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September 09

This day belongs to Spud.
"Happy Birthday to me and congrats to you on a fabulous idea!"
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Day 175. Thu, October 22 2009

Lemon Grape Taffy

Thrifted yellow tank and leather mini, vintage tricorne hat and suede belt from eBay. Purple tights from Sockdreams and yellow cutout pumps from eBay seller, Mel's Shoppe Vintage. Vest donated by Element Eden. See more vests from Element here >

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That's great! The purple and the yellow wooow! Love it to bits.

Sarena tagged this Cute

Yummie! And cute!!!

ammakke tagged this Manjakkili

I love the "lemon look"...absolutely cute & stylish.

che tagged this fun

fun! love that it doesnt look like the uniform but still looks fab.

scary. tagged this TONIC.

and today you're dressed like a bottle of buckfast... for the love of all things holy and sacred - are you trying to give me heart failure!! ICFSI!!!!! hahahaaa love love love it loveens. too much.


love today's pairing of complementary hues. And the belt is fabulous. Great job with today's outfit!

Beth tagged this Cute

Love the shoes and belt!

jessa tagged this Cute

like it better without the vest but still cute. love the color.


Love the multi layered look. The black mini under the dress looks great! Also like the name today.


Love it!

carole tagged this tangy!

Love the colours, love your creativity, love the project. Have donated, may well donate again.I wonder though with some of the ensembles like this one, if you can take the uniform out of the outfit without substantially changing the look or the decency level, how is that like dressing with less? It seems like dressing with more. Am I missing the point?

Mariah tagged this Lemon Fresh!

Adore the purple and yellow combo (which pops again the black)!

Claire tagged this Cute



Sometimes you just ignore the "little black dress" instead of accessorize it. But I know it must get hard to keep coming up with new stuff. Keep up the good work.

Scully tagged this Great Grape!

Yes yes! Fun with great color combinations!

Payal tagged this Fun, fun, fun!

A little burst of purple and yellow on this cloudy Friday morning here in Melbourne is just what I needed! So much fun! @Carole, if I may, the 'dressing less' bit comes from Sheena wearing the same dress for a year...and making it look good every single day. It's not about us having only 5 items of clothing in our wardrobe, it's about us not needing 500! It's about looking into our wardrobe and exploring the million possibilities in there! (And finally dropping the cliche 'I have nothing to wear'!) Cheers! :)

holly tagged this Brave

... to boldly go...

Anneka tagged this Cute

Loving the look - although the yellow tee could have been more exciting. Although completely love the look!

KatieQ tagged this Hot

You're walking on sunshine ^_^ Nice pick me up, cheers!

theinstitute tagged this buzzzzza bee


olivia tagged this Hot

yet another great outfit!


Oh my god!! You are so cute!! The outfit is cute too but maybe that's just because you work it, or maybe because I know the money goes somewhere GREAT.



Anonymous tagged this funkyfreshh

must. love. plum tights.

Joel Patrick tagged this Batty

eheheh Dam im in luv with this look. soo cute. can i take u home?

Durga tagged this yummy

ooooo u look like a juicy mango! :D @durgaO

Carol tagged this Cute

great belt!

Irene tagged this Interesting and cute

I love how interesting it is while still being pretty simple.

yobe tagged this banana chic

A bit too much going on here, one too many layers. But love the colour combination and the tights are fab

Justi tagged this Batty

I love you girl! It's so nice project! it doesn't show that the uniform has no cut it's fantastic!!!!!and great colours

Alexis tagged this Cute

Absolutely adorable, I can't get enough of this outfit.


I'm not a big fan of yellow, but you make it look good. The short leather skirt looks a little lost under the uniform, but I like the way the uniform's sleeves are peeking out from under the yellow shirt.

suz tagged this yummy

looks so delicious!!

Anja tagged this Cute

very nice =)

Tami tagged this Cute

not crazy about the purple tights and yellow shoes, but it works!

céleste tagged this Cute

so retro !! I especially love the shoes


have always loved the purple/yellow combo & it's so subtle here!

zibi tagged this Yahooligan

purple and yellow :)

gruvee tagged this Cute

love it! how do you do it?

Zi tagged this Hot

GORGEOUS!! possibly my favorite look yet! love the tights and shirt and min and everything! WOW

sheeda tagged this Hot

this is adorable, and very creative. just like everything else you've done!

Zara tagged this Cute

Like this One!! does not even look like the same dress under there!

erin tagged this Hot

love it!