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December 09

This day belongs to adb.
"What a wonderful and inspiring project. Fashion should be about creative and positive energy and you have accomplished just that!"
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Day 157. Sun, October 04 2009

London -> New York

Vintage hat donated by Eliza, thrifted tank from Beacons Closet, bamboo tights donated by Sockdreams and thrift store boots from Brooklyn.

The Uniform Project returns to home base, courtesy US immigration. Thank you London, Linz, Galway and Scotland for a fabulous time.


galyu tagged this Cute

im firstttttt

Mariah tagged this Comfy & Chic

Love the gold threads in the tank. Have a safe flight!

Jenna tagged this Adorable

This is beautiful! :) i've loved your looks for about the past week . your an inspiration , icant believe you can do this . id never be able to!

HelenG tagged this Cute

very chic and looks really comfortable -- just the thing for a long flight!

Mrs. O tagged this Cute

Did people recognize you on your flights, at the airports, etc.?

ammakke tagged this bye bye!!

Sad to see U all set for "UR Home Base"...Bon voyage to U Sheena !! & ...New york awaiting U with TWO full time jobs..& All the Best to ur endeavours !Appreciate how U "worked" from a suitcase for a full month, amazing girl!!

yobe tagged this bags of style

Homeward bound but not homely. Hope the jet lag isn't too bad for you. Outfit Looks comfortable for travelling

CAG tagged this Cute

Too Cute! Love the props...

the knotty hooker tagged this Cute

i'm seriously digging your travel gear....

A loyal UP follower tagged this Hot

Lots of baggage for a girl who wears only one dress! LOL

isabelle tagged this travel- ready!

very comfy!! love the shirt and the tights, and love of course, the boots!!


Look it... esp. the top!


welcome home :)

Carolyn Elliott tagged this Sophistocated

Just the thing for travel!

Carole tagged this Cute

Look at you, so adorable! Love this, and your luggage!

KT tagged this Cute

The belt makes all the difference in the world! Just imagine what it would look like without it? I also love the color(s) in the tank top - it gives it character and texture. Wishing you a safe return trip and I hope you get caught up on your rest.

Mara tagged this Cute

Safe flight! Very cute. I love the hat!

Jolly M tagged this Cute

Hi sheena, U look so smart in your cute "flying LBD outfit" and the hat is lovely too.Guess U will catch up with some sleep in the long flight. Wish U a safe & comfy journey back. we 'll miss you.

RogueTess tagged this Cute

Adorable and comfy. Just needs a few pockets for a perfect travel outfit.


I am liking the black/grey with a hint of gold in the top. Also looks very comfy for that long daytime flight back to the US.

elisabeth tagged this toot toot

train driver - Like it when you look comfortable and you look comfortable today - ready for travelling (even if not by train)!

holly tagged this Cute

Love this look, the hat is super cute. Posh Spice could take some tips from you about travelling in style and comfort!

Sue tagged this Smashing

Your two outfits for transatlantic travel are my all-time favorites. Smart and wearable. What do you wear if it's chilly on the airplane?

Nina tagged this sophisticated casual

Great outfit! I love the big leather bag and the old hats bag, I wish I had one... http://braids-and-bows.blogspot.com/

grace tagged this Cute

i can't tell you how amazed i am to see one dress look so great!!! i actually met you at an event and i am so happy i was turned on to the website... who knows what look i'll be repeating? :)

abigail tagged this cool

love the traveling suit.....hope your flight was safe....welcome home to NYC.....

VOVÓ SANTA tagged this Lindo

Muito incrível seu projeto, parabéns!!! www.vovosanta.blogspot.com

Marília Lacerda tagged this Cute

oh god, I love it. I live in Brazil and I will follow you every day , good luck!


cool, especially the boots

Em Wood tagged this Brave

Too many greys and blacks. Skirt length impractical.

Bruna tagged this Nice

I'm from Brazil too! What about doing a tribute for Rio 2016 games? =)


Chic and sophisticated. Love this look. Very comfy too. I'd totally wear it~!

Payal tagged this Cute

Wow...what a milestone...first you create a unique project that has had such a positive impact around the glode, then you actually take U.P to the UK! Awesome! It's such a big deal, and you guys should be very proud of yourselves! Love the outfit...so cool, relaxed and yet, stylish. Well done again!

cfm tagged this Cute

"Skirt length impractical?!" It's a bit late to do anything about that now!

sarahj tagged this ideal for travelling

skirt length not impractical, my skirt is that length and trust me, its practical

marie tagged this Cute

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ivygail tagged this Awesome

Love it! Love it! Love it!


love the outfit! Did you wear the arm warmers when it got chilly on the plane? Hope you keep up the varied backgrounds, if possible!

cookie tagged this chad wino

bon voyage and have fun, your on a good track.

Pet tagged this Train Driver

Cool travel outfit

ines tagged this perfect

stylish and comfy

Tito Jong tagged this PRONTO

Want that hat PRONTO http://prahjeks.com

Tami tagged this Cute

really cute!

Anonymous tagged this Cute

check out my blog: http://steff-ellen-hannah.blogspot.com/

Julia tagged this Preppy New York

I would wear anyday!

traveler tagged this Cute

I think this is awesome! Great idea!

Beth tagged this Cute

Cute tank and hat.

Kiwiken tagged this travel fever

This looks ideal for traveling. I definitely would wear that for a journey. And I really don't see what could possibly be impractical about the skirt length. It's short enough not to be in the way, long enough to be modest, and warm enough if paired with cute tights like these. I really can't imagine any situation I absolutely wouldn't wear that dress to - well, swimming, yeah.


Like I said just keeps getting better! In a huge fan! Amazing outfit!


no no no.

sss tagged this Cute

Cery nice really

andrienclark tagged this Cute

the jet lag isn't too bad for you. Outfit Looks comfortable for travelling memory card reader


This is still one of my favorite outfits.