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June 09

This day belongs to jinsim.
"just lovely!"
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Day 47. Tue, June 16 2009

Little Dot, little Lotta.

Altered salvation army dress. Vintage platforms from eBay. Knee Highs from Sockdreams.


Pam tagged this Cute

Love it. That outfit could be worn anywhere.

Sarah tagged this Cute

I like this one.

shuchi tagged this Hot

Love it!

Allie tagged this Cute

really cute. I like the socks and shoes the best.

nicole tagged this Cute

very cute!

kate schmate tagged this Cute

Yes. Love it!

Anonymous tagged this Cute

Really adorable!

Britwatch tagged this Hot

This one's really cool. Va va voom!

Miranda tagged this Hot

office hot, out hot, hot.

Anonymous tagged this Hot

love it!


Super cute!

k tagged this Hot

fantastic! Very inspirational. Can't wait to see the upcoming outfits!

E.J.Starbuck tagged this Brave

I don't think I know anyone else who can make biker shorts fashionable. Do you?

Justine tagged this Cute

I would wear that!

Sylvia tagged this Cute

Hey, you are called "The most creative girl of the year" in... Poland on this huge Polish fashion website: http://flashfashion.pl/lifestyle/najkreatywniejsza_dziewczyna_roku_ I really like your outfits! Especially June 1st and 4th. All the best from Poland :-)

Flavita tagged this Cute

You're a genius!

tstjames tagged this Perfect

Adorable! I think this is my favourite so far!!!

mads tagged this Cute


Sacha tagged this Cute

Not sure about the green socks...

the knotty hooker tagged this Cute

bike shorts! seriously i never saw them as shorts...i love how the layers break up the vertical lines...

RogueTess tagged this Cute

Most excellent! With tamer socks this is office-friendly.

hhh tagged this Cute


Camilla tagged this Cute

This is great! The only thing I'd change is the shoe color. Would look better with black flats, I think. LOVE the polka dot dress!

Piglet tagged this Cute

Love the green socks

Shay tagged this Cute

Like a hipster fifties secretary... Love it.

Nabila tagged this Cute

I love the color combination. It's terrific.

jk tagged this Cute

best one yet!

meghan tagged this Hot

So cute! I love the pop of color!

Anonymous tagged this chic

Nice! Very 'clean' looking!

L. tagged this Hot

I love what you've done to the collar of that dress. Ingenious. Also, will you be selling the uniform at any point?


love the shoes!! i would definitely wear this, but im not brave enough for the gree socks though

Abby P. tagged this Practically Perfect

cute, but a little schizophrenic- I get a disconnect between the top half and the bottom. Maybe if you tied it in with bright accessories, or a light cream shoe to play off the the whites in the dress?

Katie tagged this Cute

I like it!

cwhf tagged this Cute

This is quite snazzy and versatile.

Anonymous tagged this Cute

would like to see side shot of shoes sometimes to get an idea of heel/full style


Add some glasses and you've got a hot librarian!

oscurotrophic tagged this Cute

Loving it!

Prep School 101 tagged this Cute

Super cute!! PS: Just found your blog and am officially following. Good luck!

eek tagged this Cute

oohhh - love this!

Silke tagged this Cute

I love what you are doing - and frankly ANYTHING would look cute on you! I wish I could accessorize as effortlessly as you...:) Silke

Juneau tagged this Mostly good.

Love everything but the shoes -- needs more of a tie-in from brown to the primary black of above the knees. (Or maybe it's just the photo, re how the colors came out?)

Lucy tagged this Cute

love the green socks

Ruth tagged this Cute

very cute!

caroline tagged this Cute

you are inspirational! you make the idea of wearing the same thing every day exciting - that is amazing.

Flá tagged this Cute



You are awesome ! An inspiration !

april tagged this Cute

lose the shorts.

George Thompson tagged this Hot

Haute couture with a conscience. I'll be following you on twitter from hereon.


