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June 09

This day belongs to Tiffany L..
"This was one of the first days that inspired me to begin collecting items to accessorize my dress in anticipation of the day it would finally be available. Through ebay, etsy & flea markets I have purchased laredo boots, bowtie pins, bubble hats, slashed leggings, colored tights and vintage sweaters. All ready-to-go. Thanks for the inspiration!"
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Day 14. Thu, May 14 2009

Little miss bigfoot

Tricolor legs in metallic tights, blue stockings and black button up socks paired with vintage patent leather blue Doc Martens.


Shuchi tagged this Brave

The footwear definitely has this one!



Elena tagged this Hot

Love it!

Jenny tagged this Batty

Oh no. Not really a fan of the shiny leggings or clown shoes.

Skeeter tagged this Brave

So on this day, I just noticed the little titles of the outfits. Now I have to start all over again. Could it be the outfit? I so love the shoes!

RogueTess tagged this Cute

It's a look. I know I could never pull it off.

Nabila tagged this Brave

This is crazy! But a good crazy^^.

RDL tagged this Brave

Love the tights, not the hair.

Anonymous tagged this Brave

i love your courage -_-

Anonymous tagged this Brave

again - i must have your shoes!




Eww...blue Doc Martens? And shiny leggings? I love the headband.

Anonymous tagged this hot mess

Looks like you raided your closet for too many things. Less is more. The shoes are kind of gross too.

Anonymous tagged this Batty

ack! those are the Docs I've dreamed about!! not crazy, about the headband though.

Anonymous tagged this =(



I love how crazy this outfit is ... Pretty punkrock.

Anonymous tagged this Brave

I have mixed feelings about this.

Addie tagged this weird...

I think you were trying to hard on this one.

me tagged this Batty

I'm sorry but those are the worst shoes ever. and maybe too much going on in the lower half?? Its not horrible, but I am not a big fan of this.


Noo Doc Martens. The rest of the outfit is zany but fits your vintage, off-beat and whimsical style. Your looks give me a lot to think about, since they incorporate so much from older decades, and you make it modern, and of course, you.

fashion lover tagged this Try Harder

too much leg-wear and i don't like the head piece

laney tagged this Batty

no ma'am.

ammakke tagged this Hot

tricolor legs look smashing! love the hair band.

Anonymous tagged this almost.

Love the tricolour but not the brassy metalic, Blue docs are cool. Needs some colour in the middle.

Visitor SK tagged this Try Harder

no good .... mmm legs and scarf :-)

Ulumuri tagged this Awesome

Now I want tricolor legs, too.

Anonymous tagged this Batty

ew. eclectic - yes. cute - no.

anonymous tagged this Try Harder


SINACALL0624 tagged this INSPIRING

This reminds me of a STAR TREK meets grown up PUNKY BREWSTER..but def not in a bad way...I am totally feeling this...inspiring!! Cant wait to check out the next 6mnths..BTW I AM A NEWBIE and eating all this up!OFF 2 EBAY 4 a pair of bright blue DOCS!

Aurora tagged this Cute

i love the headgear, i've got to figure out how to do that.

SINACALL0624 tagged this BLUE BLISS

I keep coming back 2 this outfit ...luv luv luv it!! It's so funny how so many haters stay ANONYMOUS..as every1 is entitled 2 their opinion y aren't they proud of their's!???;D

rupiningsih tagged this Try Harder

Sorry I dont like this.. :-(

t3naciously tagged this Cute

simply adorable! *totally wants*