Very well-composed. I like that the cowl is the only color in this, while everything else is like an exhibit wall for it, all black and very neat and smooth - except for the slightly-slouchy armwarmers, which goes with the chunkiness of the cowl. What a great fall look, I'm in love.


Scully's piece has made the all incredible!!!

Anonymous tagged this Try Harder

I like the idea!!!!!!!!!!!! great!

Mi tagged this Cute

one of my faves.

Anonymous tagged this Cute


Jar?a tagged this Brave

It´s beautiful..I am your fun ;-)

elizabeth tagged this stunning

tres chic


I've decided that if you haven't already come up with the idea.. that you should auction off some of the accessories to make some more muller! I would bid highly for some items for sure! Love ur creativity :)

SarahJ tagged this stunning

Truly truly stunning, how does rubbish get to be so elegant. It does look scratchy tho

yobe tagged this Brave

Love the colour, weird but in a good way.Shoes are ace

Sajith tagged this Cute

Luv your style

Sajith tagged this Cute

Luv your style!Wanna talk about it? sajmahal16@googlemail.com

Sajith tagged this Cute

Luv your style! Wanna talk about it? sajmahal16@googlemail.com

Pearl'sgirl tagged this Gorgeous

I think this outfit is one of my favorites!

shoe lover10 tagged this Hot

very sweet and sassy!


me encanta sobre todo la pañuelo-bufanda o algo asi (i like it so much... this scarf? is cool!)


Love it! Your creativity is really coming out in London! Did you bring all of the accessories with you, or are these things you're finding there?

Meemu tagged this On another level

Absolutely stunning. I would love to get my hands on something similar. It's the ultimate statement piece.



Jana tagged this smart

Hello, been following your project a bit and happened to see you at the hotel in Linz, at breakfast, but wasn't if it was really you (didn't know you were at ars). Wanted to say hello and bravo for your blog and project. Small world.

Cynthia tagged this Her royal gypsy.

so luv this outfit. only thing missing is an awesome orange or red/orange bracelet.


this is wonderful!!!! will this dress be manufactured? or maybe the pattern will be made free and people could DIYS? absolutely am enthralled with the idea!

Lise Bouchard

Vraiment une riche idée de faire çe ! FÉLICITATIONS !

Anonymous tagged this Parisian Class

Really very well done, the little black dress is put forward, the bright scarf, severe laced shoes and opaque tight gives it that typical Parisian elegance. ps: photos with feet turning inside make any model look like they have crooked legs..

Danyella tagged this mesmerizing

I love this cute outfit! The orange scarf thing brings it all together.

hannahch tagged this Funky

I bought the dress that belongs to this day, and my husband actually bought me that Moebius Strip Cowl for my birthday (April 25th)!

luomo tagged this Batty

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