You have such a teeny petite body, you are very fortunate to pull off these styles. You make every outfit just adorable and classy even if they've been rated 'try harder' you are still pulling them off elegantly.

mjl tagged this Hot

love this!

nav tagged this Hot

love it!

Fashion Speaks tagged this Cute

Great pop of color w/ green socks...trend right...and like the graphic added by the dress...just wish there was a scarf or necklace that played back to the fun color of the socks...sigh...

Beth tagged this Brave

This dress would be old lady on some people, but you pulled it off.


You are FABULOUS and I love this idea! All your outfits have been so creative and look great on you!

eldub tagged this Cute

love it!

Sarah tagged this So Chic

This is by far my favorite thus far. The green socks are fabulous! Everything just works so well...

Helen tagged this Hot

omg love those shoes and socks. well done and keep up the amazing work. p.s what a great idea!!! xoxo

Lisa tagged this Cute

like the contrast

Anonymous tagged this Hot

Love the polka dots.

erin Hiemstra tagged this Cute

This is coolest idea I've seen a long time and the ultimate fashionista challenge. Congrats!


super cute today! I like it as a cardigan

Anonymous tagged this Cute

I love it! good work with pairing the salvation army dress with the uniform! not sure about those shoes with this though.

Anonymous tagged this Hot

nice balance

Barbara tagged this Brave

Love it!!

Caterina tagged this love

very nice

jen@flowerdancer.com tagged this Cute

the socks make the whole look! but where are earrings? do you ever wear them?

erina tagged this Hot

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS. definitely a favorite! love the entire outfit- especially the knee highs!

Anonymous tagged this Perfect

Original & beautiful

Katie Sue tagged this Cute

my fave! i keep looking @ it. can you tell me if the color of those socks is LIME? i'm looking for them on sockdreams but the lime color i think they are looks too bright. THANKS!

Pope Richard Corey tagged this Sweet

Rock those green socks :D

courtney tagged this Hot

I love this... my favourite so far...

lastoftheamericangirls tagged this Cute

love this outfit...those green socks are awesome!

maggie thunder

oh my goshers. this is super hot.i would wear this!

Anonymous tagged this Cute

easygoing and free. for once, the socks aren't overpowering

Andrew tagged this Cute

Like this one

Sara tagged this Amazing

Ooh, rock that green! Lovely and professional looking.

nai tagged this Hot


Addie tagged this Cute

So cute.

Bella tagged this adorably chic

They go so well together!


why the green, the top is super just forgot hte long pearl necklace. would have been very chic.

rebel tagged this day off yet again

You know what i'm gonna say -- if the outfit can be worn alone, and you've tossed the "uniform" over it just to say it's there -- in my book that really makes it a "non-uniform" day. IMHO of course, but that's just how i personally see it ....

A Follower tagged this Classy~

Ah, this outfit is clean, simple, and lovely. The splash of color with the green is refreshing, and I love the shape of the uniform in this outfit. ^.^ Keep it up!

in Queens tagged this brilliant

love the green socks

A tagged this Cute

cool idea


Why don't you ever smile? And I mean, a big happy smile... that'd lighten any outfit you create. Attitude is a part of dressing you know..

laney tagged this Cute

a keeper.

Aricia tagged this Brave

beautiful!! very classic and totally modern at the same time...loved!

Amy tagged this Hot

love ur socks! definatly sumtin i would wear!

Kialy tagged this Hot


Rachel tagged this Green with Envy

Absolutely fabulous - I adore the grey and the green. Full marks!

Nicol C. tagged this Cute


MsCreateIve tagged this Cute

Loove this look. Going backwards from Oct 23rd to this post... so far it's my favorite!



Manon tagged this Lovelyyyy

Ho ho. You're a genius.

Anonymous tagged this groovy

that's the reason why i'd to live in london to wear outfits like that !

Taylor tagged this Cute

I really love your style! Go on.