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February 10

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Day 281. Fri, February 05 2010

Little miss layer cake

Handmade collar donated by Louise from louloudo.etsy.com. Skinny belt donated by Sara, thrifted corduroy skirt, knee highs from Sockdreams and vintage Laredo boots from eBay.


moon tagged this Cute

warm blueberry cupcake <3 on a snowy day :)

Bronwyn tagged this Stylin'

Hey Sheena! Love this outfit soooooooo much! I don't really think the boots go with it though. Sorry!:):):):)

gruvee tagged this Cute

love the collar love the skirt love the boots

MJC tagged this You gotta have heart

Would have loved to have seen red on you since it's "Wear Red for Women" day through the American Heart Association (and I think red would look amazing on you too). Today is a day to focus on what should be the #1 health issue of American women...heart health!

annie tagged this verbals is

I love it, I love it!! Happy weekend :).

Amélia Lôbo BR tagged this Cute

So cute-european look. Love it.

riley tagged this Cute

Simple & cute! Well done.

Mariana Busch tagged this Brave

I love it, but now in Rio is so hot that I can't wear so many clothes ^^

che tagged this sweet

ok, my 10 tep is now my top 20. And this is one of them. How do you keep coming up with fresh ideas?

Big Fan tagged this Yummy Cake Goodness!!!!!

Mmmmm Cake. I have to say that I love cake and I love this outfit too.

Emily tagged this Cute

A Modern Victorian Girly Personette!

Anonymous tagged this talking to the moon

I love it! I love the juxtaposition of layers; it's a poem; a soft whisper... playful and theatrical!

Irene tagged this Adorable

A sophisticated schoolgirl cupcake.

Amber Lee D. tagged this Cute

oh... this is so cute...one of my fav's!


So adorable! It is amazing where that one has gone in the world of fashion.

Payal tagged this Hot

It's all cuteness till you get to the boots. Then's it's just good girl gone bad! Love it!

mswaykus tagged this retro flirty

Love, love LOVE this!

jolly M tagged this navarasa

Well...Well...are you ever short of fresh ideas, Sheena ? How well you have used the colours - the blue, the black, the white & the grey in the layering.The "icing of the cake" is of course the varied expressions on your face humerous....pondering....whimsical...mischievous. Super altogether Sheena: " but we need more money 4 more kids "

Pear Picker tagged this Marie Antoinette's brunch

A black and white photograph of delectable fancy french pastry; indeed that is what you are today. delicute sweet and pastel hued...except now because you are colorless photo. Ina good way.

Pear Picker tagged this CORRECTION

*not not now

christine tagged this skirting the issue

ruffled blue, black, and grey. some might say sombre; i say hip hip hooray!

inha tagged this pro

heehee.. the recaptcha said "wannabe pro"... but this... this is pro.

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Maryjohn tagged this How adorable is this?

That last pose is a keeper. You look absolutely darling.

Chrissy tagged this Cute

Vintage and cute. I wish I could pull off this look!

kataay tagged this ophjhgdjygy

very very very lovely :)

Louise tagged this Hot

yyeeeeeeaaaah! love the blueberry colours

Justina(LT) tagged this nice

Eu de France! :)))

Viv tagged this Darling

Lovin' the collar and shoes!!

Eithne tagged this a top-tenner

bull's eye! when an outfit comes in as a fashionable couplet as this you know it just has to be published: it rhymes in all the right places. and i know for a fact that those feisty Victorian poetesses looked almost exactly like this ;-)

moniherz tagged this fabulous

You amaze me, what a great combo. I think the boots are the surprise element.

Melissa aka The Daily Foto tagged this Cute

Love the colour combo. Simultaneously stylish and sweet x *Melissa aka The Daily Foto Project*

ammakke tagged this stylishly sweet

mmm..yummmy "layer cake",with exact measure of ingredients!!

Nicole tagged this wasteful

Confused as to the epiphany portion of this project. Is a black base not always considered a smart foundation? I was born and raised knowing and understanding the power of the LBD, and am saddened that this blog is founded on "revolutionary lbd" - get it together. . . creative, this is not. . boring, it is. Anyone who is sent free accessories from hundreds of designers could wake up and make an outfit out of it. . . a black dress without all the garbage would be much more chic, and sustainable.

JessicaR tagged this Spit Spot

I love it, Mary Poppins goes Underground chic, ready to dance on a chimney or listen to house music in a converted bookstore.

seb tagged this cute with an edge

Another great outfit showing how a simple black dress can be made to look so different. I love the cute collar and the boots, I want those boots! I will be trawling ebay til I find some! You are doing great work and as always I am totally inspired by your style :)

holly tagged this favourite boots, again!

feminine, in a kick ass kinda way!

Charlotte tagged this Preppy

very preppy and totally cute! btw, i think @Nicole totally missed the point of this project, what a kill-joy!

sarah tagged this Cute

i LOVE this outfit without the boots, but i LOVE everything else!

Austen tagged this Adorable

i am in love with this outfit.

ruby tagged this Cute

sheena you are my style icon! such a muse to us all - love it!

Noémi tagged this la crème de la crème :)

Oh wow. This is incredible. Like A little girl on her first day at school, but she migh be rejected by the others, because they are jealous of this look sooooo class and hot.

Thejoyoffashion tagged this Cute

I love how the collar!! its super cute!

Kylie tagged this Hot

This is stunning, feminine meets funky ! Definitely my favourite

Joni tagged this Cute

This must be the nicest outfit here.. I love the shoes!

Anonymous tagged this Cute


Hannah. x tagged this Cute

Lovess it. x

Molly tagged this Cute

amazing silhouette and colours, and the layered socks/tights and skirts aer just so cute!